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Analysis of Competition: AT&T and Masergy Communications
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Analysis of Competition: AT&T and Masergy Communications


Company analysis At&t vs. Masergy

Company analysis At&t vs. Masergy

Published in Business
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  • In this presentation, you will be introduced to the concept of marketing strategy development. We will define the SWOT analysis and how it relates to improving a company’s marketing strategy. For this presentation, the company Masergy and its competitor AT&T have been selected for evaluation utilizing the SWOT method. We will review the companies and determine their SWOT rubric. Also, we will look at some of their products which aid in their progression as a company. Finally, we will design a marketing strategy for Masergy, and conclude this presentation.
  • Every organization, whether a market leader or follower always needs to look around and identify the various players in the industry who represent challenges to its current market position. We all have competition. Every small and big business out there has competition.Knowing the competition is crucial to the success of any business. As well, evaluating your competition is a great way to grow your own business. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses allows you—as a business owner—to develop your company in opposition of these findings. For instance, perhaps your competitor does not offer international shipping, whereas you can. The competitive business environment demands an outlook beyond price wars and to the actual strategic turf to which the competition is played. Companies should perform a situation analysis using a method commonly referred to as SWOT. SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool in which a company measures its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The strengths and weaknesses are recognized at the internal environments of the company while the opportunities and threats make up the external environment (Grewal & Levy, 2009). The following presentation will provide an analysis of the telecommunication company Masergy, as well as its biggest competitor AT&T.
  • Founded in 2000, Masergy was built from the ground up by founder Barry D. Nalls in Plano, Texas (Masergy, n.d.). Masergy Communications, Inc. provides QoS-based, customer-controlled network services specializing in real-time application performance across converged enterprise networks. The company uses its multiservice network platform to develop technology for enterprise executives to manage the security and performance of their critical applications. Its virtualized network solutions are built upon Intelligent Transport product line that delivers the convenience of Ethernet worldwide (Masergy Communications, 2011). The company allows its customers to choose a single or multiple transport service options, including virtual private LAN service, virtual private wire service, private IP, and public IP in various quantities and combinations as per customers’ need to support their business applications; and delivers six levels of service plans, including video and voice quality of service (Masergy Communications, 2011). Masergy’s hosted services include Intelligent Service Control, a secure Web-based management tool that gives customers real-time control of network services; Intelligent Network Analyst to access real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities embedded in the network service delivered by Intelligent Transport; Video Extranet, a business-to-business connectivity platform that enables communication across multi-carrier and multi-protocol boundaries; and Cloud-Based Remote Access that allow mobile and remote workers to access the private corporate network from an Internet-enabled device (Masergy Communications, 2011). The company also offers a business continuity service, which provides businesses with a disaster recovery network solution; and managed router and firewall solutions. It serves financial and professional services, health care, entertainment, broadcasting, hospitality, and manufacturing companies in the United States and the United Kingdom (Masergy Communications, 2011). A brief compilation of the business Masergy currently services has been provided in the slide (Masergy, n.d.).
  • Having gone public only as recently as February of 2011, Masergy’s key players are represented above (Company Profile, 2011). MASERGY dedicates itself to vision, teamwork and commitment. They pride themselves on maintaining the best of the best performers. The management team is proven in identifying and attracting exceptional talent, designing and managing complex systems, and defining and delivering exceptional customer value (Management team, 2011).Chris MacFarlandhas served as MASERGY's Chief Executive Officer since July 2010 and previously as Chief Operating Officer from August 2008 until July 2010 (Management team, 2011).Robert Bodnarhas served as MASERGY's Chief Financial Officer and Secretary since August 2005 and was additionally named Executive Vice President in July 2010 (Management team, 2011).Tim Naramorehas served as MASERGY's Chief Technology Officer since March 2008. John Dumbletonhas served as Senior Vice President, Business Development since May 2008 (Management team, 2011).Scott Stricklinhas served as Senior Vice President, Global Sales since November 2008. From March 2007 through November 2008, Mr. Stricklin was Application Portfolio Manager for Micro Forus, a developer of enterprise application management software, where he was responsible for North Amercian sales of enterprise portfolio management services. From 2005 to 2007, Mr. Stricklin was Director of Sales for Data Mirror, an IBM subsidiary, where he had sales responsibility for 21 U.S. states, Mexico, Central and South America (Management team, 2011).Cam Anderson brings more than 19 years of telecom experience to MASERGY, where he is responsible for the company’s Service Delivery, Network Operations and Access Management organizations. Prior to this position, he served as the vice president of Access Management at MASERGY where his team managed customer project management, network provisioning and network capacity and planning around the globe (Management team, 2011).
  • Masergy contends to be recognized for innovation, performance and customer satisfaction in the telecom/wide area networking industry and among the technology business community. They have been receiving competitive recognition since 2005. Their most recent awards are listed (Industry Recognition, n.d.). In addition to the great achievements by Masergy Communications, Inc the company performs at a steadily increasing rate. In fact, Masergy has seen a 32% growth in the last three years alone (Company Profile, 2011). Plans for the future include hiring an addition 50 people to support massive growth. In 2010, revenue reached a peak at $97.5 million, earning the company the 122nd position in earnings for its industry. Projected earnings for 2011 spike to $116 million (Masergy PE, 2011).
  • Originally found in 1885 under the identity of American Telephone and Telegraph Company, AT&T once held a monopoly on the telecommunicating industry. Since their entrance into the business world, the company has been merged, sold and purchase many times over. It has come to it’s final home in Dallas, Texas, making AT&T not only national rivalry for Masergy, but a local competitor as well. AT&T is also recognized as one of the leading worldwide providers of IP-based communications, voice, video, data and internet services (AT&T, n.d.). They extend services to business, consumers, and government agencies, globally, nationally, and with all business sizes (AT&T Company Profile, 2011). The contend to hold the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network and the largest international coverage of any U.S. wireless carrier, offering the most phones that work in the most countries; the largest Wi-Fi Network in the United States; and the largest number of total broadband connections in the United States (AT&T, n.d.). AT&T is the communications provider of choice among largebusinesses, servingthousands of customers on six continents, including all of the Fortune 1000. The AT&T network also offers a full suite of applications such as Virtual Private Networking,Voice over IP (VoIP), state-of-the-art hosting capabilities and advanced messaging and conferencing (AT&T Company Profile, 2011)
  • AT&T is nothing short of a few dozen key players. In fact, the age and experience of the company lends to its arsenal of senior leaders and directors. One thing you will notice about most of these players is their commitment to AT&T over many years. Above, we name just a few of the onslaught of upper echelon leaders. Now we will briefly discuss what they bring to the table.Randall L. Stephenson-- Mr. Stephenson began his career with Southwestern Bell Telephone in 1982 in the information technology organization in Oklahoma. He previously served as the company's chief operating officer, from 2004 to 2007. In 2005 he appointed to AT&T's board of directors. In 2007, he was appointed to his current position of chairman of the board, chief executive officer and president of AT&T Inc (Executive bios, 2011). William A. Blase, Jr.-- From December 2005 to June 2007, Mr. Blase served as executive vice president-Labor Relations. In 2007 he was appointed Senior Executive Vice President of Human Resources (Executive Bios, 2011).James W. Cicconihas served as Senior Executive Vice President of External and Legislative Affairs since November 2005, following the close of the merger between SBC Communications and AT&T Corp (Executive bios, 2011). Catherine M. Coughlin-- Ms. Coughlin began her communications career in 1979 when she joined Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in her hometown of St. Louis. During her 31-year career, she has held officer roles in sales, marketing, operations and advertising for AT&T. Currently she holds the position ofSenior Executive Vice President and Global Marketing Officer (Executive Bios, 2011). Ralph de la Vega-- Mr. de la Vega started his career in 1974 with BellSouth (then Southern Bell) as a management assistant. His appointment to the role ofPresident and Chief Executive Officer, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets occurred in 2008 (Executive bios)Ronald E. Spears--Began his telecommunications career as a manager with AT&T Long Lines in 1978. He was appointed to his current position, Senior Executive Vice President of Executive Operations in September 2010 (Executive bios, 2011). John T. Stankey-- Mr. Stankey began his career with Pacific Bell in 1985. While he is currently recognized as President and Chief Executive Officer of AT&T Business Solutions, he has been in senior positions since 1998 (Executive bios, 2011). John Stephens -- Mr. Stephens joined the company as director-federal taxes in St. Louis in 1992. In June of 2011, he was appointed to Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (Executive, bios, 2011). Wayne Watts-- Mr. Watts joined Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in 1983 as an attorney in Dallas. He was appointed to the position ofSenior Executive Vice President and General Counsel in June of 2007 (Executive, Bios 2011). Rayford Wilkins, Jr.-- Mr. Wilkins began his career as a commercial assistant with Southwestern Bell Telephone in Houston in 1974. Currently, he holds the position ofChief Executive Officer of AT&T Diversified Businesses (Executive bios, 2011).
  • Understandably,AT&T is nothing short of a few hundred awards for a company that has been around since the dawn of the telephone. They are recognized for an abundance of achievements ranging from earnings and innovations, to having a diversified work environment. The list above barely represents a fraction of the many awards for which AT&T has been recognized (AT&T, n.d.). With its innovations still pouring out, AT&T sees a continual annual financial growth. In fact, from 2010’s second quarter to 2011’s second quarter review, the company has witnessed a revenue growth of 8.3%. In terms of actual dollars that equates to $1.8 billion dollars. Projected earnings for the company’s year end revenue are grossly larger than the already $31.5 billion they have generated in just the first two quarters of 2011. AT&T’s long standing experience with consumers coupled with a strong suit in innovation will surely keep this company on top of the telecommunications game for many years to come, but that does not necessarily mean Masergy should not contend (AT&T, n.d.). For your convenience, I have included a link to a full document disclosing and charting the massive growth of this company over the last year.
  • Do not be fooled by comparison. Masergy brings an array of innovative products to the game as well. Masergy’s Intelligent Transport with Video QoS provides a premium grade of IP bandwidth specifically engineered to deliver consistent superior-quality video at all times and under all network conditions. You can have high-quality bandwidth ideally suited for plug and play deployment of standard, high definition and Telepresence video, while enjoying the advantages of simple call set-ups and stable network connections. When your business is ready, you can easily migrate your data and voice to the same network connection for significant cost savings and simplified network management. Video QoS offers superior quality video transport backed by the industry’s strongest global Service Level Agreement (SLA). These industry-leading performance metrics are possible because of the QoS capabilities inherent in Masergy’s pure MPLS IP backbone. No special equipment is needed to take advantage of these advanced services. Masergy’s existing connections into multiple exchanges also enable a diverse range of B2B service options. Intelligent Transport with Video QoS can also be implemented as a Video Overlay network or as part of a converged network (Masergy, n.d.).Masergy’s Intelligent Network Analyst gives you flexible tools to track your network traffic and application performance in a variety of ways. View and filter traffic by application, port, protocol, IP address and QoS service plane, or view “Top-Talkers” identifying the IP address pairs that generate the most traffic. Intelligent Network Analyst embeds network monitoring and reporting capabilities in your network service. Using data mirroring capabilities, Intelligent Network Analyst stores packet header information on servers owned and maintained by MASERGY. No more software installations, hardware purchases, systems integration or monthly maintenance fees. Simply activate the service and start viewing network traffic and application performance across your wide-area network. Intelligent Network Analyst has an industry-unique Active Network Map that displays the exchange of data between your top 15 sites. From the map you can identify the traffic patterns, flow direction, bandwidth utilization and recent changes in one comprehensive display. Whether you are investigating application performance, troubleshooting changes in traffic patterns or generating reports for your internal clients, Intelligent Network Analyst makes it quick and easy (Masergy, n.d.).
  • Leading the world in Nobel Prize award winning innovations—AT&T certain takes the field with an elaborate array of tools and advances to make any company blush. Take for instance, their AT&T Connect service. The days of simply gathering around a conference room table are over. The people you need to reach are worldwide and highly mobile. Businesses need new methods of communicating that reduce costs and increase employee productivity.AT&T offers collaboration services that combine voice, Web and video in a single tool that empowers employees to communicate. AT&T Connect promotes collaboration by making it simple. AT&T Connect®:Allows users to take advantage of existing devices, such as laptops and SmartphonesIs integrated with many common desktop applications, like Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes (AT&T, n.d.) Sometimes you need to build virtual teams to solve business issues immediately. An AT&T Connect meeting can be scheduled in minutes, providing a quick method of responding to a business crisis.Collaboration services from AT&T are easy to learn and use, so you can get down to business quickly. Your teams can feel confident that their collaboration tools will work reliably and securely as they shareinformation worldwide (AT&T, n.d.). The opportunities for collaboration are limitless. AT&T Connect provides a forum for communication via a range of meeting types, sizes and business situations:Use a Smartphone to join a weekly call while stranded on the road Collaborate with a team of subject matter experts while viewing and updating a document, real-time Engage industry analysts around the world with a highly interactive Q&A session as your meeting concludes Train sales reps on how to deliver a new customer presentation Capture and report information on webinar attendees to provide sales leads. Another top rated feature provided by AT&T is their Networking Exchange which gives users free access to relevant and timely insights from both industry and AT&T experts.Users enjoy access to the latest thinking designed to educate, advise, and inspire networking leaders to make informed decisions on business and technology trends. From general business insights to specific IT solutions, AT&T Networking Exchange offers a wide variety of written, multimedia and interactive content in the following categories: • Networking - improve how people connect with information and each other • Applications - deploy and maintain applications with efficiency and security • Mobility - exchange the reach of your company's workforce, and rethink how and where work gets done • Managing Risk - keeping information secure, and strategies for managing compliance• Managing Change - learn to adapt your network strategy as your business evolves• Trends - understand the latest technologies and how to make them work for your business. While these represent just two of the many products and services brought to consumers by AT&T it is important to acknowledge the contributions the company makes are unending. AT&T will continue to be a leader in bringing innovation and consumers together for an improved future with access to a world of information.
  • Unlike AT&T who has had over a century in experience in technology, Masergy comes to the table with the latest innovations in the world of telecommunications. Their high-grade WNA platform performs on a superior quality. While AT&T has to arrive at this technology, it drives costs up effectively. Masergy carries the advantage of not having a weighted history, and with that carriage it does not have to respond to questions from consumers about why prices continue to go up. Masergy also brings this superior package at a lower rate than AT&T intends to (Masergy, n.d.). Not unlike their competition, Masergy has evolved by acquisitions, partnerships and expansions. They have intentions of bringing the company to a publicly traded stock exchange in the near future (Masergy, n.d.). However, perhaps publicity is also something that hurts this company. Masergy is weakened by their small company size. The large demands of their consumer base are not the only reason for concern either. This small sized company lacks advancement opportunity for employees, as the current positions holders are in for the long haul (“Masergy,” 2010). Comparatively damaging, and partially due to the size of the company, Masergy offers a limited service agreement. This service agree highlights many stipulations, and seems to lose the focus of consumers in the vague terminology outlining the conditions for which service challenges will be met (Masergy, n.d.). Clicking on the link in the chart will take you directly to the service agreement. Notably, Masergy is far from being without opportunities. In fact, in addition to seeking public trading capabilities, Masergy is on the verge of settling another merger. The merger of Masergy and ABRY is set to bring many great changes to Masergy including an increase of employees by about 50 people. The merger will also allow them to expand on many of the services they already provide, while driving costs down for consumers (Engebretson, 2011). Like many other companies who’ve expanded their services over the vast internet, Masergy is put at risk by hackers. Masergy spends a great deal countering security threats from those who would otherwise subject the company to such terroristic behaviors (Masergy, n.d.). Possibly more destructive than hackers, are those threats which come from within the company and spill into the external environment. As we are all aware, the internet provides people with a shield that protects their identity as well as freedom to say what they want. On websites that were designed to allow others an inside view of companies, we find a large amount of Masergy employees lashing out and criticizing the business rule. For instance, one employee claims the company needs to stay private in order to protect some skeletons in the closet. Others imply arrogance of the heads and heavily political atmosphere of the entire company. Others mention the lack of growth opportunity for employees. Though stemming from within, these anonymous posts carry damaging effects for the company who wishes to go public (“Masergy,” 2010).
  • AT&T’s long life in the world of telecommunication has promoted one thing above anything else; and that is its brand name recognition. Strong brand names help to increase margins by allowing the company to charge premium prices for goods and services, because customers perceive a higher standard of quality. AT&T carries a wide variety of products. Diverse products and revenue help shield the business from shocks in any one part of their business. Different products have different characteristics. Those characteristics do not always match, therefore, a company can lower their risk by investing in a business with low correlations with other products. This lowers risk and increases the value of the business over the long-term (Grewal & Levy, 2009). Due to AT&T’s long standing, they carry a robust financial position which allows them to take on new endeavors and other risks. This also places their company in a leading market position. However, even AT&T’s fortune cannot save them from the weaknesses. AT&T currently relies heavily on its iPhone business. This is a must due to the lack of subscriber growth. With many companies promising to have the greatest coverage, many consumers are looking for no contracts, low prices, and phones that can keep up with the modern world. AT&T’s focus on the wireless aspect may prove damaging in the future. However, that’s only one piece of their weakness pie. As we are aware, mergers and acquisitions have aided many companies in their success. The history of acquisitions for AT&T, though, may be its downfall as integrating acquisitions could distract the company from other important tasks within the firm. Expenses related to integrating back office IT systems and different corporate cultures could lead to further issues that hurt the firm over the long term. Also, problems of redundant staff and hierarchy within the new combined firm are not motivating factors for employees, especially those who are in the x and y generations seeking advancement opportunities quickly. Acquisitions could cause integration problems, dilution of equity value and inconsistent growth estimates. While there is no doubt AT&T will continue to grow, there is reason to consider how well this growth will occur (SWOT, n.d.). While these acquisitions may prove to be the future, AT&T holds other opportunities for growing their business. Their latest U-verse is frequently attacked for speed, however, if you’ve ever used it, you will know it is not as flawed as Comcast promotes it to be. AT&T is investing in global networks, as well as designing new ways to increase their 3G and 4G coverage. Fortunately, with the increasing popularity of smartphones and the growth of other technologies, AT&T has a bright future ahead of them (AT&T, n.d.). In fact, some of the biggest threats to the company’s growth is the government’s regulation which pounds the doors down for more money. In addition, the government feels that this is a place for them to step in with concerns for consumer health. Possibly more damaging than that is the possibility of loss of iPhone exclusivity. Many consumers choose AT&T because of their exclusive contract for the iPhone. If those customers have alternative choices, they may leave especially if they received bad services on AT&T network. This loss of business will hurt AT&T's profitability and revenue. With the saturation of the wireless market and new competition on the rise, this threat could indeed become a reality (DybWad, 2010).
  • Masergy is already a strong company. They bring quality products and services. With their growth an expansion many of their weaknesses will diminish. Obviously, when the demands grow, so shall employee numbers. In fact, the company does not suffer from any problems that other companies do not contend with. However, the biggest bite to Masergy will be a self-destructing employee base. A discontented employee will have much to say under anonymity. That employee will have much more to say if they are ever discharged. It is important for the company to instill measures to prevent this discontent, as well as to prohibit slander of the company. Obviously reducing these factors is more difficult when done under the mask of the internet website with which the information is posted. However, if employees have signed contracts before hand to address consequences for those types of behaviors, it may be enough to alleviate some of the negative commentary spreading about the company. Building a business culture is important to the survival of the company. People will not wish to work for a company that demonstrates a lack of care for its employees. As Masergy is planning to expand its employee base it is crucial that they deal with the ones they currently have to ensure that new employees are not walking into a mine pit.
  • Masergy is already bringing in millions with their current consumer base. It is possible to bring in more money with that base, though. If Masergy has not already done so, it is necessary to survey the consumer to learn exactly what they want. By providing those goods and services, Masergy can increase profits. Once profits are increase, revisions can be made to service agreements, more employees can be hired to fulfill the service agreements and the company can expand. We are more aware that AT&T is at risk of losing their exclusive clutch on the iPhone. This spells opportunity for Masergy. With the merger between Masergy and ABRY, the opportunity is opening up for Masergy to make better connections with companies like Apple. With the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple is sure to be looking for new avenues to increase revenue and ensure future success. What better way to do that then to redistribute the iPhone. In doing so, Apple generates more income for themselves, as well as aids consumers in having an advantage over the telecommunications companies. There is no reason to doubt the significant improvement that obtaining the iPhone will have on Masergy’s revenues. It’s what consumers want. By bringing the iPhone and other similar products to the table, Masergy is sure to increase revenue from its current consumer base. As that occurs, the company can build on employee numbers, satisfy a newer stronger service agreement, and begin expanding into a larger market.
  • While it’s obvious that AT&T will continue to rock the telecommunications market, it is safe to conclude that they will not do so without challengers. Masergy holds the potential to be that challenger. With the innovative products Masergy competes with, consumers can agree that Masergy holds some cards up its sleeves. AT&T has the advantage of age, but people are growing weary of the old news company. Realizing the risk posed to them should Apple contract the iPhone to other companies, AT&T owes much more to consumers for their loyalty. However, Masergy risks being overlooked by the flood of intoxicating views shared by its employees. If Masergy fails to get a handle on the destructive cristicism, it may fail to take the stage with a clear reputation. With the saturated market for the industry, Masergy needs to realize just how big a competitor it can be in all aspects. Focusing on one area could prove damaging, as we may find with AT&T. Understanding the competition is relative to becoming a key player in the game of business. It allows companies to develop strategies and implement attack. Great marketing might understand the next step for its own company, but the greatest marketing knows the next step that will be taken by the competition, before that step is ever taken. When a company’s marketing reaches that level of clarity, it can embark on the actions necessary to take it soaring into the future. Masergy has that potential, if it can overcome the threat of self-destruction by its employees.


  • 1. MKT305-1104A-10 Marketing and the Virtual Marketplace Phase 1 Individual Project Sabrina Mergenthaler Colorado Technical University Professor Monique Georges October 10, 2011
  • 2. Introduction --Successful companies have competition --What is SWOT analysis?Overview of Masergy --Company Information --Key players --Company EarningsOverview of AT&T (the competition) --Company Information --Key players --Company EarningsMasergy’s top productsAT&T’s top productsSWOT analysis of MasergySWOT analysis of AT&TFurther EvaluationMarketing strategyConclusion
  • 3. •Succession of a business•All companies have competition•The necessity of understanding competition •SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
  • 4. Founded in 2000 Location: Plano, TX QoS-based, customer-controlled network and software servicesReal-time application performance Video, voice and data Intelligent Transport product line Worldwide ethernetSingle or multiple transport service optionsDisaster recovery network solutionServices companies in the United States and the United Kingdom
  • 5. Chris MacFarland Robert E. Bodnar Tim Naramore John DumbletonChief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Technology Officer Senior Vice PresidentDirector Business Development Scott Stricklin Cam Anderson Senior Vice President Senior Vice President Global Sales Operations
  • 6. 2010 Revenue………………97.5 million Rank in Industry (Inc500)…….…. 122 Projected Earnings 2011........116 mil (Masergy PE, 2011)2011 2008American Business Awards 2011 Nemertes Pilot House Awards (2008)• Finalist—Customer Service Customer Experience –Top 50 Channel Partner Program - Channel Emerging CarriersPartners Magazine • Best Technical Service • Best Network Performance & Reliability2010 • Best ValueNetwork Computing Awards • Best Overall• Finalist – Managed Service Provider of the • Favorite Provider –Year Midsize Business CustomersAmerican Business Awards MPLS – Emerging Carriers• Finalist – Customer Service • Best Technical ServicePhone + Top 50 Channel Program • Best Network Performance & Reliability • Best Value2009 • Best Performance Monitoring & ReportingGlobal Telecoms Business (GTB) • Best SLAsInnovation Awards (2009) • Best Overall• Advanced Video Services Innovation Ethernet – Emerging CarriersAward • Best Technical ServiceWorld Communications Awards (2009) • Best SLAs• Finalist – Best Global Operator (Industry Recognition, n.d.)
  • 7. Originally founded 1885 American Telephone and Telegraph Company Location: Currently Dallas, Texas Provides voice, video, data, and Internet telecommunications Services businesses, consumers,and government agencies--global, national, midsize and regional business customers Provider of choice among large businesses Worlds leading IP network Offer apps of Virtual Private Networks, Voice over IP (VoIP), state-of-the-art hosting capabilities and advanced messaging and conferencing
  • 8. Randall L. Stephenson William A. Blase, Jr. Chairman Senior Executive VP Chief Executive Officer Human Resources President James W. Cicconi Senior Executive VP Catherine M. Coughlin External & Legislative Senior Executive VP & Affairs Global Marketing Officer AT&T Services, Inc Ralph de la Vega Ronald E. Spears John T. Stankey John Stephens Wayne Watts Rayford Wilkins, Jr. President & CEO Senior Executive President & Senior Executive Senior Executive CEO – AT&T AT&T Mobility Vice President CEO Vice President Vice President Diversified & Executive Operations AT&T Business & & BusinessesConsumer Markets Solutions CFO General Counsel
  • 9. BrandZ: 7th Most Valuable Global Brand (2011) BrandZ: Most Valuable Global Brand in the Telecommunications Industry (2011) Global Telecoms Business: The GTB Power 100 — Randall Stephenson ranks #2 outof the 100 most powerful telecoms executives (2011) Connected World: AT&T is No. 1 for connected devices (2011) Current Analysis: AT&T is U.S. leader in M2M solutions (2011) The Patent Board: AT&T is third on the telecommunications patent scorecard(2011) Frost & Sullivan: 2011 Product Leadership of the Year Award for mobile enterpriseapplications (2011) Current Analysis: AT&T is a top competitor in the managed mobility space cited forinnovation, telecom expense management and logistics (2011) IDC: AT&Ts SMART tool for small businesses recognized for the 3rd consecutiveyear (2010) Yankee Group: AT&T is the preferred carrier of M2M solutions in a survey of ITdecision-makers (2010) Web Marketing Assoc: AT&T BusinessDirect® Premier and AT&T Small BusinessStorefront won 2010 WebAwards in the 14th annual WebAward Competition forWeb site development (2010) Telco TV Vision Award: U-verse Mobile was honored for service provider innovation(2010) CIO: CIO 100 list (2010) Employs………………………..…..Over 250,000 people Revenues ………………………………………$31.5 billion Rank in Industry (Fortune 500)……………………12 Full PDF Document
  • 10. Video QoS Intelligent Network Analyst Key Features Key BenefitsKey Features Key Benefits • Hosted on the Masergy • No•Unmatched Video SLA •Maximize ROI by network deployment/management•100% video packet Leveraging Video • Easy to use, streamlined burdendelivery Overlay Network as a interface • No software or hardware• Guaranteed in-sequence Data Backup Network • Flexible, granular costs• <1ms maximum latency •Two distinct VLANS with reporting • No bandwidth utilizationvariation (”jitter”) separate physical Ethernet • Configurable alarms and • No impact on latency• Sub-1 second fast failover handoffs – one for Video email alerts • Low monthly service feefor network recovery connections, one for Data • Extensive filtering • Always available via web- • Video connections can be capabilities based portal public or private • Enhanced search • No requirement for a capabilities router • Configurable applications • No additional cost for the • Printer-friendly, use of the video overlay customizable graphs network as a data • Top 15 sites’ data backup network exchange view • Export data functionality
  • 11. AT&T Connect® AT&T Networking Exchange Key Features • Managing Change -Key Features Key Benefits • Networking - improve learn to adapt your• View •Allows users to how people connect with network strategy as yourpresentations and take advantage of information and each business evolvesapplications existing devices, other • Trends - understand the• See participants such as laptops and • Applications - deploy latest technologies and and maintain how to make them workand whos talking Smartphones for your business applications with• Signal an opinion •Is integrated with efficiency and security• Send a note many common • Mobility - exchange the Benefits• Take a poll desktop reach of your companys FREE access to:• Global audio with applications, like workforce, and rethink •Live and on-demandin-country access Microsoft® how and where work webcasts.• Delivered by the Outlook® and IBM® gets done •Our entire library of • Managing Risk - White Papers,AT&T global Lotus® Notes® keeping information Presentations, Podcasts,network secure, and strategies for Videos, Case Studies and managing compliance more.
  • 12. I Strengths Weaknessesn •High-grade WNA platform that •Small company size with larget provides superior quality on all demands. Fewer than 200 grounds including performance employees. Lack of advancemente and price compared to AT&T opportunity due to size.r •Initiative in taking a proactive stance on server issues •Limited service agreementsn •Inorganic growth by strategic Linka acquisition & the intention to go public over the years.lE SWOT Opportunities Analysis Threatsx • ABRY mergert • Countering security threatse • Becoming a publicly traded from hackers companyr • Employee destructionnal
  • 13. I Strengths Weaknessesn • Brand Name recognition •Wireless Business Concentratedt on the iPhone • Diverse Producte •Acquisition Integrationr • Over 100 years experience • Low subscriber growthn •Robust financial positiona • Poor reputation for coverage •Leading market positionl SWOTE Analysis Opportunities Threatsx •Acquisitions •Regulated businesst •Expanding U-verse fiber network •Loss of iPhone exclusivitiye •Investments in global networks •Saturation of the wireless marketr •Major competition and industry •Increasing 3G/4G coveragen saturation • Smartphone popularityal
  • 14. Employee Discontent As the Greatest Challenge • Improve employee satisfaction • Prohibit company slander• Require contracts that clearly define consequences • Build a business culture
  • 15. Market Penetration• Satisfy more of the desires of current consumers • Build strong service agreements • Develop employee base • Expand Masergy Opportunity and AT&T Threat • iPhone Exclusivity • ABRY Merger • Bringing to the table what consumers want
  • 16. • Potential to achieve •Minimize threats•Take advantage of an opportunity • Build on strengths • Reduce weakness
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