Why Choose Brittenford Systems?


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Brittenford Systems has had one mission- to help organizations harness the power of their financial management software.

Our software-based solutions include systems for accounting, budgeting and forecasting, reporting, customer relationship management, and business intelligence.

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Why Choose Brittenford Systems?

  1. 1. Why Choose Brittenford Systems? Selecting a business partner to implement a financial system is a high risk, high profile decision. In fact, a major study by a Big Four accounting firm found that the number one success factor in system implementations was not the software selected, but the choice of implementation partners. The wrong decision, or sometimes no decision, can have serious adverse consequences for an organization. Here are the reasons why you should choose Brittenford Systems as your implementation partner. S Y S T E M S Brittenford Systems Creates Tailored Solutions that Deliver Strategic Value. Unless new technology systems provide strategic value, it rarely makes sense to invest time and money for a few new features. Brittenford Systems’ approach includes an assessment of your needs beyond the new “features/functionality” so that the new solution delivers strategic business value by reducing costs, improving productivity, increasing revenues, and/or creating a competitive market advantage. Brittenford Systems Focuses on Certain Industries. We are experts in and have deep knowledge of project-based organizations, nonprofit organizations, trade associations, professional services organizations, government contractors and foundations. Our understanding of your industry specific regulations and requirements ensures the new system will meet your unique business needs. Brittenford Systems Provides Client-Centric Service. We strive to deliver service beyond what our clients might expect so that every client will become a raving fan. We build relationships with our clients that facilitates an understanding their business in order to deliver the most appropriate solutions.www.brittenford.com PHONE: 703.860.6945
  2. 2. When you put your confidence and trust in Brittenford Systems, we pledge our commitment, engagement, and involvement. You get “The Involved Support System™.” Brittenford Systems Delivers Projects On-Time and On-Budget. Before a decision is made to select a new system, we help you cut through the misinformation and hype to create a decision and implementation roadmap. Our upfront due diligence and planning provides you with realistic timelines and budgets in order to eliminate missed deadlines and last minute budget overruns. Brittenford Systems Understands Accounting Principles and Processes. Our consultants include CPAs and former auditors, CFOs, VPs of Finance, Controllers, and Accounting Managers. Many have utilized our solutions in the field themselves. Our consultants understand both project and nonprofit accounting. Their knowledge and expertise will yield best practice solutions for your accounting, reporting, and business process challenges. Brittenford Systems Offers a Range of Services. We provide both on-premise and cloud-based solutions based upon Microsoft, Intacct, and other third-party software. We also provide cloud engineering and strategic infrastructure services. Our holistic approach ensures that we can solve both simple and complex business and technology challenges. Brittenford Systems Lowers Your Total Cost of Ownership. We help you maximize the return on your investment in our solutions by ensuring your users are properly trained on our solutions. That way you can take ownership of your system and further automate, streamline, and drive your organization forward. Get the free mobile app at http://gettag.mobi 12359 Sunrise Valley Drive Suite 130 S Y S T E M S Reston, VA 20191www.brittenford.com PHONE: 703.860.6945