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Advanced Social Networking: Library and Online Tools for Job Seekers
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Advanced Social Networking: Library and Online Tools for Job Seekers


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A joint presentation by Dru Frykberg and Brooke Roegge from the Dislocated Worker Conference in Nisswa, MN on April 23, 2010.

A joint presentation by Dru Frykberg and Brooke Roegge from the Dislocated Worker Conference in Nisswa, MN on April 23, 2010.

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  • 1. Advanced Social Networking
    Library and Online Tools for Job Seekers
    April 23, 2010
  • 2. Introduction
    Who we are:
    Dru Frykberg, Senior Librarian
    Brooke Roegge, Digital Information Specialist
    What we do:
    Provide information and library services to staff and partners of the MN Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)
  • 3. Introduction
    What to expect:
    Introduction to library and online tools for social networking and job searching
    Familiarity with social networking not necessary, but preferred
    Outline: for research and professional development
    Online tools for uncovering network opportunities
    Twitter as a job search tool
    New LinkedIn features
  • 4. Using for research and professional development
  • 5.
    What is
    ELM = Electronic Library of Minnesota
    A collection of databases available to all Minnesotans, free of charge.
    Professional journals
    Newspaper articles
    Library catalogs
  • 6.
    What can I use it for?
    Company profiles
    Help a job seeker find information on a specific issue
    Stay on top of current trends
    Set up an alert or RSS feed for articles on specific topics
    Request print materials from Minnesota libraries
  • 7.
    Business Source Premier
    Scenario #1: You want to have the most recent articles related to employment issues and Facebook automatically sent to you
    Go to “Business”
    Then “Search Business Source Premier”
    “Choose database” option on homepage
    Type “Facebook employment” in search
    Click “Search History/Alerts” under the search box
  • 8.
    Business Source Premier
    Scenario #1 continued:
    Click orange RSS icon in field that pops up
    Click “Sign in/Create New Account”
    Click “Create New Account”
    Fill in fields and save
    Fill in preferences (email vs. RSS, which databases, etc.)
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • 11.
  • 12.
  • 13.
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16.
  • 17.
  • 18.
  • 19.
  • 20.
  • 21.
  • 22.
  • 23.
    Business Source Premier
    Scenario #2: You want to look up info on a company for a job seeker
    Search for name of company (i.e. General Mills)
    Click “Company profiles” on left menu
    Locate correct company in list, then click the Datamonitor report link directly beneath the company’s name
  • 24.
  • 25.
  • 26.
  • 27.
  • 28.
  • 29.
    Business Source Premier
    Items of potential interest:
    Number of employees (Key Facts)
    History of company
    SWOT analysis
    Revenue analysis
    Top competitors
    Major products and services
  • 30.
    Business Source Premier
    Other items of potential interest on a specific company:
    Industry profiles
    Newspaper articles
    Magazine articles
  • 31.
  • 32.
    Newspaper articles
    Under “Newspapers”
    Can search specific papers
    Use ProQuest to search many at once
  • 33.
  • 34.
  • 35.
    Newspaper articles
    Scenario: Want to receive articles on the latest issues in social networking and employment
    Use Advanced Search
    Social networking (Citation and abstract) and employment (Citation and abstract)
    Click “Set up Alert”
    Set your preferences, enter your email and Save!
  • 36.
  • 37.
  • 38.
  • 39.
  • 40.
  • 41.
  • 42.
    eBooks via NetLibrary
    Click on “Business”
    Click “Search NetLibrary eBooks”
    Some sample searches:
    Job seeking introverts
    Jobs college graduates
    Vocational rehabilitation
    Jobs veterans
  • 43.
  • 44.
  • 45.
  • 46.
  • 47.
  • 48.
  • 49.
    MNLink Gateway
    A database of all library catalogs in Minnesota
    Provides ways of searching for and requesting print books from libraries throughout Minnesota
    Sample searches:
    Vocational rehabilitation
    “Jobs veterans” only in Anoka
  • 50.
  • 51.
  • 52.
  • 53.
  • 54.
  • 55.
  • 56. Find Professional Associations
    Online tools for uncovering networking opportunities
  • 57. Find Professional Associations
    Why associations? Networking opportunities:
    Meetings and events
    Discussion lists and online social networking groups
    Job boards and position announcements
    Volunteer and professional development opportunities
    Career and educational guidance
  • 58. Find Professional Associations
    Networking at a local Special Libraries Association event.
  • 59. Find Professional Associations
    How to find associations
    Internet search engines
    Associations Unlimited (library database)
    ASAE Gateway to Associations Directory
    Occupational Outlook Handbook
    Meetup Groups
  • 60. Find Professional Associations
    Some search engines
    Google at
    Yahoo at
    Bing at
  • 61. Find Professional Associations
    • Minnesota
    • 62. association
    • 63. “dental hygienists”
  • Find Professional Associations
    • Minnesota Dental Hygienists Association
    • 64. Minnesota Dental Association
  • Find Professional Associations
    Associations Unlimited
    Available at many public libraries (Hennepin County Library)
    Nearly 500,000 organizations
    Local, state, regional, national and international organizations
  • 65. Find Professional Associations
    Access Associations Unlimited via Hennepin County Library databases.
  • 66. Find Professional Associations
    Try Associations Unlimited’s “Custom Search”
  • 67. Find Professional Associations
    Add location information such as city and/or state
  • 68. Find Professional Associations
    SIC Code for Professional Organizations is 8621. Subject Descriptors include Careers.
  • 69. Find Professional Associations
    ACF St. Paul Chefs Association
  • 70. Find Professional Associations
    ASAE Gateway to Associations Directory
    American Society of Association Executives
    Includes professional and trade associations
  • 71. Find Professional Associations
    Add keyword to “Association name contains” search box
  • 72. Find Professional Associations
    3 construction associations in Minnesota
  • 73. Find Professional Associations
    Occupational Outlook Handbook
    Search for an occupation
    Find association information under “Sources of Additional Information”
  • 74. Find Professional Associations
    Sources of Additional Information
    lists associations
  • 75. Find Professional Associations
    National Association for Home Care and Hospice. Now find state/local chapters.
  • 76. Find Professional Associations
    Meetup Groups
    Find informal, inexpensive, local networking groups
    Or start your own group
  • 77. Find Professional Associations
    Search for Meetups by interest (networking, professional) and city or zip code.
  • 78. Find Professional Associations
    • Magnetic Business Women Network
    • 79. Metro Women in Business
  • Find Professional Associations
    Try these tools
    Share the resources and search techniques
    Contact me with other resources and your feedback (
  • 80. Using Twitter to Search for a Job
  • 81. Finding Jobs on Twitter
    Why look for jobs on Twitter?:
    Don’t have to register or put up resume
    Jobs appear on Twitter sooner than other major job sites
    Less spam in results
  • 82. Finding Jobs on Twitter
    Five ways to find jobs on Twitter:
    Search using hash tags
    Use Twitter’s advanced search feature
    Leverage your network!
    Look for Twitter accounts that post jobs*
    Use a third-party website*
    *The companies and websites suggested in this presentation are provided only as examples.
    DEED does not endorse any of the following companies/websites.
  • 83. Finding Jobs on Twitter
    Search for jobs via hash tags:
    #jobs or #job
    Add hash tag for career field of choice to narrow results!
    #job #tech
    #jobs #accounting
    #job #copywriting
    #career or #careers
    See handout for more!
  • 84.
  • 85.
  • 86.
  • 87.
  • 88.
  • 89. Finding Jobs on Twitter
    Use Twitter’s advanced search:
    Click “Advanced search”
    Enter search criteria:
    Near place (i.e. zip code)
  • 90.
  • 91.
  • 92.
  • 93.
  • 94. Finding Jobs on Twitter
    Leverage your network!
    Tell your friends you’re looking for a job
    The network will work for you!
    "When I updated my status that I had been laid off, [a friend] referred me for a position that was open at his company, which is where I work now," she said of her current marketing position at the firm in a suburb of Chicago. "Without actively participating in that discussion, I would not have made the contact for the job.“
    • Barbara Maldonado
  • Finding Jobs on Twitter
    Leverage your network!
    As Harris packed up her desk she sent out a tweet that read: "just been laid off from MPC." "By the time I left the parking lot, I had a job offer from a friend that had a Web development company in town," she said.
    • Jen Harris
  • 95. Finding Jobs on Twitter
    Locate jobs through specific Twitter accounts:
    Aims to match recruiter directly with job seeker
    Jobs across U.S.
    Jobs across U.S.
    Jobs separated by category
  • 96. Finding Jobs on Twitter
    Locate jobs through specific Twitter accounts:
    Help others find a job!
    Minnesota based accounts:
    See handout for more ideas!
  • 97.
  • 98.
  • 99.
  • 100.
  • 101.
  • 102.
  • 103.
  • 104. Finding Jobs on Twitter
    Using a third-party website:
    Browse by Company or Location
    Search by Keyword or Location
    Job map
  • 105.
  • 106.
  • 107.
  • 108.
  • 109.
  • 110.
  • 111.
  • 112.
  • 113.
  • 114.
  • 115.
  • 116. Finding Jobs on Twitter
    Using a third-party website:
    Search by keyword (description, NOT location)
    Use facets on right to narrow list
    Job map
    Caveat: this site doesn’t always work perfectly
  • 117.
  • 118.
  • 119.
  • 120.
  • 121. Finding Jobs on Twitter
    Using a third-party website:
    Browse by job type or location
    Search by title or location
    Results more reliable than, but harder to read
  • 122.
  • 123.
  • 124. New LinkedIn Features
    New LinkedIn features
    for finding jobs
  • 125. New LinkedIn Features
    New LinkedIn features
    SimplyHired’s Who Do I Know
    LinkedIn JobsInsider
  • 126. New LinkedIn Features
    Power of LinkedIn
    Companies are using it to find and vet candidates
    Job boards and sites are collaborating with LinkedIn
    65 million members from 200 countries (LinkedIn April 2010)
  • 127. New LinkedIn Features
    How can job seekers leverage LinkedIn
    Connect with as many people you know and trust
    Find and join groups
    Use LinkedIn (update profile, make connections, solicit recommendations, provide recommendations)
  • 128. New LinkedIn Features
    SimplyHired’s Who Do You Know
    Popular job search engine
    Embeds LinkedIn features
    Displays job openings with LinkedIn connections
  • 129. New LinkedIn Features
    Search SimplyHired for jobs. Then click on the “Who Do I Know” button.
  • 130. New LinkedIn Features
    Allow SimplyHired to access your LinkedIn connections.
  • 131. New LinkedIn Features
    Login with your LinkedIn email and password.
  • 132. New LinkedIn Features
    Job openings appear with your LinkedIn connections with ties to the employers.
  • 133. New LinkedIn Features
    LinkedIn’s JobsInsider
    Browser toolbar application
    Allows easy access to LinkedIn
    Works with Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, Vault, Dice to show job openings with your connections
    Download plugin to Internet Explorer or Firefox
    Access JobsInsider under “Tools” at
  • 134. New LinkedIn Features
    JobsInsider is found under “Tools” on LinkedIn’s homepage.
  • 135. New LinkedIn Features
    Download the Browser Toolbar.
  • 136. New LinkedIn Features
    Once installed, you will have browser access to LinkedIn and JobsInsider.
  • 137. New LinkedIn Features
    JobsInsider working with CareerBuilder.
  • 138. New LinkedIn Features
    A job listed on HotJobs shows a LinkedIn connection via JobsInsider.
  • 139. New LinkedIn Features
    One of my LinkedIn connections is connected to someone working at the company.
  • 140. New LinkedIn Features
    Group connections are also helpful. Someone from my alumni network is connected to a job I’m interested in.
  • 141. New LinkedIn Features
    Wrap-up for counselors and job seekers
    Join LinkedIn
    Be an active LinkedIn member
    Experiment and share these tools
    Follow LinkedIn developments
  • 142. Introduction
    Thank you!
    Please contact us with questions and comments:
    Dru Frykberg,
    Brooke Roegge,