Horror film magazine step by step

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  • 1.  I selected my main imagefrom the photoshoot I hadbefore creating the poster. I wanted the image toshow the actor using adirect mode of addresswhich would engage theaudience and also to besimilar to the one used inthe poster but not thesame. The use of direct mode ofaddress creates arelationship with theaudience and makes themmore comfortable and inturn pushes them to buy.
  • 2.  I wanted to create the samekind of image as on my posterwhich would create synergybetween my products. So thenext thing I did was to addsome effects to the image. First I decreased the saturationas I was going to be creatinga bad quality video camerastill – type image again and sothis would decrease thecolout intensity. Next I added a gradient mapfrom black to white with a hintof green again, making it looklike it had come from an oldvideo camera. I also decreased the contrast,something I didn’t do on theposter but this would add tothe bad quality effect.
  • 3.  Just like with theposter, I addedscanlines and noise tomake the image lookas if it had been takenfrom a bad quality, oldvideo camera. This fitsin with the style of thefilm and creates a“house style” for thefilm itself. (Zoomed toshow detail)
  • 4.  Next I created themasthead by using thatof a pre-existing product.I took the main logo forthe title and transferred itonto my cover (topimage). I then added some extraelements to it which arenot the same as the realmasthead. These werethe website, a taglineand the date (bottomimage).
  • 5.  Next I used the internet tofind a simple barcode andplaced this in the bottomright corner. I have found inmost magazines, this iswhere the barcode issituated and also thought itwould be also best for mymagazine as this keeps itout of the way of the mainfeatures of the cover. I then added a price whichwould go next to this. Bothof these elements arehugely important parts.
  • 6.  Next I added the maincoverline which was the titleof the movie. This is the mainarticle featured in themagazine and so needs to bethe biggest focus on the coveras the main image is also partof this. I used the actual logofrom the film, also used in theposter which again creates asynergy between products. Then I added anothercoverline to go with this whichis kind of like a tagline to thisstory, this gives the audiencea small insight into the articleand makes them want to readmore.
  • 7.  The next step was to addmore coverlines whichwould state more storiesfeatured in the magazine.These are eye-catchingwhile not being toobold/bright that they takeaway the focus from themain coverline as that isthe selling point. I have differed the fontsused in the coverlineswhich was one of theconventions I found whenanalysing magazines. I have tried to use thingsthat would encourage afanbase to buy themagazine.
  • 8.  After adding extracoverlines, I felt there wassomething missing. Whenanalysing magazines, Ioften found there was astory, or features of themagazine written acrossthe very top or very bottomof the page and so Iadded this by putting a bigplus sign to meanextra, and writing thenames of popular andsuccessful horror films. Thiswould help to attract morepeople and a wideraudience to the magazine.
  • 9.  The last part I added was thepuff. This is used to attract theaudiences attention to eitherexclusive information or a freegift or something similair. I added mine in a contrastingcolour to the rest of the page toattract audience attention toan extra feature in themagazine. This could beconsidered a USP because afterseeing the page they mightthink this is good, but then beattracted to this extra part, lookclosely and this may be the partthat sways them to buy it. This was also a commonconvention I found throughoutfilm magazine analysis.
  • 10.  This is my final magazinecover as part of mypromotional package. Ibelieve this has been asuccess as it is exactlylike my original plan.Also, this synergises wellwith both the poster andthe film trailer. I think this cover wouldattract an audience toboth buy the magazineand go and see the filmwhich overall means thismust have been asuccess.