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Overview of available electronic survey software.

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Electronic survey software panorama epiconcept

  1. 1. Electronic Survey Software Panorama Created by Curtis Broderick, EpiConcept, Paris
  2. 2. What are the major questions in Questionnaires?Functional needs of the questionnaire Collection modality•Quel cible? (collecte d’avis, collecte de •Ease of usedonnées, étude du marché, recherche •door-to-door, via webpage, face-to-face, etc.scientifique, étude clinique, etc.) •Will be a questionnaire be used over time by•Complexité du questionnaire ou survey same respondents (longitudinal)?•Modifiable dans le temps •Internet access / mobile telephone / Power•Mise en forme visuel du questionnaire supply•Calculs spécifique •Terrain (device robustness, theft, elements,•Geo-positionnement, photo etc)•Qualitatif / quantitatif (enregistrement vocal) •Number of surveyorsAvailability and use of data Software characteristics•Volume •Software’s cost model•Temps réel, agrégation, cartography, •Proprietary software or Open sourcemonitoring •Technology used (server to install, in the•Combien de gens vont l’administrer? cloud, single station).•Les données sont hébergés où? Soucis •Technical ability of the person creating itlégaux? Soucis de sécurité réel où à laperception?
  3. 3. How do you Quels sont les grandes questions des Questionnaires?Besoins fonctionnels du Modalité de recueil classifyquestionnaire •Ease of use•Quel cible? (collecte d’avis, collecte de •door-to-door, via webpage, face-to-face, etc.données, étude du marché, recherche •Will be a questionnaire used over time byscientifique, étude clinique, etc.) same respondents (longitudinal)?•Complexité du questionnaire ou survey •Internet access / mobile telephone / Power•Modifiable dans le temps supply•Mise en forme visuel du questionnaire •Terrain (robustesse de matériel, vol, etc) these 40•Calculs spécifique•Geo-positionnement, photo•Qualitatif / quantitatif (enregistrement vocal)Disponibilité et utilisation desdonnées •Nombre d’enquêteurs Software caractéristiques •Software’s cost model•Volume •Proprietary software or Open source software?•Temps réel, agrégation, cartography,monitoring•Combien de gens vont l’administrer?•Les données sont hébergés où? Soucislégaux? Soucis de sécurité réel où à la •Technology used (server to install, in the cloud, single station). •Technical ability of the person creating it
  4. 4. ClassificationGeneral public products (21) General data collection (3)• Finished product • Database collection• Designed for anyone to use oriented• For profit / various cost models • All industries• Single modality (most) to multi-modality •Architype: Google Forms(some)•Architype SurveyMonkey Projects (11) Specialized solutions (4) • Most Require technical knowledge • Very specialized for given • Origins in universities, NGOs, sector government, Consortiums • High variability in • Non-Profit – free, open-source product/service quality • Architype: Open Data Kit
  5. 5. Composition Form Data Datacreation collection Base Analyse/export Traitement de Stylo / Papier Tableur texte
  6. 6. Composition Data collection
  7. 7. Produits grande publics (21) Voozanoo 123•Finished product SurveyMonkey•Designed for anyone to use•For profit / various cost models Survey Gizmo•Most are web applications, some PC Questback Select Survey•Architype SurveyMonkey Cogix 2Ask Survs Opinio Snap Surveys Feedback Server eSurveys pro WysuForms Survey Gold Creative Research Systems Vovici Survey Crafter Zoomerang Quantrix Le Phynx QuestionPro
  8. 8. Voozanoo 123 • Web application create/collect/view • EpiConcept server or your own • no mobile data entry • Unique quick questionnaire creator • Basic functions – easy to use • Based on Voozanoo/MySQL Data Collection Form Creation Database
  9. 9. Survey Monkey • Web app • Form creation • Send management • Data viewing / Export • Generalist audience • Price model month/year/quantity • Large choice question type • Good choice personalization
  10. 10. Survey Gizmo • Web application • Generalist audience • Form creation / data viewing • Email invite management • Strong brand customization • Very complete set of Q types
  11. 11. Questback • High end business targeted • Typical survey web application • Does not seem very advanced • question creation • email invitation management • data viewing • Sweden
  12. 12. Select Survey •Typical survey web application • to put surveys “into” your website • Company in Kansas USA
  13. 13. COGIX • Web application • Impressive client list • large companies
  14. 14. 2Ask • Web application
  15. 15. Survs • web application • general public audience
  16. 16. Snap Surveys • PC application • General audience
  17. 17. Opinio • Web application • General audience •Xxxxx •Xxxxx •Xxxxxx •Xxxxxxx
  18. 18. Feedback server • Web application • General audience
  19. 19. eSurveys pro • Web app • general audience
  20. 20. WysuForms • web application • General audience • has French Ministre de la santé et sport as client
  21. 21. Survey Gold • PC application
  22. 22. Creative Research Systems •Web Surveys •PDA Surveys •Phone Questionnaires
  23. 23. Vovici • Web application • High end = expensive • very complete forms manage • very complete invite managee •Very complete analysis/reporting
  24. 24. •PC applicationSurvey Crafter
  25. 25. Zoomerang • Web application • General audience
  26. 26. Qualtrix • Web applications suite • Academic research originssophisticated research made simple • General audience – easy use • Brand customizable • Collaboration (Q sharing)
  27. 27. Le Sphynx • PC application • fonctions danalyse quantitative et qualitative
  28. 28. QuestionPro • Web application • Similar to all the rest
  29. 29. Lime Survey Blaise Projects (11) CS Pro Epi Info EpiCollect• Requires technical knowledge KoBo• Origins in universities, NGOs, government, EpiSurveyorConsortiums Imogene (EpiDefender)• Mostly free open-source Cases• Ranges from technical “pieces” to complete Open Data Kitsystems OpenXdata•Architype: Open Data Kit
  30. 30. Lime Survey •Very rich feature set •Open source (31 developers) •Multi-language •Web app model (server install) •Lime Service available (no install) •Lots of Documentation & Support
  31. 31. Blaise survey processing system • Multi mode surveys • Proprietary questionnaire definition language • Windows application • Support for adding your own DLLs • At version 4.8 of software • Large international following
  32. 32. CS Pro • PC application •Very Epi info like •Many files for one questionnaire •Graphic presentation tools are plenty •A bit complex to learn •Created by US census bureaux •Has been around for a while
  33. 33. Epi Info • Older PC application 199X • Many files – but readable files • Very powerful analysis scripting • Very strong use in Epidemiology world • Created by US CDC
  34. 34. EpiCollect • Web app Questionnaire creator • Limited variable types • Runs on Google app engine • Xforms • Android & iOS clients • their own .apk • Imperial College of London • Wellcome trust supported • Scientific article
  35. 35. • Form builder as webapp or PCappKoBo • KoBo Collect (base on ODK) was born from the necessity of answering real world limitations in administering large scale population surveys in the field, especially in the context of complex emergencies and conflicts. •Model has no server • KoBo post processor : synchronize data from the Android devices onto a local computer, and then to aggregate individual survey records into a simple database.
  36. 36. EpiSurveyor • Web application • SMS GSM data transmission • Humanitarian/NGO focused • Java & Android clients • Xforms based • Small list of variable types • Open Data Kit client on Android
  37. 37. Imogene (formerly EpiDefender) • Open Source project“Imogene is basically a set of eclipse plug-in…” • Data collection info system • Android Client • Web applications • Relatively complex • Quite flexible/powerful
  38. 38. Cases • From University of California • 20 year history • For academic, government, private • multimode – web, telephone, face2face
  39. 39. Open Data Kit • University of Washington based • Professor’s sabbatical at Google • Active community • Web app for forms creation • You serve (TomCat, MySQL,Java) or Google apps engine servers • Creates Xform xml format • Android for mobile data collection • Open source & free to use • Several derivative works in circulation
  40. 40. Open X data • Association of 7 universities, 1 institute and 2 software companies • You serve it yourself • Xforms, java (telephone), Tomcat, MySQL • Webapp designer & manager • data collection by web, single station, sms • Free open source • Pakistan national dog bite rabies surveillance program sponsored by WHO
  41. 41. Generalist Forms (3)• Database collectionoriented Google forms• All industries Pronto forms Do Forms•Architype: Google forms
  42. 42. Google Forms • Integrated into Google apps • Based on spreadsheet • Easy form creation • You manage invites yourself • Can use Google gadgets & APIs • ex: Google maps / earth API
  43. 43. Pronto Forms • Web application • General audience • Mobile forms emphasis • Not survey focused per se
  44. 44. Do Forms Smart forms for smart phones and tablets • Web application • Web questionnaire creator • Open Data Kit • Android, blackberry, iOS clients • All industries
  45. 45. specialized solutions (5)Very specialized for given sector• High variability in Statpac (statistics oriented)product/service quality IFC Macro (full service house) Collectica (DDI specialists, scholarly)•Architype: Collectica full Open Clinica (Clinical trial software)documenting of studies Big Pulse (Voting, elections, high security)
  46. 46. Open Clinica • Web app • Clinical trial software • has API • Open source community version • Library of pre-made forms to download • Audit trail on data changes
  47. 47. • For statistical agencies, surveyColectica research groups, public opinion research • DDI standard for describing social science and statistical data •PC application • No survey creation application, typically use Blaise®, CASES™, CS Pro
  48. 48. Big Pulse • Security minded • Web hosted self or them
  49. 49. StatPac • PC application
  50. 50. IFC Macro (macro International) •Mobile data collection •special version of CSPRO •For windows mobile OS •Revenues 150M $ •1100 employees •Full service Research, Mktg & Comm
  51. 51. RecapitulationProduits grande publics (21) Collecte de donnée général• Finished product (3) • Database collection• Designed for anyone to use oriented• For profit / various cost models • All industries• Single modality (most) to multi-modality •Architype: Google Forms(some)•Architype SurveyMonkey Projects (11) Specialized solutions (4) • Requires technical knowledge • Very specialized for given • Origins in universities, NGOs, sector government, Consortiums • High variability in • Non-Profit – free, open-source product/service quality • Architype: Open Data Kit
  52. 52. 13 / 10 / 2011 unclassified last minute additions Pendragon Forms has been a staple of dataENTRYWARE : … a notably user-friendly mobile collection since 1996. Originally built for simplesurvey software package that is relatively data collection on Palm Pilots and other smallcustomizable, though not necessarily compatible form factor devices, it has now released a newwith the full needs of an integrated household version that runs on HTML5-enabled browsers,survey. * opening the software to a larger set of devices and larger form factors. * Surveybe: A CAPI program developed by the survey MMIC: Power of Programming Language: MMIC is research firm Economic Development Initiatives, Surveybe an incredibly powerful and flexible survey software was built by survey implementers with the field realities of program. MMIC’s relative strength is the result of two complex household surveys clearly in mind. This focus key features. First, it is open-source. Second, in determines to a large degree both the capabilities and addition to its own native language, MMIC accepts limitations of the software package. * and performs the functions of several web programming languages: Javascript, PHP and HTML. * * The IRIS Center at the University of Maryland (College Park) Comparative Assessment of Software Programs for the Development of Computer-Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) Applications
  53. 53. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons (http://creativecommons.org) Attribution 2.0 Generic (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en) license. ---- This last slide or page must always be included with this work ---- Author: Curtis Broderick, EpiConcept, 8 September 2011, “ Systèmes mobiles dacquisition de données” Training, IRD Montpellier, France. Original creator of the document. {Author, affiliation, date, event} May be “Unknown” or “Various.”ATTENTION AUTHORS & ADAPTERS: All external sources should be mentioned on individual pages , diagrams, tables, photos within the work. Adapted / Modified by : Curtis Broderick, EpiConcept, 13 October 2011, general distribution If you make any modifications to this work, enter your name, organization, date , and event here. ATTENTION READER: The original author may not have endorsed modifications. You are free: to share – to copy, distribute and transmit the work to remix – to adapt the work Under the following conditions: attribution – You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor but not : • in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work. • In any way that suggests you are author of the work The authors of this slide/page encourage educators, trainers, and professionals to include this slide within their documents and presentations for rightful attribution of their works and thus also allow it to be easily shared. (ECV1-29/9/11)