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Edmodo for students

  1. 1. Edmodo for Students At the end of this unit you’ll be able to answer these questions: What is Edmodo? & How do I use it?
  2. 2. What is it? • A learning platform that is similar to Facebook. • FREE! • Fully online so you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection and a mobile device (computer, smart phone, tablet).
  3. 3. How do I use it? • Read and post discussion messages • Read and submit assignments • Work in large or small groups • Participate in discussions with your teacher and group members • Take polls or quizzes • Store documents and videos in the “backpack” • Use assigned apps and view pictures and videos from your teacher • Earn badges for your work
  4. 4. How do I get started? If you have never created an Edmodo Account, you can create a new Student Account by following the steps below: 1. Obtain a 6-digit Group Code from your teacher. 2. Visit www.edmodo.com and select the “I’m a Student” button. 3. Fill out the registration form with the Group Code, a unique username, and password. An email address is not required to sign up for a Student Account. 4. Select the “Sign up” button to complete the sign up process. You will then see the Group your teacher created in the left side panel of your account. Note: You only need one Student Account to join all your Groups!
  5. 5. Show me how!
  6. 6. Student Homepage The backpack: Unlimited storage for documents, videos and other resources Students can only join groups. They cannot create groups Students receive notifications for grades, assignments, alerts or replies Students can only send messages to the entire group or directly to the teacher Parents use this code to create their account or add student to their existing account
  7. 7. Sending posts Note: Students cannot privately message other students. You can direct message your teacher by typing their name in the "Send To" field.
  8. 8. Replying Note: You cannot directly reply to a reply, but you can add the @ symbol and the person's name in your reply to signify your reply was meant for them. This is a public reply for everyone in the Group to see.
  9. 9. Student Profile
  10. 10. Student Profile Badges awarded by teachers Link to grade book for each group Students share their learning style and goals
  11. 11. Exploring your profile •You can access your Profile on your Student Account by clicking on the “Down Arrow” icon (see picture above) on the right of your top toolbar and choosing "Profile." Your Profile portfolio will then be displayed. From there, they can edit your Profile sections (see below). •Profile Picture: Hover over and click on the pencil icon to edit or change your Profile Picture. •Student Information displayed -Name: To edit your name, click the "Down Arrow" icon then “Settings” to change first/last name. -School name: Based on your teacher’s selected school. -Posts and Replies: Total number posts and replies you have made, automatically updates. •Groups: Total number of Groups you have been a member of, automatically updates. •Badges: Total number of Badges you have earned, automatically updates.
  12. 12. Exploring your profile “Progress” Tab (only visible to student and their teachers) Displays grades and Badges for each Group. Click on the specific Group to see detailed progress/grades. “Activity” Tab (only visible to student and their teachers) Highlights all of your posts, replies, and login activity. “Teachers” Tab Click “Show all Teachers” to view all of your teachers and teachers who are co-teachers of a Group you are a member of. “Classmates” Tab Click “Show all Classmates” to view all of your classmates. Although you can see the Profiles of your classmates, you cannot direct message them.
  13. 13. Settings
  14. 14. Settings