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Media evaluation a2

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?There are many elements across my media texts that take on conventions from real media text. In my research I beganto analyze many different advert types of adverts this allowed to me understand the codes and conventions ofadverts.As a general rule the editing in advert’s is fast with a range of 12 to 15 shot in a 30 second advert, this shortperiod of time doesn’t allow a lot of time to connote meaning. The types of cuts in advertising are also important asthey generally use a straight cut, with very few dissolves or fades. I followed many conventions of advertising whencreating my advert, one of these was with the choice of shots in my advert. As it was selling the car and what is can offerits owner I found that using a variety of shots would be more beneficial than many of the similar shots.I have taken some print screens of shots from my advert and another car advert, the purpose of this was to show thatmy advert follows many of the same conventions as other adverts. I chose the shots for a reason, using long shots todenote the car arriving at a destination or the use of close ups to denote specific aspects of my product or the ownersemotions. This is the same for the advert shown in the print screens where they have used extreme long shots to showthe cars capabilities over different terrain. The use of shots also was similar in both adverts to keep the continuitythrough out my adverts but I also had to decide on the shots for my TV Sponsorship where I simply included some of myfootage from the adverts and extra footage not used to create my TV Sponsorships that would use similar shots to showsome specific points about that car to help promote the product.
  2. 2. The first advert has footage that denotes the everyday situations and how the car is able to do every situation you maycome across. In the second I wanted to show that the car would fit any type of person that would own the car. Theproblem that I found with this was its hard to determine purpose and meaning behind the text. This meant I neededsomething to help engage the audience with the text, I included a Voice over to connote meaning behind the footage.After doing some research I found that many car adverts used a voice over in the same way as mine to create a sense orpurpose and meaning behind the text. Furthermore I took certain aspects from previous adverts and then adapted themso that they would fit my advert. BMW used a voice over which said” It’s only a car” however I felt that this was taking afrom the car’s Wow factor and diminishing its importance. Therefore I developed this part of the voice over so that itconnoted importance, “ It’s not just a car” this instead connotes that the car is special and better than the rest. Inadvertising I am trying to sell my product so connoting the product is even more special is to make the audience wantthe product even more. I also took inspiration from another advert that would allow me to develop it to denote the carscapabilities, I looked at the M&S advert as they list what’s on screen in a way that connotes the food’s desirability. Iwanted to take this concept but develop it so that it would fit the purpose of my advert in a way that would denote thecars capabilities and abilities to do any job but also fit any life style. Intertexuality was used to create the adverts as Itook parts from other adverts and developing them so that they where better and appropriate for my advert.In addition to this I found that many car adverts displayed their logo and slogan on the screen for the last 5 seconds ofthe advert, some of which also used the voice over to pitch the product one last time. I found this would be a goodconvention to use in my advert as it meant I could sum up the advert and finish the advert with something the audiencewould remember. Not only did I add this to my advert however I found it could be use full to develop it so that I wouldbe able to bring the advert to a finish keeping the meaning throughout. In the pictures below I have shown some logosto other products that the adverts finish with, mine is much the same however I also incorporated the same screen intoa screen that also has still shots of each location of the advert. The reason for this was to tie all aspects of the advert tothe logo and name but also have it so they audience would last see all aspects of the advert at the end keep it fresh intheir mind.The name of the product was also to follow the idea of the car being multifunctional, so I called mineproduct the “Aida” as it would aid the family and owner in their daily life. This then fits in with themessage of the Adverts denoting the car capabilities but also to fit any type of owner.
  3. 3. How effective is the combination of your main and ancillary texts?Throughout my adverts and ancillary texts I decided to denote the same message through out all the texts created. The messagethat I wanted to create throughout all my texts was how the car is able to fit any life style of the owner but also be able to handleany task of every day life. I created this synergy throughout all the texts using similar editing pace, the distance and angles of shotsbeing very similar throughout all the texts, the voice over follows the same structure in both adverts. The reason for keeping thethe adverts similar was it meant that the audience watching would be able to relate the advert no matter what advert with thebrand name and product with out being told within the advert.Therefore the two main radio adverts and radio advert use the same style voice over –
  4. 4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?To film the adverts I used an HD camera this allowed me to get the highest quality footage possible as I am really fortunate thatmy school offers such good equipment. In addition to this I was using a trip so that I was able to get perfectly still shots that arealso level no matter the level of surface. As shown in the image the surface is not level but I was able to set the tri pod in such away so that the shot would still remain level. All this good equipment has allowed me to get some good quality and level shotsthat I would have been un able to get with out the equipment being as good quality as it is.I used Adobe Premier Pro in my AS project but this year I used Adobe Premier Pro CS5.5 which is the newest software optionavailable. There where many new options on the up to date software although I did not use the extra options I found that thistime around of using the software I was a lot of confident and understood a lot more of the settings and variables that went withsetting the program so that it would be appropriate for my adverts. One feature of the software that I used a lot more this timeround was the zoom tool for the time line which allowed me to get my editing a lot more crisp, this was a vital step for my advertsas the clips needed to be short this meant the editing needed to be precise for the clips to flow from one another.In preparation of using new software to create the adverts I used Web 2.0 to get some background information on the softwarethat I will be using. Additionally I looked at some tutorials on how to use the software, I did this to brief my self on what I will haveto do when creating the adverts. I then went back to these tutorials in the making process of the adverts so that I was refreshedand was able to use the software correctly.Another piece of software that wasn’t used in the previous year was Garage Band. The reason for using Garage Band was I had myteacher record my Voice over for all adverts to keep continuity through out. Additionally the best way to record this was to useGarage band but also meant that I was able to edit the track so that I was happy with it before importing it to Premier. I was ableto cut the recorded track so that it would fit the my advert perfectly but also add a fade to the voice over at the end of eachsection. The reason for this was so that it flowed better throughout the advert, as the recorded version with out any editingsounded harsh. It was small things like adding a fade so that it sounds more appropriate in my advert that allowed me to take mycampaign to the next level it was the new technology options that helped get me their.Photoshop was another program that I used to create the logo for my product, the reason for using Photoshop was it allowed meto create the best result possible but also offers the most options when creating the logo. I used the tutorials to help teach me theways of Photoshop, but my teacher knows a lot about the software and many of my class mates study PVA so I was surroundedwith able bodies who I could refer to when stuck using the new software. Using this software allowed me to create my logo on atransparent back ground, but also have a massive range of texts that aren’t on many similar software’s. Additionally I wanted tocreate a circular logo with the text centered and a outline around the edge of the circle this was only made possible usingPhotoshop but also having layers allowed me to have many different aspects of the logo on the page.
  5. 5. In the research stages of my project I used the Web to allow to analyze the many existing adverts to gain some information aboutthe common codes and conventions of adverts. This was something I could later decide to use, or challenge or develop accordingto my advert style and purpose. I used Youtube the majority of the time to analyze the existing media texts, this is where I wasable to embed the videos on my Blog ( I then used then blog to write up the existing media text’s which Iresearched which help me develop my own work. Youtube allowed me to research all the media texts in the advert project, thisranged from 2 30 second advert, 2 halves of a TV Sponsorship and radio advert. So I used Youtube to look through the advertoptions but I also used Google to allow me to search for millions of of websites related to advertising. I used this in my research asI searched types of adverts, narrative, presenting, viral advertising etc I was able to use this sites to aid me writing up my researchthat informed me in my creation of adverts.In the planning stages of my project I was able to use the equipment to refresh my skills and and practice some techniques I hadlearned from the year before. Once I had got my footage I also used the software available to edit the clips together, using somedissolves and fades but also adding titles. I was therefore familiarizing myself with all the aspects of equipment and software Iwould need to create my product. However in my planning I found storyboarding very hard as I was unable to draw some of mypossible shots so that I was happy with the detail and so that they were self explanatory, I then took a few still pictures of thelocations of certain shots and then drew on top of the photos, I also used Photoshop to add construct lines to allow me to get mydistancing even more correct.In my evaluation I used the the internet to get my audience feedback to the public I was able to do this by creating aquestionnaire on Google docs this was a online document meaning I was able to edit the document at any time. Additionally I wasable to embed the document on many platforms allowing me to reach a larger audience to watch and review my campaign. I usedmy blog as the centre point of the questionnaire to be filled out, but also where I linked the questionnaire and adverts together. Ialso linked the questionnaire and adverts on social networking sites so that I could reach this larger audience as I wasn’t receivingmany responses from viewers of my blog and google doc.Lastly I used a website called slide share to get my presentation in a form that would allow me to embed it on my blog, this alsoconverts the presentation is a slide show that looks more professional that a simple power point presentation that I used to createmy evaluation.