Broadband research in Dun Laoghaire area Co. Dublin

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  • 1. Researching Broadband in the Dun Laoghaire Area
    Internet Services available to SMEs in Ireland 2011
    New Media Technologies CA 2 due 28th January 2011
  • 2.
  • 3. General information in an nutshell
    • Wire - Cheap, simple, compatible with old equipment, must be amplified for long distances
    • 4. Optical - Fast, long distance, high bandwidth, can carry multiple data streams on one cable, expensive, can break easily
    • 5. Wireless RF - Simple, no cables, expandable, no line-of-sight required, long distance
    • 6. Wireless IR - Cheap, line-of-sight required
    • 7.
  • UPC’s Offers
    Fibre Power Broadband from UPC AVAILABLE IN MY AREA Dun Laoghaire Co. Dublin since it is based on setting up a business at home these rates are applicable
    Download/upload speed per month 10mb/1mb 20mb/1.5mb 30mb/3mb
    Cost per month €25 €34 €42
    Usage limits 120 GB unlimited unlimited
    Free wireless router no yes yes
    There is an inclusive deal with broadband + TV & phone Fibre Freedom Starter
    (You have to sign up for a year but includes free wireless router 20mb)
    + includes Home Phone Freetime WorldFREE cordless phone Cost per month €60
  • 8. Eircom Broadband Package costs
    Eircom’s most popular broadband packages available in Dun Laoghaire Co. Dublin
    3 Mb broadband plus eircom talk time chatter €46.98 inc vat
    7mb broadband plus eircom talk time chatter €56.93 “ “
    New Generation broadband bundles /
    any time calls regular usage 30GB download 8mb €53.96
    Advanced “ unlimited download 8mb €63.92
    Ultimate unlimited up to 24mb €72.20
    E mobile Broadband offers from Eircom with no online rental no more cables!
    Selection by preferred payment use it abroad can pre-pay 30day pass can top up
    pay by day
    €2.99 for 500 mb of data
    30 day access/ €19.99 for 7 GB of data (66 cents per day)
  • 9. Eircom’s Offers Broadband only
    New Generation Broadband only
    Basic download speed up to 8mb usage 10GB cost 24.99 per month inc vat
    Regular speed up to 8mb usage 30 GB cost €29.99
    Advanced “ “ unlimited €39.82
    Ultimate “ 24 mb unlimited €47.99
    Standard Broadband only
    Download speed up to 1mb - usage 10 GB €24.99
    Up to 7mb 50 GB €39.82
    Up to 24 mb usage 75 GB €47.99
  • 10. Vodafone mobile broadband
    Vodafone mobile broadband sharing dock bundle
    Vodafone mobile broadband sharing dock and K3765 modem bundle, you get two devices to play with.
    The K3765 modem connects to any USB port on your laptop or desktop computer. Just plug it in  and it will automatically download and install Vodafone Mobile Broadband. 
    The sharing dock then lets you share your mobile broadband connection with up to 4 WiFi-enabled devices.
  • 11. Vodafone’s inclusive Deals
    Value Broadband up to 8mb download speed
    Usage allowance 40GB
    Line rental included €40 per month
    Ideal Broadband up to 8mb 120GB €48
    Ultimate up to 24 mb 300 GB line rental €62
  • 12. DigiWeb
    DigiWeb Package wireless packages
    Metro litecontention ratio (40:1)
    Speed Dn 1Mbps up 128bps Price €24.95
    Metro home contention ratio (40:1) Dn 5 5 mbps €39.95
    this wireless package rated *** on
  • 13. Perlico Broadband
    Perlico Broadband with Home phone value
    ADSL contd (48:1) €42.34 total package + online rental
    Opinion used them in the past found them hopeless to deal with and incorrect billing on an on-going basis
  • 14. Magnet Force 10 Offers
    Magnet Force 10
    €54.99 including line rental (€25 line rental)
    10 MB content usage
    Installation charge of €99
    Dublin, Meath and Laois only.
  • 15. Best Option Conclusion
    Most suitable offer where I am concerned from a best deal business wise and from an economical point of view seems to beUPC’s offer. Perlicounsatisfactory and Eircomnot offering as good an inclusive deal but that could change with new bundle offers and trying UPC + seeing does it deliver what it says it will!
    Digiweb another alternative as gets a good rating on
  • 16. References,3731,en_33873108_33873500_1_1_1_1_1,00.html
  • 17. Terminology
    • Communication media/transmission media or communication channels) may be wired or wireless.
    • 18. Wired media include copper cables (e.g., twisted-pair copper wire cable - the "telephone cable", coaxial cable, UTP cable - the "LAN cable", etc.) and optical fibre cables.Copper cables allow the propagation of electric signals (i.e., electric voltage or current pulses), whereas optical fibre cables allow the propagation of light pulses.
    • 19. Wireless media include the free space, the ionosphere, etc. Wireless media allow the propagation of electromagnetic waves.
  • contention ratio
    When purchasing broadband a provider states their contention ratio which may be something like 36:1. This is the greatest number of users that could be using the bandwidth at the same time. This means that broadband speeds may be slower than usual if there is a high contention ratio, especially at peak times.
    Irish broadband providers and their contention ratio’s:
    Smart Telecom Contention Ratio - 1:1
    Chorus NTL(UPC) Contention Ratio - 17:1
    PerlicoBroadband Contention Ratio - 48:1
    Eircom Broadband Contention Ratio - 48:1
  • 20. CONVERGENCE Terminology
    The convergence of a range of previously distinct applications and services, such as telephony, video, and data communications, on a single network, yields significant changes in the way networks are built and the way services delivered.
  • 21.
    • Next generation networks (NGN) are providing the platform facilitating convergence.
    • 22. The term "NGN" encompasses two levels of networks: “core” and “access”. NGN core networks provide the application and switching layer for a multitude of services, while next generation access networks (NGA), will facilitate the delivery of innovative services
    • 23. The convergence of a range of previously distinct applications and services, such as telephony, video, and data communications, on a single network, yields significant changes in the way networks are built and services delivered.
  • ADSL coverage is available to most of the Irish population.
    ADSL broadband is delivered through your existing Eircom telephone line, using a special modem or router. There is no need to have an additional telephone line installed and you will be still be able to make and receive calls whilst surfing the web.
  • 24. CABLEA cable Internet connection requires a special modem, which is connected to your cable along with your cable TV box Most cable companies offer packages that include telephone and TV channels as well as a broadband Internet connection.
  • 25. Wireless
    • For a wireless Internet connection, a small antenna is installed on the outside of your house and this sends signals to a connection point on the inside, which in turn is connected to your computer.
    • 26. No telephone line of any kind is required.
  • SDSL - Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line
    Some providers also offer SDSL services. It is very similar to an ADSL connection. The difference is that ADSL can download data from the Internet faster than it can upload data, while SDSL is just as fast at uploading as downloading.
  • 27. LLU - Local Loop Unbundling
    • LLU is a method by which a service provider can offer an ADSL or SDSL service without using Eircom's exchange systems.
    • 28. This can allow LLU providers to be more competitive with the prices and features they offer.
    • 29. Magnet Networks and BT currently offer these services and are expanding their offerings quite quickly.