What is The Center?


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The Center is a new next-gen, social online learning community designed to connect California's 112 community colleges, foster innovation, and promote sharing. All Center events are free and open to the public. The Center is brought to you by @ONE (www.onefortraining.org).

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What is The Center?

  1. 1. brought to you by Image by Jim Bumgardner CC-BY-NC-SA The Center Michelle  Pacansky-­‐Brock   The  Center,  Community  Coordinator
  2. 2. In California, there are 112 community colleges.
  3. 3. They come together in The Center to: share inquire reflect
  4. 4. brought  to  you  by What is The Center?  A  next-­‐generation  learning  community   designed  to  improve  communication  and   increase  innovation  throughout  California’s  112   community  colleges.
  5. 5. The Center Fosters community throughout the state, across campuses Builds relationships between faculty/administrators/ staff Improves collaboration across institutions Reduces sense of alienation for part-time instructors brought  to  you  by
  6. 6. Join  the  community  at:   gplus.to/TheCenter Follow  The  Center  on   Twitter    @Center_Ed # Join  the  Conversation  with   hashtag    #CCCLEARN http://tiny.cc/TheCenter brought  to  you  by The Center creating more connected educators
  7. 7. Why do you need an online presence? Recognition Showcase the value of your scholarly activity Build connections Providing opportunities for collaboration and shared learning Lead by example Our students also need to build an online presence to stand out from the crowd Slide  Credit:  Sue  Beckingham  @suebecks
  8. 8. Share Engage Learn A professional online presence gives you wider reach AND bridges to new opportunities Slide  Credit:  Sue  Beckingham  @suebecks
  9. 9. Building your online presence is an ongoing iterative process Slide  Credit:  Sue  Beckingham  @suebecks
  10. 10. brought  to  you  by The New Social Era By 2016 20% of large organizations are anticipated to replace phones/email with Facebook-like social networks (Gartner) 92% of executives are on LinkedIn In 2012, 92% of U.S. companies used social media to recruit talent.
  11. 11. brought  to  you  by Connectedness People need to learn how to connect to new people on a regular basis. No person has all the knowledge needed to work alone in our connected society. Neither does any company. Neither does any government. ! ! We are all connected AND dependent on each other. Howard Jarche
  12. 12. Hangouts on Air Live Streaming Video Conversations Submitted  questions     load  here  in  a  feed. The  moderator   addresses   questions  and   Hangout   participants   respond  verbally. • Click and view.! • Ask questions using Google+ or Twitter (#CCCLEARN).
  13. 13. Hangouts on Air Live Streaming Video Conversations Hangout archives are also shared on @ONE’s YouTube channel.
  14. 14. How The Center Can Support You! Personal, continuous professional development Build your personal learning network (PLN) Learn from anywhere Participatory! Ask questions, volunteer to share in a Hangout! Refresh your instructional technology skills Build relationships at campuses across the state and beyond! Stay current on best practices at institutions beyond your own without traveling
  15. 15. How The Center Can Support You! Institutional professional development View live Hangouts with a group of colleagues, follow with discussion, share back by summarizing your conversation with our G+ community Improve the institutional awareness and value of social media as a learning tool “Flip” PD sessions on campus by having faculty view the archive of a Hangout and attend a discussion/demo of a relevant tool Leverage Hangout archives as open educational resources in online PD offerings
  16. 16. Spring 2014 Community Survey The Center 50 Respondents ~22% response rate
  17. 17. How do you follow The Center? 2% 44% 2% 52% Google+ Twitter Google+  and  Twitter Neither
  18. 18. Are you employed at a CCC? 6% 18% 76% Yes No Other
  19. 19. Which describes your role? 8% 2% 6% 10% 4% 18% 52% CCC  Faculty CCC  Staff CCC  Admin Faculty  Other Staff  Other Admin  Other Other
  20. 20. The Center improves awareness of innovations occurring on other campuses. 80%     Strongly  Agreed/   Agreed
  21. 21. The Center improves sharing of ideas across campuses. 78%     Strongly  Agreed/   Agreed
  22. 22. What is a barrier to your participation in The Center’s activities? Not  interested  in  the  topics Don't  know  when  live  events  occur Don't  know  how  to  use  Twitter  but  I  want  to  learn Don't  know  how  to  use  Twitter  &  and  I  don't  want  to  learn Don't  know  where  to  find  the  Hangout  archives My  schedule Other 0 10 20 30 40
  23. 23. Share a specific improvement/benefit that has been an outcome of your experiences with The Center. I  have  changed  the  way  I  respond  to  student  work  (using  video)  as  a  result  of  several  hangouts   and  the  resulting  discussions.  I  love  the  way  ideas  build  on  each  other  in  the  hangouts,  live  questions,  and  later  comments  in   Google+  and  on  Twitter. Having  a  topic  active  for  several  days  has  led  me  to  spend  enough  time  thinking  about  it  to  feel   comfortable  trying  something  new  in  my  classes.  Also,  having  a  channel  to  share  how  it  went  with   others  encourages  me  to  do  it  and  improve  upon  it. With  my  new  awareness  of  what  colleagues  at  other  colleges  are  doing,  I  am  helping  my   college  to  revise  our  Distance  Education  policies  and  training  programs.  I  could  go  on  and  on-­‐-­‐ The  Center  has  had  a  huge  impact  on  my  teaching  life! I've  been  inspired  to  do  more  videos  and  screencasts  with  my  online  classes  for  more  instructor   presence.
  24. 24. Share a specific improvement/benefit that has been an outcome of your experiences with The Center. Gained  many  ideas  for  my  online  &  hybrid  classes  from  the  presentations.  It  has   also  confirmed  that  online  teaching  can  be  as  interactive  if  not  more  than  a   traditional  F2F  class.  Additionally,  these  presentations  reaffirmed  desire  to   pursue  more  online  opportunities.  Thank  you.  I  have  created  a  personal  faculty  web  page.  I  have  started  using  new  programs   like  Haiku  Deck  and  introduced  new  programs  to  colleagues. Have  found  the  thoughts  of  other  faculty  very  helpful  to  my  online  teaching   and  my  work  with  our  Committee  for  Online  Learning  at  Foothill  College.   Started  a  Google  Hangout  for  a  campus  club  meeting.  Planning  to  use  for   online  office  hours  as  well.  
  25. 25. http://tiny.cc/centerguide Get The Center Guide… and share it widely!