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  • One of the unique things that BSFT does for SPs – we let you attack multiple market segments with one platform. Different segments have different buying factors/different needsWe see these 3 core segments – and we have documented market offers to meet these segments(see chart for specifics)Examples/Case Studies of each of these segments/market offers:Enterprise UC Trunking – XO Enterprise TrunkingPRI Replacement – Windstream IP TrunkingAnywhere Business Lines - CBeyond
  • BroadSoft SIP Trunking eBook

    1. 1. Adding Value to SIP Trunking with Mobile Unified Communicationse-book: BroadSoft SIP Trunking
    2. 2. e-book Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. State of the Market 3. From Access to Applications 4. BroadSoft SIP Trunking Benefits 5. Market Segmentation 6. The Importance of Mobility 7. Mobility Market Offer – Basic 8. Mobility Market Offer - Premium 9. Conclusion
    3. 3. INTRODUCTION The key value proposition for SIP trunking is Business Line Texting, Video, Web the ability for service providers to bundle voice Collaboration, Mobility Services, and others. (either circuit switched or IP based) and data over a single converged IP pipe, creating a more In short, SIP trunking is no longer just about economical offer for the enterprise than can be access – it’s about enhanced UC applications achieved with separate voice and data delivered over business lines and enterprise connections. suchSIP trunking offers were focused on Presence, Business Line Texting, Video, Web Historically, as Instant Messaging andCollaboration, Mobility Services, and many more. pure access. However, lower cost is no longer the only reason an enterprise moves to SIP trunking.In short, SIP trunking is no longer just about access – it’s about enhanced applications deliveredover business lines and enterprise trunks. Many analysts see SIP trunking as a key driver to the widespread adoption of Unified Communications (UC) deployment. Today’s businesses understand the real value of increasing employee productivity with new UC services such as Instant Messaging and Presence, 3 BroadSoft ®, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential, do not copy, duplicate or distribute.Page 1
    4. 4. STATE OF THE MARKET The SIP trunking market may not be new, but it Tablets become business devices, and is changing, and it is certainly growing. fixed/mobile integration becomes a necessity. Infonetics Research predicts global service revenue will grow at ~52% CAGR from 2011 to All this adds up to a huge opportunity for 2015. service providers who already own the connection to the customer (lines and trunks) – In North America alone there are over 1000 and are well poised to offer high margin UC VoIP service providers, many who offer basic applications. access over SIP trunks. However, as access availability increases, prices will subsequently drop and customer churn will rise. Thus, service ` providers are looking to differentiate from their PRICE competition, by offering new and enhanced services over SIP trunks. As businesses continue to move their communications to all IP, they are looking to the “cloud” to reduce operational complexity and CHURN cost, and to gain more timely access to new productivity capabilities. Mobility represents Commoditized Trunk Access one of these capabilities, as smartphones andPage 2
    5. 5. FROM ACCESS TO APPLICATIONS There are many SIP trunking solutions on the single software platform: BroadWorks®. market today which are architected to be access replacement only. Typically they are built using BroadWorks offers a “springboard” from Session Border Controllers (SBCs) and Class 4 commoditized access to an innovative platform switches – may be a proprietary hardware which delivers SIP trunking plus revenue- based solution - and may lack the capability to enhancing services. In addition, as these add value added services without the addition services are available through a common of new hardware. platform, they can be packaged to meet specificservices such as Instant Messaging and Presence, Business Line Texting, Video, Web market requirements.Collaboration, SIP Trunking architecturemany more. This type of Mobility Services, and typically does not easily scale, as the SBC operational These include Hosted PBX, Messaging interface is geared towards low-level media andIn short, SIP trunking is no longer just about access –UM, SMS), Video, Web Conferencing, Team (IM, it’s about enhanced applications delivered protocol management. In addition, this results Conferencing and Collaboration, Mobilityover a complexlines and enterprise trunks. in business billing model, the potential need (FMC, Mobile PBX) and Contact Centers. for the customization of regulatory compliancy FULL infrastructure and offers limited, if UC any, enhanced applications. Mobility Conferencing Group and Collaboration In contrast, BroadSoft® offers an application - User Services Messaging Enterprise oriented platform that delivers both Trunking/Bursting connectivity and enhanced applications, on a Business Continuity 5 BroadSoft ®, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential, do not copy, duplicate or distribute.Page 3 CONNECTIVITY
    6. 6. BROADSOFT SIP TRUNKING BENEFITS The benefits of a BroadWorks application- oriented architecture can outpace traditional access models, from both a revenue-generating BroadWorks Benefits for Service Providers and cost savings viewpoints. • Single software platform delivers both advanced trunking and value-added services Based on an open standards-based • Transport-neutral solution operates seamlessly in both IMS platform, BroadWorks delivers carrier-grade and pre-IMS architectures software for integrated call processing, SIP • Supports “hybrid” (Hosted IP-PBX +SIP Trunk) deployments trunking, IP PBX and other enhanced UC • Per-TN/Per-DID service customization services – all on a single integrated platform. • Business continuity supported at trunk group and user level • Lowers operational costs with centralized management BroadSoft offers an unmatched level of and control experience, with more than 100 SIP trunking • Provides the ability to continually add new features and deployments and heavy investments in functionality extensive interoperability testing with IP • Completely integrated with BroadTouch™ applications and Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) core BroadCloud™ services networks, Class 4 softswitches, SBCs and IP PBXs. BroadSoft Integrated Applications Platform BroadSoft ®, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential, do not copy, duplicate or distribute.Page 4
    7. 7. MARKET SEGMENTATION Different market segments have various The smaller customer is likely looking to replace requirements. One of the unique aspects of the a shared PBX, or perhaps a key system or even BroadSoft software platform is that it lets service POTs. Low cost bundles with attractive new providers attack multiple market segments with features are a good bet in this segment. one integrated solution. When considering offering UC services over Customized trunking, service providers need to take into Large Sell account their own ‘go-to-market’ Ent strategy, e.g., whether their focus is on 1000+ transactional sales, or high touch custom deployments. Midmarket 100-1000 seats Large multi-site enterprise customers often have different PBXs, data infrastructure, and even Transactional Small Business service contracts. Looking for “network <100 seats Sell collapse”, they require integration of UC services Micro Business with existing business systems and applications. <10 seats Midmarket customers may be looking for simple PRI replacement, with an eye to bringing on productivity enhancing services. Service Provider Go-to Market StrategyPage 5
    8. 8. THE IMPORTANCE OF MOBILITY Today, mobility in the work place is no longer a BroadTouch™ MobileLink™ A non-VoIP client that extends the question, it’s a requirement. Based on industry business number to a user’s analyst’s estimates, well over 80% of enterprises existing mobile phone, including today are using mobile applications for their directory integration and call communication and collaboration needs. history, effectively separating personal and business BroadSoft offers service providers simple ways to communication on one device. immediately extend communication services to an end-user’s mobile devices, regardless of existing BroadTouch™ Msg.Now Text messaging application using mobile service plans. the business line number empowers quick company communication on BroadTouch™, our suite of end-user clients and user’s mobile phones, over the data applications, provides users with a common user network. interface with which to access all of their communication services, as offered by the service BroadTouch™ Business provider. Communicator Full UC VoIP client offering All BroadTouch clients are brand- able, allowing voice, video, instant the provider to own the service and the user messaging and presence for all of today’s leading interface. PC/Tablet/Smartphone devices.Page 6
    9. 9. MOBILITY MARKET OFFER - BASIC The flexibility of the BroadSoft platform enables service providers to pick and choose services which are most appropriate for their target market. Below, we illustrate a basic mobility offer which can be immediately deployed over SIP trunks, using BroadTouch MobileLink. Optional services that might be bundled with MobileLink include BroadWorks Auto Attendant, Unified Messaging and/or BroadCloud Text Messaging with BroadTouch Msg Now. BroadTouch Extend Desk Phone Features to the Separate Personal and Business MobileLink Mobile One number, plus all the Identities on One Mobile Phone calling features of the employee’s desk Protect business phone number and phone on the mobile. control employee costs. One Mailbox for Messages BroadWorks Professional Front Office and Faxes Auto Attendant picks up calls Unified Messaging makes it Auto Attendant when you can’t. easy to stay on top of business. Unified Messaging Send/Receive Texts against Business Number BroadCloud True one number identity for Text Messaging all messaging.Page 7
    10. 10. MOBILITY MARKET OFFER - PREMIUM For larger organizations, a premium UC mobility offer can be centered around BroadTouch Business Communicator, providing fully integrated voice, video, instant messaging and presence. Optional services such as audio and video conferencing, web collaboration and text messaging can also be included, all from the same integrated platform. Talk, Chat, See, Find, Message Single User Interface All in one One familiar app works across communications, audio, video, IM laptops, smartphones, and tablets to BroadTouch and Presence, integrated with the access all communication services. Business corporate directory. Synchronized Data “In the Sky” Fluid Communications Communicator One place to go to find Seamlessly move the conversation contacts, messages, call logs and history. device to device without from interruption. BroadWorks Audio Conferencing BroadCloud Video Conferencing On Demand HD Audio On Demand HD Video Dial in or select multiple contacts from Dial in from Business Communicator within the Business Communicator app. or any video-capable device. BroadCloud Web Collaboration BroadCloud Text Messaging Share Content Send/Receive Text against Share content along with voice Business Number and video at the click of an icon. True one number identity.Page 8
    11. 11. CONCLUSION There is a large and growing market for SIP trunking access, but with the threat of commoditization in many markets. Competition is causing price points for pure access to drop, with the resulting increase in customer churn. Business demand for cloud-based services, including video and mobility, is changing the communications playing field – thus, the new SIP trunking ecosystem is now comprised of connectivity plus value-added services. BroadSoft delivers an application-oriented platform for SIP trunking solutions, providing enhanced connectivity along with a large variety of flexible market offers which can be customized and branded by the service provider. This includes mobile UC applications, which can be deployed quickly and easily over new or existing SIP trunks, in order to capitalize on the explosion of smart devices that are changing where and how people work. Contact BroadSoft: To find out more about BroadSoft products, please visit Or email info@broadsoft.comPage 9