The 1980’s


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The 1980’s

  1. 1. The 1980’s<br />By: Brittany Irwin<br />
  2. 2. Eruption of Mt. St Helens<br />Many small eruptions on Mount Saint Helens were initiated when magma rose high enough to meet groundwater.<br />The anniversary of the Mount Saint Helens eruption is a good reminder that we live in the shadow of a volcano.<br />
  3. 3. U.S. hockey team beats Russia!<br />The Miracle on Ice team in 1980 won the gold medal in Lake Placid, NY.<br />
  4. 4. Death of John Lennon.<br />John Lennon displayed an outspokenness that immersed the band in controversy and helped redefine the rules of acceptable behavior for rock stars.<br />
  5. 5. Sandra Day O’ Connor<br />Sandra went to Stanford University, B.A. in 1950.<br />She was born in March 26, 1930 in El Paso, Texas<br />
  6. 6. MTV.<br />
  7. 7. Iran- Contra Affair<br />This is issued in November 1987. After receiving the approval of President Reagan.<br />
  8. 8. Assassination Attempt of Reagan<br />Six shots from a .22-caliber revolver at President Ronald Reagan as the president left a speech he had given to the National Conference of Building and Construction Trades Department of the AFL-CIO at the Washington Hilton.<br />
  9. 9. “Thriller”<br />Originally released in the US 25 years ago on November 30, 1982 by Epic Records, Thriller, Michael Jackson's sixth solo album and second with producer Quincy Jones, rocketed the former child-star lead singer for the Jackson 5 into the stratosphere of international superstardom. <br />
  10. 10. Liposuction<br />Liposuction is defined as the removal of fat from deposits beneath the skin using a hollow stainless steel tube with the assistance of a powerful vacuum. <br />
  11. 11. Cocaine<br /><ul><li>The street names for cocaine is coke, snow, flake, blow.</li></ul>Cocaine is a powerfully addictive central nervous system stimulant that is snorted, injected, or smoked<br />
  12. 12. South Korean Flight 007<br />This is when the Korean took the hostages over.<br />
  13. 13. Sally Ride<br />Sally Kristen Ride was born on May 26, 1951 in Encino, California(near Los Angeles) She enrolled herself in Stanford University<br />.She was the first American women to go into space.<br />
  14. 14. CDs<br />This is when the first CD’s came out they weren't very popular.<br />
  15. 15. Olympics in Los Angeles<br />This happened during the 1980’s it was one of the most important things that happened around this time.<br />Couple of the Olympic medalists are as followed Ecaterina Szabo, Carl Lewis, Ning Li<br />
  16. 16. Vanessa Williams<br />Vanessa Williams is one of the most respected and multi-faceted performers in entertainment today. She has conquered the musical charts, Broadway, music videos, television and motion pictures. She has sold millions of albums worldwide.<br />
  17. 17. We Are the World<br />It is a song by Michael Jackson.<br />
  18. 18. Crack Cocaine<br />Crack cocaine is a highly addictive and powerful stimulant that is derived from powered cocaine using a simple conversion process.<br />
  19. 19. Len Bias<br />Len Bias was a professional basketball player.<br />He was only 22 years old when he passed away.<br />
  20. 20. Nintendo<br />This was a very popular thing that came out for kids many kids loved to have the Nintendo, many kids wanted it!<br />
  21. 21. Challenger Disaster<br />The Challenger Disaster is a very sad story, that many people knew about it because it was a really big thing. The president of the United States came onto the TV to talk about it!<br />
  22. 22. AIDS<br />This was a big thing because they starting finding out that you can get a sexual transmitted disease by having intercourse. Many people were worried about this!<br />
  23. 23. Supermodel GIA<br />She was the first supermodel in the America.<br />
  24. 24. “Baby Jessica”<br />She was not even a year old and she fell down a well.<br />
  25. 25. Michael Dukakis<br />He was the Democratic Party Nominee for President of the United States, 1988.<br />
  26. 26. Soviets leave Afghanistan<br />This happened in Feb. 16, 1989.<br />The last solider came home and it was a big thing many people were happy because of this reason.<br />
  27. 27. Fashion of the Times<br />Back in the 1980’s the fashion was very different from the time know they would have there hair like 10 feet tall and there clothing would be plaid and shorts and ect.<br />
  28. 28. Famous movies of the times<br />Friday the 13th, The Goonies, The Lost Boys, Scarface are one of the most movies that came out in the 1980’s.<br />