Chinese Food Culture


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A presentation I did for my Chinese Culture class about the difference between food etiquette and tastes in China and England.

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Chinese Food Culture

  1. 1. Brittany Pearce CHINESE & BRITISH FOOD CULTURE
  2. 2.  CHINA  CHOP STICKS  Leave your chopsticks on the side of your plate or bowl when not eating; use the chopstick rests if they are provided or lay them ev en and tidy on the table.  When finished place chop sticks across bowl / plate  Do not: play with chopsticks, lick chopsticks, or use them to stir up the food, gesture with them or point them at others.  Never stick chopsticks in the center of rice, as this is the way to sacrifice and is therefore considered to be inauspicious.  I f no serving utensils are present, turn your chopsticks around when moving food from communal bowls to your own plate. Don't use the ends that go into your mouth!   UNITED KINGDOM  KNIFE AND FORK  Leave cutlery on side of plate when not eating.  When finished place cutlery diagonally across the plate to show you’ve finished  Fork in left hand, knife in right hand – rude to use fork in right hand. TOOLS
  4. 4.  Pl ace n apkin w i th the co rner tucked under your pl ate so that it hangs in your l ap  The el dest person o r guest o f ho nour usual ly eats f i rst  Making sl urping no i ses w hen eati ng noodles or drinking soup is acceptable.  Fi rst and best f o o d i s gi v en to el dest m em bers  When the m ain di shes are prepared i n a decorative form either by cut or other m eans they w i l l be pl aced f acing the m ajor guests and el der peo pl e at the tabl e.  Pl ace n apkin o n l ap, i f l arge keep f ol der i n h al f w i th f o l d to w ards yo u  Th e ho st(ess) eats f i rst  C h ew an d sw allow all th e fo od in yo ur m o uth bef ore taking m ore o r taki ng a dri n k.  S o up sh o ul d be spo oned aw ay f rom yo u. Ti l t th e bo wl aw ay f rom yo u.  B reak o f f a sm al l pi ece o f bread (o r ro l l ) an d butter i t. Do n o t butter th e w h ole sl i ce o r h al f a ro l l at o n e ti m e .  Nev er chew w i th yo ur m o uth o pen and n ev er talk w ith food in your m outh  No el bows o n tabl e TABLE ETIQUETTE CHINA UNITED KINGDOM
  5. 5. The chair facing the entrance (or east, if possible) is reserved for the person of the highest status. The closer that guests are seated to the person of high status the higher their rank The guest of honor is always seated to the right of the host; the next in line will sit on his left.  Place cards – if more than 6 people  A female guest of honour usually sits to the right of the host, while a male guest of honour usually sits to the left of the hostess.  Men help seat the woman seated on his right then sits.  Guests should be arranged in the way that the host feels will best for conversation. SEATING ARRANGEMENT CHINA UNITED KINGDOM
  6. 6. CHINA Porridge Bread Eggs Dumplings Soy Milk UNITED KINGDON Toast Cereal Fried Breakfast Fruit BREAKFAST
  7. 7.  CHINA  Cold Dishes  Beverages  Communal Hot dishes  Soup  Tea  UNITED KINGDOM  Beverages  Starter  Individual Main course  Dessert  Cheese and biscuits  Coffee ORDER OF MEAL
  8. 8.  Fish – abundance  Eggs- Fertility  Duck – Fidelity  Dumplings – money (shape)  Apple – Peace(pronunciation)  Chicken – luck (pronunciation) MEANING OF FOODS IN CHINA
  9. 9. BEIJING UNITED KINGDOM FAVOURITE FOODS Cream Tea Roast Dinner Fish & Chips Ploughmans Pie Jiang bing Caramelized fruit Gong Bao Chicken Jiaozi Yogurt
  11. 11. CHINESE REGIONAL FOODS Tsampa 馕 Nang HotPot Pickled Cabbage Steamed bread Sichuan Spice Sweet and sour pork粑粑 Sticky Rice Meatballs Hunan Spice
  12. 12. UNITED KINGDOM STRANGE FOOD CHINA Stinky tofu Sea cucumber Thousand year old egg Birds nest soup Haggis Black pudding Bubble and Squeak Scotch eggs