MAT 601 Healthy Bodies
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MAT 601 Healthy Bodies






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MAT 601 Healthy Bodies MAT 601 Healthy Bodies Presentation Transcript

  • Healthy Bodies
    By: Brittanie Mee
  • Personal Hygiene
    Take a bath or shower every day
    Brush your teeth every morning
    Comb your hair
    Put on clean clothes every morning
    Wash your hands often
    Brush and floss your teeth before going to bed
  • Why Do We Brush Our Teeth?
  • How to Keep Our Hands Free From Germs: *Wash them often! *Use soap and warm water
    Number the pictures in the right order for washing your hands.
    Color the pictures.
  • When Should We Wash Our Hands?
  • When Should We Wash Our Hands?
  • Keep Germs Away By Covering Your Mouth!
    • Sneezing
    • Coughing
  • Be Good to Your Body
    Good For Your Body:
    Fruits and veggies
    Milk and other low-fat dairy products
    Low-fat Proteins
    Whole Grain Breads
    Bad For Your Body:
    • Alcohol
    • Drugs
    • Smoking
    • Sugar
    • Soda pop
    • Energy Drinks
  • Write Your Favorite Snack on the Post-it Note on Your Desk
  • Food Journal
    Write everything you eat in your food journal for one week
  • Is it Good or Bad For Your Body?
  • Is it Good or Bad for Your Body?
  • Get Active & Have Fun!
    • What do you like to do for fun?
  • Let’s Get Moving!
    Touch your toes and touch your nose.
    Reach up to the sky!
    Start marching and flap your wings.
    Pretend that you can fly!
    Bend to your left and to your right.
    Swing your arms up high!
    Now touch your toes and touch your nose.
    Reach up to the sky!
  • Is Sunblock Good or Bad for Your Body?
    When should we put sunblock on?
    • Whenever we play in or near water (swimming, boating, playing at the beach, etc.)
    • Whenever we play outside (sports, bike rides, etc.)
  • Be Healthy & Have Fun!