Preso Folio - PowerPoint design samples and inspiration


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30 creative PowerPoint slides for inspiration and ideas. From the portfolio of Broadside Interactive.

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Preso Folio - PowerPoint design samples and inspiration

  1. 1. BroadsidePreso FolioPowerPoint InspirationPowerPointPresentation designideasIdeas for slides
  2. 2. clients in the US and UK since 1999. Broadside has been designing PowerPoint presentations for some very Take a look at these samples from 10 of the older presentations in our archives – more to come.
  3. 3. FX NetworksFX is one of the fastest growing cable networksXplosive Growth70 Million SubscribersFX
  4. 4. Buffy the Vampire SlayerdramaXappeal#1 in Primetime attracting young women 12-34 and 18-34Source: Nielsen Media Research 4Q 00 - VPVH7pmFX
  5. 5. Major League BaseballXtremeFourth consecutive season of regional and national telecastsAll games produced by FOX Sports NetworkSlide designed by Broadside Interactive
  6. 6. Canon Systems and Technical Support DivisionMarket SituationComplexity/TimeRate of introduction of new technologySTSD Challenges: Technology Assimilation GapRate at which users assimilate new technologyPresentation designed by Broadside Interactive
  7. 7. Canon Systems and Technical Support DivisionManagement PracticeContinual Improvement Cycle (CIC): Building upon Issue-to-Resolution (I2R)Measure operations, partner feedback, and industry trendsAnalyze measurements against business and partner requirementsInnovate to meet the requirements, increase productivity reduce costsStandardize the improvements, improve operationsPowerPoint designed by Broadside Interactive
  8. 8. Canon Systems and Technical Support DivisionRealizing the VisionPersonalized: New offerings / Go-to-market - MonolithicComprehensive: Improved service vehicles delivery - Product CentricProactive: Process systems tools / Organization, training and recognition - ReactiveInteractive: On-demand knowledge management / Perr-to-peer collaboration - TransactionalPowerPoint designed by Broadside Interactive
  9. 9. Biography MagazineA fresh approachEntertaining, comprehensive and objective information about people who shape our culturePowerPoint slide designed by Broadside Interactive
  10. 10. Biography MagazineA voice all its ownAlways explorative, never exploitativePowerPoint slide designed by Broadside Interactive
  11. 11. Biography MagazineProven Reader SatisfactionRenewal Rate 33% above industry averagePowerPoint slide designed by Broadside Interactive
  12. 12. CliniqueMakeupIn-FlightCarry-On ColourClinique Two Go - Blushing NudeClinique Two Go - Heather MoonMoisture Surge Lipstick SPF 15 MultipackKiss, Kiss, KissEye DealLash Doubling MascaraFive For Lips – Long Last Lipstick MultipackClinique Top TrioLong Last Soft Shine LipstickNaturally Glossy MascaraPowerPoint design company Broadside Interactive
  13. 13. CliniqueMakeupIn-FlightMoisture Surge Lipstick SPF 15 MultipackPowerPoint design company Broadside Interactive
  14. 14. CliniqueMakeupIn-FlightMoisture Surge Lipstick SPF 15 MultipackA splash of colour. A shower of moisture.New Moisture Surge Lipstick SPF 15 in a multipack of five great shades. All individually cartoned. A Travel RetailingExclusive.Travel Retailing best selling favouriteA great combination of coloursOne lipstick is free!PowerPoint design company Broadside Interactive
  15. 15. American Baby Group14 Multi-Media Properties95% Coverage of new familiesPowerPoint design company Broadside Interactive
  16. 16. American Baby GroupPrintReaders trust American Baby’s magazines for advice and assistance, information and inspirationPowerPoint design company Broadside Interactive
  17. 17. American Baby GroupPrintAmerican BabyThe #1 baby magazine2,000,000 monthly200,000 new subscribers each month50% readers have 2+ kidsChildbirthThe third-trimester guide to the way women really give birth today2,300,000 annuallyDelivers your messagewhen 75% of all prenatalspending takes placeFirst Year of LifeMonth-by-month guide to baby’s first year3 Million annuallyblankets the marketwith no wastePowerPoint design company Broadside Interactive
  18. 18. Cloudmark AuthorityPower from the People600,000 Spam FightersWorld’s largest spam fighting communitySpam is reported as it happens using SpamNet - our desktop productTogether we have collected the world’s largest and most up-to-date database of spamPowerPoint design ideas from Broadside Interactive
  19. 19. Cloudmark AuthorityCLOUDMARK AUTHORITY:THE TOTAL ANTI-SPAM SOLUTIONEasy and secureContinuous evolution and improvementPredictive spamDNAHarnessing the anti-spam communityPowerPoint design ideas from Broadside Interactive
  20. 20. Cloudmark AuthorityAuthority AnalysisActions are taken based on corporate spam policySpam is filtered at the gateway before it impacts enterprise productivityPowerPoint design ideas from Broadside Interactive
  21. 21. DoubleClick SolutionsWeb PowerPoint designed by Broadside Interactive
  22. 22. DoubleClickThe Study: Research Participants3 Brand Marketers and 25 Sites participated in the testWeb PowerPoint designed by Broadside Interactive
  23. 23. DoubleClickImpact of ad sizeThe large rectangle (336 x 280) resulted in an average 86% increase over Brand IndexResults: Size mattersWeb PowerPoint designed by Broadside Interactive
  24. 24. FX NetworksDramaBiggest Names in Television: Kelley, Bocho, CarterPowerPoint freelancer Broadside Interactive
  25. 25. FX NetworksComedyMaverick Spirit of FoxPowerPoint freelancer Broadside Interactive
  26. 26. FX NetworksMoviesFX Strengthens its positionFranchisesMajor Movie SundayThe Noon MovieMacho Macho MovieThe Monday MoviePowerPoint freelancer Broadside Interactive
  27. 27. The Primedia Portfolio360° CoverageDelivering relevant information to targeted audiences at key ready-to-purchase moments231 Magazines1000 Web sites143 Information Products120 Trade Shows18 Video Networks TV PackagesPowerPoint designer Broadside Interactive
  28. 28. Primedia Integrated SalesThe Prism MethodologyResults in meaningful customer relationships that drive involvement and move productPowerPoint designer Broadside Interactive
  29. 29. PrimediaWhats your passion?PowerPoint designer Broadside Interactive
  30. 30. FXFX Original MoviesFX Origianl SeriesFX Acquired SeriesFX Theatrical MoviesPowerPoint by Broadside Interactive
  31. 31. FXFocused on QualityMajor Production ValuesTop TalentTom Sizemore, Timothy Hutton, James Caan, and Ving RhamesPowerPoint by Broadside Interactive
  32. 32. FX Movies: A Key IngredientBroadcast or cable premieres bypass traditional distribution channelsContinued audience growthYoung adult audience levels beat key cable competitorsPowerPoint by Broadside Interactive
  33. 33. for having a