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Technology webquestrevised

  1. 1. Brittany MachianTopic: American ElectionsGrade Level: 12Objective:Learning the history of national elections and preparing to vote in elections (researchingcandidates/issues). Build an understanding of how the election process works. Citizens of the United States! It’s time to learn about the most important way you can impact your country, your basic right to vote. But it’s more than just filling in a bubble on a ballot; it’s about understanding the history of this nation’s elections and understanding how to research and choose the candidates and policies that are right for YOU. So let’s get started!
  2. 2. 1. Find the 2008 election map and color in each state’s results using red and blue (red- republican, blue-democrat).Investigate another election map from any year. Year: ________What is the difference between this color map and the one from 2008?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.Based on your prior knowledge of the time period you chose, what do you think the roleof individual candidates and/or historical events have on this election?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
  3. 3. Now that we’ve looked at some elections, let’s look at how the election process really works.Ever heard of the Electoral College? Well those are actually the votes that decide the nation’snext president, not the popular votes cast by each individual. So how does the Electoral Collegework? 2. Read some information about the Electoral College and answer the following questions. a) How many electors are members of the Electoral College? ___________________________________________________ b) What majority does a candidate need to win a national election? ____________________________________________________ c) What is the Electoral College policy for the District of Colombia (Washington D.C.)? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _______________.Electoral colleges, election maps, it’s a lot to consider when learning about the history ofAmerican elections. But what is one of the biggest factors in not only elections but all ofpolitics? The political party. Two main political parties govern the laws of the United States,but what about the smaller parties? Who makes them up and what are their beliefs? 3. a) What are three factions of the Democratic Party? _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ b) What are three factions of the Republican Party? _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ c) Pick one of the big 3 third parties and list three beliefs. Party:_________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ d) Pick one of the smaller third parties and list three beliefs. Party:________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ e) Draw a symbol representing one of the political parties that you have described.
  4. 4. Now that we have some background, let’s look at voting and how you as citizens canbecome involved.4. the video above and answer the following questions.a) Do you think this video is engaging to young voters? Why or why not?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.b) Initially who was allowed to vote? ________________________________________________________________.c) What two requirements were generated after the Civil War to try and keep African-Americans from voting? _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________d) What year did women gain the right to vote? _____________________
  5. 5. e) What 7 issues does the video say young people can impact by voting? ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ f) Are there any other issues you can think of that might be relevant to young voters? List 2. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ We now know some of the basics of the history of elections and the importance of voting. So now, let’s apply this to a real election and see how any voter, no matter their age, can make a difference. 5. Look at the 2012 election candidates. Pick a candidate from this election (candidates who have already withdrawn are also acceptable). __________________________________________________________________ Find a campaign speech for that candidate that outlines at least 3 major platforms/beliefs for the candidate and list them. _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ And the candidates have been chosen! This election is a contest between PresidentBarack Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney. They both have plans for “fixing” the countrybut very different ideas on how to do this. Let’s compare and contrast. 6. One of the biggest issues facing the nation today is the economic situation and how to fix it. Both candidates have their economic solutions so let’s take a look. a) What is Mitt Romney’s 5 part proposal to fix the American economy? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________
  6. 6. 7. What two things does Barack Obama claim to have improved during his time as president? ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________b) What 4 “forward thinking” ideas does the Obama campaign promote? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Write a short paragraph comparing the policies of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney or their campaign tactics. Who is more persuasive in your opinion and why? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________
  7. 7. From national election to state election, here is what is up for vote in Utah.8. two constitutional amendments are Utahans considering in this election? ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ So all this information is great. But kind of boring right? So no wonder young people often do not exercise the right to vote. Information seems inaccessible and difficult to read through. But some sights are taking action and trying to drawn young American’s into voting.9. How do you think rock the vote appeals to young people? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________.b) Do you think this is more effective than the vote.utah website specifically in regard to a younger audience? Why or why not? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ _.c) List three tactics that the site uses to generate appeal for young voters. ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Now it’s your turn. You are young, empowered, and ready to use your voice and vote in the next election. You know the history, you know the parties and the way the voting process works. So what’s left?
  8. 8. 10. an election team to monitor until the election. Take into account what kinds ofthings impact a candidate’s score. Use the tactics you have learned to researchcandidates and their platforms in your decision. Pick one candidate to share someinformation on with the class.
  9. 9. Webquest Answer Sheet1. All answers will vary depending on student choice. Discuss some in class.2. a) 538 b) a majority of 270 c) Under the 23rd Amendment of the Constitution, the District of Colombia is allowed electors and treated like a state for the purpose of the electoral college.3. a) Options for answer: democratic-socialist left, traditional liberals, center-right, GOP conservative right, “centrist” b) Options for answer: traditional conservatives, the religious right, centrist/moderate wing, libertarians, paleo-conservative wing, tea party c) answer will vary depending on the choice of the student d) answer will vary depending on the choice of the student e) drawings to be displayed and discussed in class.4. A) answer will vary by student opinion B) white, male, property owners C) Literacy tests and poll taxes D) 1920 E) The Vietnam War F) going to war, how money should be spent, energy sources, marriage laws, abortion, gun laws, legalization. The final two are up to the student5. The questions for this site will depend on student choice of candidate and speech. Have some results discussed in class.6. Achiever energy independence by 2020, trade that works for America, provide better skills to succeed through better education and skills programs, cut the deficit by reducing the size of the government, champion small businesses.7. A) 31 consecutive months of growth and 5.2 million new private sector jobs. B) rescuing the auto industry, reviving U.S. manufacturing, bringing business back to American, making sure everyone plays by the same rules C) paragraph answer will vary, ask students to share8. Constitutional amendment A that calls for putting more money in the state trust fund and Constitutional amendment B that changes property taxes for certain individuals.9. Answers will vary by student opinion and choice.10. Answers will vary by student choice but will provide opportunity for small group and then larger class discussion.