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Pinnacle online

  1. 1. PINNACLE ONLINE NExT GENErATION ExPENSE MANAGEMENT WHAT Is PINNACLE ONLINE? PINNACLE Online is an industry leading Software as a Service (SaaS) expense management solution that provides you real time measurements and a comprehensive suite of integrated management tools that go well beyond traditional disparate IT and Telecom Expense Management (TEM) applications. PINNACLE Online provides you a unified view of your services and assets to help you proactively reduce expenses. Using powerful interactive analytics, you will establish the upper hand in negotiating contracts favorable to your actual consumption and business requirements.
  2. 2. COMPREHENsIVE EXPENsE MANAGEMENT The PINNACLE Online expense management solution POWERFUL REAL TIME INsIGHT is derived from our award winning and industry leading PINNACLE Communication Management Suite. With PINNACLE Online, you will be able to: PINNACLE has been a leading Financial and Operations enterprise management solution for many premier ƒ Maintain real time audits of the location, businesses and institutions since 1988. PINNACLE ownership and use of all your services and assets. Online includes the primary management functions of ƒ Conduct multi-dimensional spend analysis by the PINNACLE enterprise solution. PINNACLE Online is vendor, invoice, location and stakeholder. offered exclusively as an affordable Software as a Service ƒ Compare the actual use of your communication (SaaS) monthly subscription and requires no additional services to commitments. software installation. ƒ Standardize the procurement and provisioning of technology services and assets. PINNACLE Online offers superior value beyond the ƒ Streamline the resolution of issues affecting traditional limitations of using disparate Telecom Expense quality and continuity of services. Management (TEM), Call Accounting, Asset Management, Helpdesk and Service Provisioning systems.
  3. 3. PINNACLE ONLINE Configuration ManageMent Database (CMDb)* ƒ Track the configuration and interrelationships of mobile and landline services. CMDB* ƒ Provide immediate insight into the logical configuration CONFIGURATION DATABASE of complex WANs. ƒ Ensure efficient and accurate financial accountability of all landline and mobile services. ƒ Proactively manage the capacity and availability of expensive leased vendor circuits. Call aCCounting ƒ Analyze utilization of your PBx, Centrex , VoIP, and Mobile services. PBX PHONE ƒ Ensure proper utilization of services and proactively identify misuse. ƒ Configure flexible rate structures to meet your organization’s diverse cost allocation requirements. ƒ Proactively identify and eliminate duplicate telecom VOIP MOBILE SERVICE assets and services. teleCoM expense ManageMent (teM) ƒ Publish policies that define appropriate usage of assets and services. CELL/PDA ƒ Automate the reconciliation of invoices to service inventory and contracted rates. ƒ Process carrier invoice payments and disputes in a timely manner. ƒ Evaluate actual consumption of mobile usage VENDOR CHARGE FILES against contracted commitments. asset ManageMent ƒ Maintain a comprehensive inventory of telephones, circuits, and mobile devices. PRINTERS DESKTOPS ƒ Expedite auditing of your global telecom and IT inventories. ƒ Configure templates to track the key components of your assets. ƒ Enforce efficient standardization of data entry LAPTOPS and quality assurance. serviCe Desk ƒ Provide single point of control for provisioning services and resolving incidents. SELF SERVICE SERVICE ORDERS ƒ Streamline data entry through powerful service catalog templates. ƒ Provide real-time insight to tracking the lifecycle of service orders and incidents. HELP DESK ƒ Use Dashboards to benchmark and scorecard vendor performance.
  4. 4. THE PINNACLE ONLINE DIFFERENCE The PINNACLE Online expense management solution ƒ Customize and save common searches. is hosted from our SAS70 certified commercial data ƒ Execute and save parameterized reports. centers. There is no software installation. There are ƒ Conduct and save parameter driven slice-and-dice no restrictions to the number of users that may access analytics and graphs. PINNACLE Online. Every employee in your organization ƒ Graphically analyze results using interactive can access the system at anytime from anywhere across dashboards. the Internet. Using Internet Explorer or Firefox, your ƒ Intuitively apply changes to multiple records users will be able to: simultaneously. ƒ Incorporate User Defined Fields that become part ƒ Obtain a single unified view of all your services of the standard application. and assets. ƒ Configure data entry requirements. ƒ Search by any field throughout the entire application ƒ Attach documents. for existing or missing data. ƒ Establish a comprehensive audit trail on emails and other ad hoc notes. CARRIER VOIP PBX INVOICES FTP CUSTOMER WORKSTATIONS HT T POLLING P/HT P TPS /SF T F TP DEVICE INTERNET OR SECURE TCP/IP CONNECTION FTP HT T P/H T TP S PAETEC COMMERCIAL DATA CENTER RAID 10 DISK STORAGE ARRAYS PARTITIONED ORACLE SERVER FARM LOAD BALANCED WEB & FTP SERVERS FIBER OPTIC PATHWAYS LOAD BALANCED REPORT SERVERS 1471776 800.776.2750