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Risking It All: Learning In The Social Era
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Risking It All: Learning In The Social Era


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A keynote presentation by Michelle Pacansky-Brock shared at the Rasmussen College Academic Affairs Symposium 2014 in Minneapolis, MN and Tampa, FL.

A keynote presentation by Michelle Pacansky-Brock shared at the Rasmussen College Academic Affairs Symposium 2014 in Minneapolis, MN and Tampa, FL.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. Michelle Pacansky-Brock @brocansky Photo by Andy Ciordia CC-BY-NC-ND
  • 2. photo by Michelle Pacansky-Brock CC-BY
  • 3. Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 4. IRRELEVANCE Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 6. 0 0.125 0.25 0.375 0.5 Cell Phone (no internet) Smartphone 50%49% 37% 48% 21% 25% 17%18% K-2 Gr 3-5 Gr 6-8 Gr 9-12 Project Tomorrow. (2012). Learning in the 21st Century: Mobile + Social Media = Personalized Learning Feature Phone! (no internet) Smartphone Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock K-12 Student Mobile Phone Ownership , 2011
  • 7. Adult Smartphone Owners in the U.S. by Ethnicity, 2013
  • 8. average $30,000! in student loans 1 in 3 feel ! underprepared ! for the workplace $1 TRILLION ! ! national student loan debt CLASS OF 2012 e Institute for College Access & Success. (2013). College Debt & The Class of 2012. Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 9. photo by haerath CC-BY-NC-ND Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 10. 25% % of U.S. Adults Who Post Videos Online 0 0.08 0.16 0.24 0.32 31% 14% 2009 2011 Pew Internet & American Life, 2013: Retrieved from: Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 11. 25% How Video is Used in College Classes 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 25% 75% Pearson, (2013). Social Media for Teaching and Learning. Retrieved from: http:// Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock Professors who have students view online videos. Professors who have students create online videos.
  • 12. The Impact of Social on the Workplace organizational adaptability & agility •By 2017: #2 customer interaction method (IBM) •By 2016: 50% of large orgs will have social networks & 30% of these will be as essential as email & telephones are today (Gartner) Gartner, (2013). Gartner Says 80 Percent of Social Business Efforts Will Not Achieve Intended Benefits Through 2015, Retrieved from Fidelman, M.(2012 ). Forbes. IBM Study: If you don’t have a social CEO, you’re going to be less competitive. Retrieved from: less-competitive/ Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 13. by Andre Panisson
  • 14. How do we prepare our students for success in the social era?
  • 15. 0 0.175 0.35 0.525 0.7 12% 40% 47% 50% 61% Social media relationships have more personal meaning. Social media has led me to increase engagement in real-life activity. Social media increases my voice in society. Social media friends are the same as real life friends. Social media made me more aware of global issues. IBM. (2012). Connected generation: Perspectives from tomorrow’s leaders in a digital world The Value of Social Media 
 to College Students’ Lives Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 16. “Out of the 1/2 billion tweets that post every day, 4.2 million are related to education.” Retrieved from:
  • 17. photo by Kodomut CC-BY Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock my story
  • 18. photo by Jo Christian Oterhals CC-BY-NC-ND
  • 19. Image by Matthieu Mingasson CC-BY
  • 20. Visualization of LinkedIn network created at: Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 21. photo by Chris Mattia All Rights Reserved
  • 22. photo by Kodomut CC-BY What value is there in vulnerability? Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 23. – B R E N E B R O W N ! “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they're never weakness.” Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 24. – B R E N E B R O W N ! “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 25. Photo%by%Giulio%Menna%0%Crea3ve%Commons%A8ribu3on0NonCommercial0ShareAlike%License%%h8p:// Created%with%Haiku%Deck% Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 26. Photo%by%Design%By%Zouny%1%Crea5ve%Commons%A9ribu5on%License%%h9p:// Created%with%Haiku%Deck% Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 27. photo by Mark DeSouza CC-BY-NC-ND Community & Collaboration connections & relationships Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 28. photo by Kim Seng CC-BY-NC-ND Learning in a “Shell” does one learn to swim in the real world ?
  • 29. REDUCE DISPOSABLE LEARNING photo by jbelluch CC-BY-NC-ND Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 30. Photo%by%Michael%Blann%0%Ge2y%Royalty0Free%License%%h2p:// Created%with%Haiku%Deck% Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 31. Photo%by%Michael%Blann%0%Ge2y%Royalty0Free%License%%h2p:// Created%with%Haiku%Deck% How aboutdocumentation devices? Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 32. Photo%by%Michael%Blann%0%Ge2y%Royalty0Free%License%%h2p:// Created%with%Haiku%Deck% artifact generators? Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 33. TELL STORIES photo by Hartwig HKD CC-BY-ND Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 34. Photographer Showcase Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock All Rights Reserved
  • 35. Get social with PD.
  • 36. Share ideas across borders. Google Hangouts on Air
  • 37. photo by Kodomut CC-BY “Those who don’t jump will never fly.” -Leena Ahmad Almashat Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  • 38. Photo by Sharon Terry CC-BY Slide by Michelle Pacansky-Brock Michelle Pacansky-Brock