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Dickens slideshow

  1. 1. Julie WeidanzEng / Comp 1102 Inst: Owens Troy Univ 3 March 2012
  2. 2.  Charles Dickens was  He moved to Kent, born 1812 in Landport where he spent most of England his childhood
  3. 3.  His father was sent to Marshalsea prison for being in debt • This forced a severe hardship on the Dickens family that Charles used throughout his writings Charles was sent to live with destitute family friend, Elizabeth Roylance • She later became the character, Mrs. Pipchin in his book Dombey and Son Charles went to work in a factory, Warren Blacking Warehouse, to pay room/board and support his family • Exhausting and cruel work left an impression on Dickens and later become the basis for many of his essays
  4. 4.  Charles’ father was released from prison due to a relative dying and leaving inheritance • The money was used to pay off all the debts his father owed Charles’ family moves to Camden Town after prison Charles attends Wellington Academy for his schooling • Charles later references this school in David Copperfield
  5. 5.  Charles was not very fond of Wellington Academy He saw no discipline and life was Wellington Academy very brutal at the Academy He leaves Wellington at age 15 • Charles was a mediocre student and didn’t enjoy school Charles becomes employed as clerk in a solicitor’s office • This was very hard, tedious work that Charles did not enjoy
  6. 6.  Charles wants to become a reporter He starts out as a freelance writer • Charles unites with a relative who shares his box at the commons Charles gets his start by writing about political issues • This education later was incorporated into his novel Bleak House He finds a job with a newspaper - The Morning Chronicle
  7. 7.  Charles starts to publish stories in local magazines He goes on to write his first novel His success continues and he writes Oliver Twist Charles references some of his own life in the novel • Models Oliver after an orphan who worked hard as young boy for next to nothing, just as Charles had done Charles wants his novels to bring attention to the poor and inadequate living conditions of the slums
  8. 8.  Charles visits Manchester, England to tour factories During this visit he also tours a school He is appalled by the working conditions in the factories • He witnesses child labor and is saddened by all of this While in Manchester he gives a speech concerning the issues of the poor and child labor
  9. 9.  Charles’ visit to Manchester has him considering writing A Christmas Carol He models some characters after family members • Tiny Tim who resembles his nephew who was ill • Fran is modeled after his sister Frances who did not live long enough to read A Christmas Carol He uses actual places he has lived or visited to include Wellington Academy in A Christmas Carol
  10. 10.  Charles desires the wealthy people of the Victorian Era see that the poor did not have to live in work houses or on the streets, nor were they all criminals He wanted the affluent members of British society to know that helping the disadvantaged can bring fulfillment to one’s life