Lecture 13 tourism in the south pacific


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  • Population density per square kilometer ranges but overall fairly low.
  • Lecture 13 tourism in the south pacific

    1. 1. Tourism in the South PacificTDM 458International TourismAra Pachmayer
    2. 2. Major Characteristics of the PacificIslands Many small, island states Isolation - difficult to get to, difficult to getgoods/people in and out European colonization - but not much long termsettlement (unlike Australia and New Zealand) Prone to natural disasters -cyclones, earthquakes, climate change Political unrest (PNG, SolomonIslands, Fiji, Tonga)
    3. 3. Pacific Islands Most are micro-states dependent on tourism Micronesia: Western Pacific, east ofPhilippines- Northern Marianas, MarshallIslands, Guam (US acquired from Spain in1898) Melanesia: Includes (Papua) New Guinea, FijiNew Caledonia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands Polynesia: Tahiti, American Samoa, EasterIsland. Receives relatively more tourists US Territories
    4. 4. Country Area(km2)Population GDP (per capita)Cook IslandsFiji24018,27021,008 (2003 est)868,531 (2003 est)$5,000 (2001 est)$5,500Solomon Is. 27,540 509,190 $1,700 (2001 est)Vanuatu 12,200 199,414 (2003 est) $2,900 (2002 est)PNG 462,840 5,295,816 (2003 est) $2,100 (2002 est)Tuvalu 26 11,305 $1,100Kiribati 811 98,549 $840 (2001 est)Niue 260 2145 $3,600French Polynesia 3,660 262,125 (2003 est) $5,000 (2001 est)Tonga 748 108,141 $2,200Samoa 2,944 178,173 $5,600New Caledonia 18,575 210,798 $14,000 (2002 est.)Demographic Data for the South Pacific
    5. 5. Pacific islands French Polynesia: Tahiti (Papeete, Moorea,Bora Bora) Fiji: Former British Colony, two major islands-Vanua Levu and Viti Levu; Capital is Suva;international gateway is Nadi both on Viti Levu;Key markets are Australia and New Zealand;good airline connection to west coast USA (8hour flight from LAX to Fiji) Also part of Polynesia are Western Samoa,Tonga, The Cook Islands, Easter Island (whichwe studied as part of Latin America)
    6. 6. South Pacific Tourism OrganizationRegional tourism organization formed by thirteen membercountries :1. Cook Islands 2. Fiji3. French Polynesia (Tahiti) 4. Kiribati5. New Caledonia 6. Niue7. Papua New Guinea 8. Samoa9. Solomon Islands 10.Tonga11. Tuvalu 12. Vanuatu13. Marshall IslandsOver 80 private sector membersFormed in 1983 – to foster regional cooperation in thedevelopment & promotion of tourism to & within theisland nations of the South Pacific
    7. 7. Tourism Arrivals -Key Destinations 2011 Guam - 1.16 million Fiji - 675,000 Northern Mariana - 375,000 (2010) French Polynesia - 163,000 Number of statistics are largely unreportedfrom year to year making comparisons difficult!
    8. 8. 2003 Tourist Arrivals by Source Markets
    9. 9. Developmental Issues Transportation problems Difficult to get to, difficult to get goods in/out Specks in the blue Pacific – islands are spread widely overa vast area, isolation, communication Sustainability Lack of resources to supply influx of tourists Low population numbers People leave - there are few jobs and it is often easier tofind employment out of the region Inadequate infrastructure Cruise ships – lack of proper berthing facilities Airlines – restrictions due to length or number ofairstrips Poor Investment potential Not much money for infrastructure development High Leakages due to prevalence of foreign investmentand $ leaving the countries (Fiji – 1990 – 89%)
    10. 10. Other Issues Competition Similar products Seasonal Fluctuation
    11. 11. Case Study: Fiji History Inhabited since 2000 BC – 1st by Polynesians thenMelanesians, then indentured servants from India 1800’s Cannibal past (“cannibal” souvenirs are major sellers) Independence from GB in 1970 Political turmoil last decade (Indo-Fijian, Fijian-Fijian) Inter-Island Tourism Some islands are developed as all-inclusive resorts Developing Country Tropical Resorts Honeymoon tourism, romance tourism Marine ecology Dive Tourism Cultural- heritage tourism; Village Tourism
    12. 12. Fiji Me www.fijime.com Diveme Backpackme Romanceme Marryme Or Remarryme Thrillme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riDISdG86tc