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How to Build Squidoo Lenses, and Maybe Even Make $337!
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How to Build Squidoo Lenses, and Maybe Even Make $337!


Need some help navigating through the lensbuilding workshop on Squidoo? This presentation will walk you through many prominent modules on Squidoo and show you how to use them!

Need some help navigating through the lensbuilding workshop on Squidoo? This presentation will walk you through many prominent modules on Squidoo and show you how to use them!

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  • 1. Building squidoo lenses
    How To Create Squidoo Lenses and Navigate Through the Lens Building Workshop
    How Did We Make $337.29?
    A Britter Media Marketing Presentation
  • 2. What is squidoo?
    Squidoo is a web 2.0 site where you design webpages (lenses) about ANYTHING you can image
    You add various modules and build pages.
    On these pages, you can link to companies’ products and sell them. When people buy them, you make a commission.
    You also can make money from traffic and lensrank.
    AND- you can even get points and trophies for doing certain things on Squidoo!
  • 3. Join squidoo
    Before you can make lenses, you have to join Squidoo.
    Click Here To Join
  • 4. Not familiar with squidoo?
    If you are not familiar with Squidoo, then check out this presentation about
    How To Squidoo
    Before building a lens, you should watch this
    presentation as it explains how to find keywords and effectively use Squidoo.
  • 5. Creating a lens
    Simply click the “Create a Lens” button from your dashboard to begin.
    Click here
  • 6. Step 1: Topic
    Once you have researched keywords, type in your main keyword in the title.
    Or, you can select from one of the templates. The templates
    basically set you up with relative modules for your topic.
  • 7. Step 2: details
    Create a URL with your main keywords.
    Select a topic, and subtopic, and possibly another subtopic.
    Rate your lens appropriately.
  • 8. Step 3: Adding tags
    Tags = Keywords People Search To Find Your Page
    You can leave this part until later as you find more keywords.
    When you’re finished, type the code and click “Build My Lens!”
  • 9. Adding modules
    Click “Add Modules” at the top, or select some from the toolbar on the right side of your screen.
  • 10. Selecting modules
    The three basic modules any lens needs are:
    Search for modules here.
  • 11. Reordering modules
    You can move the order by using the “sort modules” toolbar on the right side.
    It’s best to have the
    guestbook module
    at the bottom of your
    lens to encourage
    visitors to comment
    before leaving.
  • 12. The title module
    This module comes on every lens.
    Add a title, picture, and a short blurb about your lens (200 char. Min)
    Also, use the tabs to turn on the Table of Contents module, and Discovery (which allows other similar lenses to be found on the side).
  • 13. Text module
    Type in a title, and simply add text! You can add up to 10,000 characters in one text module!
    You can also add a picture if you want!
    You can use some HTML codes here.
  • 14. Amazon module
    Give it a title, and add a description if you want.
    If you choose , then you will need to enter search terms of products you want to be displayed.
    If you choose , then you need to find the products on Amazon, and type in the ASIN or URL into the field, then click “Add Product”.
    If you go to “Display Options”, you will find other options that you can select, such as if you want the picture, availability, list price, etc.
  • 15. Guestbook module
    Again, add a title, and a description if you like.
    Then simply select options on how you want others to comment back.
    This is where you will go to approve comments.
    The options are quite self-explanatory.
  • 16. Now for Other modules…
    The following are other modules that will help make your lens look even nicer!
    Most are very easy to use. Simply add them from the “Add Modules” bar and follow the directions in them!
    If you are having trouble with a module and do not see it in this presentation, then email for help!
    Keep going!
  • 17. RSS: add your blog module
    Put blog feeds on your lens
    Give a title
    Type in the URL of the blog you want to follow.
    Type in the # of headlines you want, and how often to check for them.
    Visitors can click links and
    go straight to your blog!
  • 18. Google maps module
    Show a location on your lens
    Give it a title and description.
    Put in a location (or multiple locations if you select Advanced).
    Check your display options.
  • 19. eBay module
    More ways to make money!
    This is similar to the Amazon modules, except you will be listing products from eBay.
    Title it, give it a description if you wish, and simply fill in the blanks!
    Select items, or let eBay pick them for you.
    You can even choose to list products from a certain store/seller on eBay!
    It is much easier to select “Let eBay Pick”, because products come in and out of stock so quickly.
  • 20. Featured lenses module
    Link to other lenses!
    Title it, and description if you please.
    Just type in the URL’s of other lenses you would like.
    From this….
    To this!!
  • 21. Youtube module
    Put videos on your lens.
    Title and description.
    Type in search terms.
    Type in a YouTube username.
    Type in your own URL’s
  • 22. Poll module
    Ask questions and interact!
    Title and description.
    Type in a question, and then give a few options for people to choose from.
    Select if you want people to comment on your poll.
    Add a picture if you want!
  • 23. Countdown module
    Remind visitors of a special date!
    Title it and give it a description if you want.
    Name the event and put the date down and get a cool countdown timer!
  • 24. Stickynote/blackbox module
    For a brief note…
    Type a title and a note!
    This is what Stickynote will
    look like on your lens!
    This is what a
    Blackbox will
    look like on your lens.
    Select from various
    colors, besides black!
  • 25. Quiz module
    Create a free quiz!
    Title, with description.
    Type in a question, some options, and choose which is the correct answer.
    Add a poll module under the quiz so your visitors can share how well they did!
  • 26. Text with big picture
    For those huge JPG’s
    This works just like a text module.
    You don’t have to add text! If you need to upload a huge picture, then this is your module!
  • 27. Amazon spotlight
    For one great product.
    This works JUST like the regular Amazon ones, except that you can only show one product.
    Works exactly like the regular
    Amazon modules.
  • 28. Any others?
    By now you probably get the picture…
    Give it a title and description, then just fill in the options!
    Most modules are very self-explanatory.
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact Britter Media!
    Ready to Build Your Own Lenses?
    Join Now!
  • 29. For more info
    Follow us on Twitter:
    Questions? Shoot an email to:
    Check out our blog at:
  • 30. Credits
    Lenses used for examples
    How To Build a Squidoo Lens
    Hugh Grant Movies List
    Valentines Day Party Supplies
    Psych Merchandise
    Gifts for Teen Girls
    Brittany shaffer
    Presentation Designer: