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Helen keller presentation

  1. 1. Helen Keller The name of Helen Keller is known world wide as a symbol of courage. Helen was a woman that was intelligent, high ambition, and had great accomplishment. She also devoted her life to helping others.
  2. 2. Helen’s parentsKate Adams Keller  Captain Arthur H. Keller
  3. 3. Birthplace  Known as Ivy Green  Born Tuscumbia, Alabama  on June 27, 1880
  4. 4. Helen’s Illness When Helen was 19 months old she suffered from a disease “an acute congestion of the stomach and brain” and it left her deaf and blind. Her parents contacted the Perkins Institute for the Blind in Boston. Perkins Provided Keller with a teacher. Her name was Anne Sullivan.
  5. 5. Helen and Anne  Anne worked out an alphabet that she spelled out words in her hand.  With Anne teaching Helen, She was able to pass the admissions exam for Radcliffe College at the age of 16.
  6. 6. Helen and Anne Anne began her task with a doll that a child made at Perkins for Helen. By spell “d-o-l-l” into Helen’s hand she hoped she would learn to connect the letters with the object. Helen quickly learned how to form all the letter correctly with her hands and in the correct order.
  7. 7. The Story of My Life  While at college Helen had wrote the 1st volume of her autobiography.  Her autobiography was published in the Ladies’ Home Journal.  In 1902 it became a book.
  8. 8. Graduation  When Helen graduated from Radcliffe College in 1904 she had mastered 5 different languages.  On Helen’s 50th anniversary of graduating from Radcliffe College, She was awarded the Alumnac Achievement Award.  They also showed pride in her by dedicating the Helen Keller Garden in her Honor.
  9. 9. The Miracle Worker  Helen Keller’s childhood education became a film called The Miracle Worker.  First it as a play by William Gibson and it won the Pulitzer Prize in 1960  The film won an Oscar in 1962.
  10. 10. Helen Keller Died in Westport, Connecticut June 1, 1968
  11. 11. Websites www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/USAkeller/htm www.afb.org/section.asp?sectionID=1&TopicID=129 www.hiki.org/about-helen-keller/