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  1. 1. researching players‟ needs & motivations presented in partnership and1
  2. 2. introduction maslow‟s hierarchy of needs in the context of life changing jackpots a cause outside oneself; a calling or raison d‟etre; music, art; greatness; abstraction; moral and spiritual uplifting stable, based sense of self respect and respect from others; status; niche in social & family unit; education love; affection; friendship; family; community; organized religion; culture; escape from loneliness safety; shelter; organization; structure; protection against intruders or endangerment necessities of life; food; air; water; warmth 2
  3. 3. introduction OLG conducted major needs based segmentation of current customers in its 3 lines of business – lottery, OLG slots and casinos, and resort casinos  the gaming segmentation yielded 5 segments all defined by their needs  basis for segments came out of psychoanalytic focus groups conducted with past 12 month gamblers in Canada and US  groups designed to uncover deep-seated needs of gamblers, which in turn were incorporated into a questionnaire used to create the segments 3
  4. 4. psyche of gaming 4
  5. 5. psychoanalytic approachconscious information which is available to be used immediately EGO feelings and experiences ego which are repressed but accessible with some effort CULTURAL UNCONSCIOUS imprinted norms and cultural/social values, cultural COLLECTIVE archetypes UNCONSCIOUS myths, magic, archetypal PRIMITIVE symbolsunconscious 5
  6. 6. unconscious need - being alive When people gamble, they are buying more than a game. There is a set of emotional benefits which satisfy unconscious needs and desires. a feeling of being alive  getting a rush, thrill, adrenaline flow  being active, a participant in life rather than an observer 6
  7. 7. unconscious need – escape escape from the mundane world  to be lucky; to find your luck; to be in control  to experience a state of flow, to be “in the zone”  to get caught up in the energy of the group 7
  8. 8. unconscious need – “bubble world”visitors to a resort casino are also buying a “bubble world”experience  exotic, romantic  treated as special  try new things, many choices  slightly unreal  excess, luxury, royal treatment  fine food and drink  play like a child but in adult world, doing adult things  non-judgmental 8
  9. 9. unconscious need – hero‟s journey deep archetypal significance to gambling and being a winnerthe hero’s journey the Hero is about an ordinary person who does extraordinary things invoking this archetype allows a person to see meaning in their lives and get in touch with the divine aspects of themselves – that part which is not of the mundane world highly gratifying, fulfilling, self-affirming, and pleasing 9
  10. 10. steps of the hero‟s journey These steps are part of the imprinting of casino gambling. They constitute the structure of the experience which must be followed and reinforced. hero‟s journey the Hero it’s about must share winning, not his winnings the Hero the winnings portrays player is virtues of transformed the Hero faith, hope, to the Hero must perseverance, through overcome focus and winning obstacles charity the Hero plays alone 10
  11. 11. other side of gaming online-gamblers dominance, anonymity, play on-line for practice challenge gamblers bonding experience with friends and family  the shadow side of gambling is addiction, and for many there are very few stops along the way. When you become addicted, you are more dead than alive  gamblers perceive that persistently chasing the thrill can easily lead to gambling addiction 11
  12. 12. other market opportunities non-gamblers “don‟t get it”, “do the math”, realists & pragmatists video gamers bond through competition, status in skill/high scores, no real world consequences  at the present time, these groups represent a challenge  in fact, non-gamblers actually present a slightly less challenging target for casino visits, especially if the main purpose of the visit was dining or seeing a show  issue for video gamers: is there any way for casino/slots products to catch up with video technology? 12
  13. 13. implications 13
  14. 14. vegas north OLG resort casinos active gym Vegas OLG Slots / Casinos mundane archetypal (special) movies spa passive  Participants accept that Ontario casinos will never be Las Vegas. They are what they are and that is okay.  They do not compete directly with Vegas or other exotic locations most of the time, but people still want to feel that they are leaving the mundane world and becoming special. 14
  15. 15. the challenge The challenge is not to make Ontario casinos like Las Vegas casinos. Rather, it is to make people feel the way they feel when they‟re in Las Vegas. me mundane world archetypal world How do we take a customer from their everyday, mundane world through a transformative experience into the archetypal world? 15
  16. 16. casino & resort needs hierarchy least motivational to have a pleasant evening or holiday conscious unconscious to feel alive, experience ego state of flow to escape the mundane cultural/social world and/or enter a bubble world to experience the archetypal hero‟s journey most motivational 16
  17. 17. implications & growth opportunities technology internet and mobile technology, trust issues, channel opportunity youth casino as „old school‟, new generation skilled in technology video gaming large time & money expenditure, compelling graphics non-gamers challenge, opportunity in non-gaming attractions. cross-border border crossing hassle, Vegas “North” responsible gaming 17
  18. 18. conclusions 18
  19. 19. summary of gaming segments status seekers social interactives value seekers fun seekers independent gamblers 15% 35% 25% 20% 5%needs: needs: needs: needs: needs:More programs/events for Don‟t consider myself a More giveaways Get a thrill gambling Feel bad when spend tooyoung people gambler Double bonus points Love the casino muchMore table games/high limit Don‟t know how to play Casino more entertainment Lights and sounds create Easy to lose track of money/table games table games than gambling excitement time when gamblingAn area for younger people Want fewer problem If luck not with you, walk Casino has energy Want faster payouts on floorCompetitive when gamblers at casino away Staff treat me well Want more staffgambling More interactive games Special rates at local hotels Feel special when I win Play aloneBelieve can make a lot of More DJs with latest music Accept used lottery tickets Like challenge of Gambling is a waste ofmoney gambling More games like video for WC points gambling moneySpecial winners/VIP lounge games Use WC points to buy lottery Casino makes me feel Don‟t like people close toHigh denomination slots More activities aimed at Point sharing between OLG alive me when gamblingVIP area younger people & resort casinosdemos: demos: demos: demos: demos:mainly male Male & female Mainly female Male & female Skewed female52% 25-44 61% 25-54 54%. 55 and older 65% 35-64 67% 45-64$108,000 $82,400 $69,900 $77,200 $81,100Canadian/Asian Canadian/European Canadian/European Canadian/European Canadian/Europeanplay behaviour: play behaviour: 19 play behaviour: play behaviour: play behaviour:Slots, table games, poker Slots Slots Slots mainly, table games Slots
  20. 20. take home points If first-time visitors to the casino can be imprinted with a positive experience, they are likely to return to repeat the experience. People who go to a casino to gamble are looking for a transformative experience. They want to feel alive, to experience Flow, to escape the mundane world, and possibly to take the Hero‟s Journey. The Hero‟s Journey is an archetypal dimension to motivate trial. The structure of this experience must be respected and reinforced by the casino. Resort casinos represent a Bubble World – a non-judgmental adult world where they can discover the exotic and romantic, be treated as special, try new things, play like a child and feel slightly unreal. 20 20
  21. 21. 21