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Unit 10: Family, Food and Drink
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Unit 10: Family, Food and Drink


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  • 1. Family, homes, food & drink! By Helene Lendok and Helena Kübar
  • 2. Families D ifferent households in England : 1. people who live on their own 2. couples with children 3. childless couples 4. single parents with children 3aK0Hg
  • 3. C ouple families
    • About 75 % of people are still ‘couple families’ .
    • Only about 50 % of women under 50 are married.
    • One out of two marriages ends in divorce.
    • In December 2005 Britain legalized homosexual marriages.
  • 4. Homes
    • Almost 70% of people in Britain own their own homes.
    • Most live in: a) terraced house & blocks of flats; b) semi-detached houses ; c) detached houses .
    • Many people live in rented accommodation.
    • Since the early 1990s, building new houses and flats has been slow.
    • There has been a huge increase in house prices.
  • 5. Where Brits’ prefer to live?
    • T he British prefer housing in the suburbs , and a garden is considered essential.
    • Many Londoners move to expensive riverside apartment blocks .
    • In the countryside visitors are attracted by old farmhouses and thatched cottages .
    • Elderly people prefer to live alone in their own homes as long as they can cope.
    • For most British people having their own garden is a must.
  • 6. Food & drink
    • Today Britain offers a wide choice of food and drink , including many products from different countries.
    • Britain’s people have learned to enjoy the cooking of other nationalities, like Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisine.
    • People are changing their diets .
    • T he number of vegetarians has risen significantly.
    • Most people drink tea or coffee.
    • http:// =NQSRsY8s3kM
  • 7. British eating habits
    • Common snacks are sandwiches and crisps .
    • A traditional British dinner is meat and two vegetables.
    • Britain’s convenience food is increasing in popularity as an evening meal.
    • Most popular fast food is fish and chips .
    • The British also love going to restaurants .
  • 8.
    • Britain has become more cosmopolitan in its eating habits. People are eating less meat and fresh vegetables, but more fruit.
    • The number of overweight people is alarming. However, healthier diet awareness is being promoted.
    • Potatoes form one of the most important staple foodstuffs in the British diet.
    • Most popular sweets are chocolate, ice-cream and pudding.
  • 9. TEA
    • Tea is the national drink.
    • There is a wide choice of different brands, each with a different aroma and flavour.
    • Most people often take milk in their tea. When an Englishman asks “Are you a mif or a mil?” Mif means milk in first and mil means milk in later.
    • The British drink tea many times a day.
    • http ://
  • 10. Thank YOU very much!!! HELENE-HELENA! MADE BY