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  1. 1. Lacrosse
  2. 2. Menu• History• The Stick• Men’s Equipment• Women’s Equipment• Types of Play• Field Lacrosse• Box Lacrosse• Women’s Lacrosse• College Lacrosse• International Lacrosse
  3. 3. • Began in U.S. and Canada among History Iroquois and Huron Tribes (12th Century) • Played for Religious Ritual, resolve conflicts, heal the sick, or develop strong men to prepare for war. • Could play with 100-1,000 players • Field was many miles long and wide • Games could last for days • Balls were made of deer skin and clay, stone or wood • Was seen as a way to Bring Glory to the tribeMenu
  4. 4. The Stick • The traditional stick was made of wood (Hickory), but now they are thick plastic head with a metal shaft. • Nylon string is woven throughout it. • Usually the shaft is aluminum, or titanium.Menu
  5. 5. Men’s Equipment MEN • Shoulder Pads • Elbow Pads • Cup • Helmet • Mouth Guard • Chest Protector • Gloves • Stick • CleatsMenu
  6. 6. Women’s Equipment • Goggles • Mouth Guard • Stick • CleatsMenu Women’s Lacrosse
  7. 7. Types of Play • Field • Box • Women • College • InternationalMenu
  8. 8. Field Lacrosse • Ten players • 3 middies, 3 attackers, 3 defenders and a goalie • Midfielders roam the entire field playing everything • Attackers try to score • Defenders try to stop them from scoring • 4 players can carry a “long crosse” or a D-Pole, which is 52-72 inches long. The defenders and Long stick middies use this pole. • 110 yards long • 60 yards wide • Goals are 6-6feet inside an 18 feet crease in diameter.Menu
  9. 9. Box Lacrosse Box Video• “Indoor Lacrosse”• 6 Players on hockey rinks covered by artificial turf.• Goals are 4-4feet• Goalies wear a lot more protection so it is much much harder to score• The game is a lot faster Menu
  10. 10. Women’s Lacrosse • The physicality compared to the guys game is much different • Less checking is allowed and less pushing • 12 players • 4 attackers, 3 middies, 4 defenders and a goalie • Shooting space calls and 3 seconds called against defense in the 8 meter and the attacker will be rewarded with an 8 meter shot. • A yellow card means the team plays man down on the field, but they do not have to be man down on either sides of the field. Someone can go over the restraining line to fill in unlike men’s lacrosse.Menu Women’s Equipment
  11. 11. Women’s Lacrosse Field
  12. 12. Shooting Space In women’s lacrosse, an attacker or middie who is running in to shoot the ball winds up and there is a player in front of her farther than a sticks length away. Is this Shooting Space? • Yes • NoMenu
  13. 13. 3 SecondsA Defender inside the 8 meter needs to be marked up within a sticks length away from her girl. If she is not for longer than 3 seconds, this is a 3 second call and an attacker gets a free position shot from the 8 meter.• True• False
  14. 14. CORRECT!!! International Lacrosse • Lacrosse is very popular in the U.S. and Canada • Also played in the UK and Australia very much as well. • Not an Olympic Sport since 1908 • Is a sport in the World ChampionshipsMenu
  15. 15. College Lacrosse • DI, DII, and DIII, Junior College, and Club levels • First Collegiate Game Played in 1877 between NYU and Manhattan CollegeMenu
  16. 16. Areas • Upstate NY was introduced to Lax in the 1860’s and Baltimore was introduced to it in the 1890’s. Both are hotbeds for lacrosse today stillMenu
  17. 17. UPSTATE NY • Upstate NY has the most Classes, and Sections of any state in the country. • On the boys end, the number one team in the nation is usually always from NY. • The Girls are always close by in the top ten.Menu
  18. 18. Girls NY Section 4 CORNING EAST • I am from a town called Corning, where lacrosse is somewhat of a religion. • Our girls team is ranked in the top ten at number 6 in class C.Menu
  19. 19. Boys NY Section 4 CORNING EAST • The Men are also ranked close by at number 11 in class C.Menu
  20. 20. EndMenu