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Hr1 cgce-dayna-hinkel-summit-presentation-2011

  1. 1. DEVELOPING ESSENTIAL SKILLS INTHE GAMING/CASINO INDUSTRY DAYNA HINKEL Business Development Officer Canadian Gaming Centre of Excellence Monday, April 18, 2011 2:45 pm – 3:35 pm
  2. 2. AGENDA• The Canadian Gaming Centre of Excellence• Essential Skills• DESIGI Project Overview• Project Outcomes• How are the Website & Tools Useful?• Next Steps
  3. 3. Canadian Gaming Centre of Excellence (CGCE) The CGCE offers:• High quality development tools and training events designed specifically for the casino and gaming industry – Canadian Gaming Education Forum – E-Learning Customer Service program – Developing Essential Skills in the Gaming/Casino Industry Project
  4. 4. Essential Skills Essential Skills are the skills thatpeople need for work, learning and life.
  5. 5. Essential SkillsThe Nine Essential Skills are: – Reading Text – Document Use – Numeracy – Writing – Oral Communication – Working With Others – Continuous Learning – Thinking Skills – Computer Use
  6. 6. DESIGI Project Overview Rationale:• To increase the essential skills level of current/prospective gaming employees across Canada• Highlight on developing tools and resources for use by individuals, job assistance organizations, and gaming/casinos• Focus on development for Aboriginal and new Canadians for the gaming industry
  7. 7. DESIGI Project Overview Funding:• 2 year project (April 2009 – April 2011)• Federal government: $495,000• Total (including in-kind contributions): $720,000
  8. 8. DESIGI Project Overview National Committee National report onTo be done at Advisory ES in the Gamingproject completion Project Committee Research Industry Evaluation StudyHighlight skillsfor gaming 56 completed Essentialcareers, free Website DESIGI Skills ES Gamingdownloadable PROJECT Profiles profilesresources(English &French) ES 7 ES manuals/ ES Gaming Specialists Curriculum Pilot teachers guides 9 trained Program Essential Skills Gaming Specialists Curriculum review in Manitoba
  9. 9. DESIGI PROJECT OUTCOMES• National Advisory Committee• Research Report• Gaming Essential Skills profiles• Essential Skills manuals• DESIGI website
  10. 10. National Advisory Committee
  11. 11. Research Report/Findings:Three Areas of Focus:• Essential Skills – Frontline Level• General Skills Training in Gaming• Senior Level Skill RequirementsTools:• Surveys – Job placement agencies – ES Skills from Organizational perspective – ES Skills from Frontline perspective• Focus Groups – 8 across Canada
  12. 12. Research Report/Findings:• Job Placement agencies wanted more info on gaming/ casino positions and ES required• Planned organizational changes in the next 5 yrs will require increased Essential Skills in gaming/casino employees• over 89% said they had staff that would benefit from improved reading, writing and math skills
  13. 13. Research Report/Findings:• Most important on the front line are Thinking Skills, Working with Others and Oral Communication• 78% said employee’s reduced communication had a negative impact on productivity• Aboriginals and new Canadians appear to be faced with greater challenges in being included in the succession planning process• Clear desire for Leadership Development training in the gaming casino field
  14. 14. Job Families
  15. 15. Essential Skills Profiles 56 Essential Skills Position Profiles:• Describes how each essential skill is actually used by workers in one of 11 Job Families• For each Essential Skill, a profile generally contains: – Complexity ratings that indicate the level of difficulty of the tasks related to that skill – Examples that illustrate how that skill is actually used
  16. 16. Essential Skills Manuals7 Essential Skills Manuals:
  17. 17. Website • Exciting one-stop-shop • Free downloadable resources • Will have English and
  18. 18. Who Can Use These Tools• Human Resource professionals• Organizational Development• Casino Managers• Training professionals• Employment agencies• Gaming/casino employees• Potential gaming/casino employees
  19. 19. Next Steps• DESIGI Phase II • Health & Safety component • Website Enhancement • ES Assessment tool• Building Inclusion - Multicultural Approaches to Customer Service in the Gaming/Casino Industry
  20. 20. Gaming & CasinoLeadership Program
  21. 21. Questions