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Making Magazine

  1. 1. Creating my Magazine Brittany Robinson
  2. 2. Magazine Research & Planning
  3. 3. Magazine Research Masthead Cover Lines Bar Code Cover Lines Date Line This magazine could appeal to students by the content shown on the cover lines, the stories are interesting and can be a topic which is familiar within a college community. This Magazine is laid out in a way where there isn't too much going on and keeping to a simple Blue, Black and Red colour theme which fits in really well to make the magazine cover appeal.
  4. 4. Magazine Research This magazine could appeal to students who are interested in Music, this magazine isn't laid out like a professional magazine cover with no particular cover line just a list of artists. There is a simple Black, White and Red theme for the fonts which seem to be a simple sans serif font. The main image is colorful which make the magazine stand out. This magazine cover is really simple, only a masthead, date line, coverline and a large image. This could appeal to a College/University audience simply by the cover of a woman who looks to have just Graduated. The colour theme is Yellow and White fonts, The masthead is a yellow serif font while the cover line is a white sans serif font.
  5. 5. Magazine Research This magazine isn't a college/university magazine but I liked the theme. The layout of the magazine it simple, there is Sky line like a normal magazine, the Masthead is laid out differently from most magazines with it being on the left in a small font and an ‘E’ next to it. There is no main cover lines but the is an image instead with a cover line underneath it to explain the image. This college magazine is different to all the other Magazine covers I have found. The cover is mainly focused on the hand drawn image. There is a masthead, dateline, Main cover line and cover lines but these aren't particularly big which means you focuses on the image more than the contents. This could appeal to students as the theme is football but with a hand-drawn image could also be seen as art.
  6. 6. Planning
  7. 7. Magazine Research Blooming Grove Sleeperzzzz Parents Suck Forque Trump Town Pro
  8. 8. Photos for Front Cover I have taken images near foliage and trees to go with the theme of my magazine which is ‘Go Green’
  9. 9. Creating my Magazine For my main image I used a medium close-up of a girl hugging a tree to go with the theme, I have flipped the image over and made the background black and white using the selection tool to make the girl stand out more.
  10. 10. Creating my Magazine I have got 2 main blocks of colour, the bottom where 3 titles will go and the top for the Masthead. It is green to go with my “Go Green theme”
  11. 11. Creating my Magazine I have added text to the Masthead using a text called “Ingrata Regular” which I found on DaFont. I have added effects to the text such as, Drop Shadow and Stroke to make the text really stand out.
  12. 12. Creating my Magazine I have started adding my three cover lines. I have used a simple font and kept it white to fit in with the magazines colour scheme. To make the text stand out I have added a black box around the text. I have also added a “Free” sign where a bar code would have been.
  13. 13. Front Cover of Magazine
  14. 14. Creating my Magazine For my Contents Page background I have used an Image of a tree, just like the Front Cover. I have used a 31% opacity to make the image fade into the background so I can easily add images and text.
  15. 15. Creating my Magazine I have again used a block like the masthead to make the contents page fit in with the magazine theme. I have also added a box where my text will go for pages.
  16. 16. Creating my Magazine I have added 3 images, I will add page numbers next to the images. Again I have used image that will make the images fit in with the style of the magazine.
  17. 17. Creating my Magazine Like the Cover Lines, I have made the titles on the contents page have a box around them, I think it will make it fit in with style.
  18. 18. Contents of Magazine