Creating Brand Awareness: CyberPower PC
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Creating Brand Awareness: CyberPower PC



Using research and knowledge of the industry to apply strategy in building brand awareness for CyberPower PC's gaming PC.

Using research and knowledge of the industry to apply strategy in building brand awareness for CyberPower PC's gaming PC.



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  • AbstractThe battle for visibility in any congested market place is one that must be entered strategically and diligently. It requires companies to grab an audience and make them aware of the benefits a product has just for them. The challenge of gaining the audiences means that companies must be aware of who their intended audience includes, and what they want (Grewal & Levy, 2009). Using the company CyberPowerPC, a computer company, we will witness the ways in which companies communicate this value to their target market, especially in congested markets. Throughout this presentation, we will design the marketing campaign and strategies that will bring CyberPowerPC to the front of the line when our consumers think, “…new computer…”
  • Introducing CyberPowerPCCyberPowerPC is one of the nation-wide leading computer system manufacturers. The company located in Los Angeles, California, was voted the fastest growing company in the city in 2003’s Los Angeles Business Journal. With vision, commitment, and steadfast determination, the company manufactures and distributes various customized, high-end gaming machines, notebook systems and high performance workstations to meet the unique needs for gamers, businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and other end-users. CyberPowerPc strives to bring consumers personalized cutting edge technology at wholesale prices and an extensive range of technological support.  With care and attention to assembly and rigorous testing, CyberPowerPC machines are built for speed, efficiency, and long lasting life (CyberPower, n.d.).
  • The Black Pearl Also included in its extensive line of products is CyberPower PC’s Black Pearl—the ultimate machine in gaming. Ranking number one in 2012 among the Best Gamer PC Comparisons, the Black Pearl received raving reviews for it’s Dual GTX 580s, Core i7-980X and other high-end hardware; which gamers claim “will take your gaming experience to new levels.” The Black Pearl includes one of the best video cards, a top-notch processor and more than enough RAM to make any hardcore gamer happy for years to come. With such capabilities, not only will you be able to play the most graphically intense game, but you’ll also be able to run other software at the same time. Aside from excellent performance, the GTX 400 and 500 series graphics cards both use DirectX 11, which is the newest multimedia and gaming technology used to enhance the graphics and make games even more realistic (Best Gamer PC, 2012). Starting at $1,199 this fully customizable machine is perfect for the serious gamer—whether he just experiences the games or creates the gaming experience (CyberPowerPC, n.d.).
  • The Challenge of Building Brand Visibility Since its inception as a business in 1998, CyberPowerPC has received numerous rewards for its commitment to performance, quality, price, and consumers. However, until this presentation, many have never heard of the company. In fact, with the popularity of computer gaming on the rise, and few brands focusing on the line of products, CyberPower brings cost and quality together better than the more common computers that come to mind. Partially, this is related to the company’s connection to iBuyPower—a company with less than preferred practices (Smith & Scudder, 2011). Generating CyberPower PC’s visibility in a market with tainted views on the company requires a strategic approach in the company’s marketing technique. It is almost as if they have to undo damage caused by the related company. Overcoming these challenges are just small components of building their visibility among their target audience. Once people see the company is willing and eager to repair damages of what should be an unrelated situation, they will start paying more attention to the other things the company is doing. Gaining this recognition should be among the first objectives of developing CyberPower’s visibility.
  • The Primary Target The NPD Group's 2009 Gamer Segmentation Report dissects the US gaming market in depth. Drawing on responses from nearly 21,000 people taken during the January surveyestimated the domestic number of gamers increased by 4.3 million. Further, NPD concluded that some 67.3 million Americans use the PC as their primary gaming platform (Thorsen, 2009).  In 2011, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) found the average age of the game player was 37. Most of the gamers fall into the 18- to 49-year-old bracket, and can spend as much as 40 hours gaming a week. More impressivelythe proportion of female gamers has increased to 42% (Serious Gamer, 2012). Computer video game sales account for $80 million of the gaming industry’s sales, and is projected to come even more alive as technology advances the abilities of games. CyberPower PC is a company that seeks to offer tomorrow’s technology at a price serious gamers can be serious about. But who are the serious gamers? They are the players and creators of games like Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, StarCraft, Diablo, Medal of Honor, and many more titles which have top the charts in sales. They are games of hi-def graphics and real time investment. Typical gamers fit a cliché style in activities and music. For example, the audience is likely to indulge in hard rock, and alternative music genres. They often have a mentality of allowing a game to take them “away from reality (Suciu, 2012).”
  • The Online Campaign Any quality marketing campaign will include a series of integrated forms. Among the channels chosen, online marketing should be among the choices. Online marketing has many integrations within itself—from e-mail and blogs, to videos, and social networking sites. Much like any marketing effort, our main goal should be communication with the consumer. However, the use of the internet opens the doors to greater opportunities in that communication (Grewal & Levy, 2009). For CyberPower PC, a well-integrated online marketing campaign is essential to creating the positive and driving images that will push consumers to become more familiar with the product. Some of their online marketing strategies should include the use of social media—or sites like Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare. These sites are well connected to much of the internet and promote interaction with audiences. CyberPower PC can use these sites to communicate with consumers to find out what is holding back the company, and discuss the company’s future with consumers. The company can also make use of applications connected to these sites to create games that are not only entertaining to consumers, but provide education on the product. Social networking sites allow people to connect with companies just as much as they like. So when CyberPower PC opts to host a local event, they can reach out to their online audience to boost knowledge. Social Networking sites also allows CyberPower PC to point consumers back to their website, blog, vlog, and allow them to opt into different e-mail campaigns. In connecting with the PC gaming audience it will be essential to CyberPower’s effectiveness to incorporate as much online media as possible. YouTube will be especially useful in delivering commercials, airing story-type commercials (such as “Found-on-YouTube-only” ads that use a little more insinuative language), interviews, Q & A sessions, demonstrations of use, and more.
  • The Delivery Suggestion Strategy is essential for successful and memorable advertising; and there are an infinite amount of ways to approach advertising strategy. With the objective and target consumer in mind, we have developed the delivery ofCyberPower PC’s message. Our method will include the use of a 15-second advertisement on YouTube. To better target our audience, the ad will be played when specific keywords and music are searched. With the help of Google’s collection of data, our commercial can be targeted to people based on their search terms, and our ads can be displayed on their Facebook walls. We can also share the commercial to the company’s Facebook wall. Now, 15 seconds is not a lot of time, but we can say a lot in 15-seconds. CyberPower’s message to consumers about the Black pearl is simple: “Whether you just experience the game… Or you create the gaming experience… The Black Pearl brings the game to life.” For gamers, this message let’s them know this is a precision machine specifically made for gaming and designing games. How we go about sending this message is with 15-seconds of edge-of-your-seat, energy fueling commercial that reveals the games consumers want to play and the feeling they want to have when they play those games. The first three seconds of commercial will give close-ups and screenshots (teasers) of the Black Pearl (using the Red LED lighting). The following three seconds will have brief screenshots of popular PC games (e.g., Call of Duty). The next three-second screenshot will fade in and focus on the person playing the game; and we’ll see him get sucked into the character in the game. We then see the video game world from the point of view of the character. We are then quickly brought back to person gaming. They flinch as if having been woken from a dream. The camera pans out and we see the kid is in his room with a friend. He’s hooked up to these head monitors and all sorts of beeping devices. The friend appears to be some type of programmer doing a study with his Black Pearl computer. To reassert his role, he says something to the lines of “Woah… I should write that down.”The screen would cut to black, with the Black Pearl (in red LED lighting) to the right of the screen. The message would fade into existence, along with the company web address. The entire commercial should be supported with an upbeat, and hard rock-type music—”Fight” music—if you will. Images of the computer should include visuals of the company name or logo as it appears on the computer.
  • The Print Ad Provided is just a sketch of the corresponding print advertisement CyberPower could deploy. As indicated, this is just a mock up. The black space on the bottom would include “small-print” terms that may apply, a directive to logon to the company’s site, or could employ additional lines of copy. We could also use the bottom the deploy information about things that can be found online, such as our social media engagements, information about our products, specials, nearest locations, and so on. The print ad would be placed in popular PC gaming magazines, and could even be used as posters in store locations that carry CyberPower brand. The color is intended to grab the consumer’s attention. We want to ad flare and symbolize the masculinity of this computer by incorporating the red lights. We opt to demonstrate only the components of a simple computer—tower, monitor, keyboard, and mouse—to create the concept of affordability. By minimizing the idea that consumers will have to invest in headsets, surround sound chairs, and other simulator gadgets, we bring affordability and satisfaction with gaming experience to their attention.
  • Public Relations Our intention is to make our consumers want this product to enhance their gaming. While for many serious gamers, the I experience is well-worth the investment. However, some of audience will want to see and feel this experience for themselves before making such a commitment. Understanding a consumer’s need to touch and feel the excitement the Black Pearl can bring them is pertinent to building our public relation campaign. CyberPower will participate in local trade shows to demonstrate the power behind the Black Pearl. As sales pick up, the company will invest in traveling trade shows, gaming competitions, and other potential public events such as Comic-con and Dragon-con.
  • Conclusion Today’s marketing belongs to consumers. They hold more control now than ever before regarding how they are marketed to. As a result, it is increasingly important for companies to take advantage of the multitude of options available for advertising and reaching out to targeted audiences. The vast array of options, however, has sparked a rise in online marketing that allows companies to better connect and communicate with consumers exactly how consumers wish to be contacted (Vollmer, 2008). CyberPower’s ability to become a first-to-mind brand relies largely on the ability of the company to use these measures to connect with its target audience. With the brief concepts we have applied in this presentation, the company is well on its way to gaining more visibility than a well-lit Christmas tree in July.

Creating Brand Awareness: CyberPower PC Creating Brand Awareness: CyberPower PC Presentation Transcript

  • A Vision of CyberPower PCMKT355-1204A-01: Principles of Advertising and Public Relations Phase 1 Independent Project Sabrina Mergenthaler Colorado Technical University Professor Lisa Haddock October 15, 2012
  • Introducing •Leading Computer System Manufacturers •Variety of product •Determination •Gamers •Cutting Edge Technology •Wholesale prices •Extensive technical support 2
  • The Black Pearl •Ultimate Machine in Gaming • #1 in Gamer PC Comparisons•Dual GTX 580s, Core i7- 980X •Best video cards •Best processor •Serious gamers
  • The Challenge of Building Brand Visibility •Overcoming negativereviews by making changes •Standing out in the congested computer market •Hone on the target audience •Develop visibility among the target market so thatCyberPower PC becomes a ‘first-to-mind’ name
  • The Primary Target Serious Gamers Demographics and Psychographics•Call Of Duty and Modern •Hard Rock •Average Age: 37 Warfare •Most active bracket: 18-49 •StarCraft •Alternative •Female percentage: 42% •Diablo •Progressive-post Punk •some 67.3 million •Age of Empire Americans use the PC as •God of War •Hip Hop their primary gaming •Medal of Honor •Metal platform. •Fallout •Hours per week spent •Techno gaming: 40
  • The Online Campaign 6
  • The Delivery Suggestion The Message The Method“Whether you just experience Video Advertisement betweenthe game… Or you create the YouTube videosgaming experience the Black Specific tags: computer, gamingPearl brings the game to life.” PC, CyberPowerPC, The Black Pearl, etc. The Media Social Networking Site- Facebook Video Media Site- YouTube
  • The Print Ad Print Ad •Grab attention•Convey consistent message •Provide consumers with a task—Go to site •Remain in mind The Focus •Affordability •High Tech •Small Print •Specials •Masculine •Website info •Social media •Lit-up •Store locations participation •Contact Information •Eye-appealing
  • Public Relations•Trade Shows •Comic-Con •Local Events•Video Gaming Competitions
  • ReferencesBest Gamer PC Comparisons and Reviews of 2012. (2012). TopTenReview- Computers. Retrieved from PC. (n.d.). CyberPowerPC. Retrieved from http://www.cyberpowerpc.comGrewal, D. and Levy, M. (2009). Marketing Third Edition. New York, NY: McGraw-HillSerious Gamer Demographics 2012. (2012). Sealund’s Research. Retrieved from, M.S. and Scudder, R. (2011). Exploring the Top Gaming PC Manufacturers. BrightHub. Retrieved from, P. (2012). Could PC gaming make a comeback? CNNMoney. Retrieved from, T. (2009.). US gamer population: 170 million – NPD. GameSpot. Retrieved from, C. (2008). Always on : advertising, marketing and media in an era of consumer control. New York: McGraw-Hill.