Over the recent years I have                 My background has involved me in both        •	Digitaltaken to developing my ...
MarketingDigital          Social                   Brand
Blue Sky VoiceThe Digital arena is my ‘breadand butter’ as it were. Havingcome fom full mix the majorityof my current work...
CIM Recruitment Ca                   mpaign                                Le   arning Zone                               ...
LinkedIn is a very power business tool                                                                                    ...
We have our recognisable Youtube                                                                                       Blu...
eCentric Marketing                                                  Fusion FXBranding is an essential toolfor any business...
ndedBluesky Bra Bluesky Branded is a service that I setup to service the needs of Bluesky’s clients. Offering account mana...
Fusion Fx - A Small Sample
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Fusion Fx - A Small Sample


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The Eagle Has Landed...

Just wanted to provide a small slice of works done by Fusion FX.

This is only a small sample, if you are interested in finding out more get in touch.


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Fusion Fx - A Small Sample

  1. 1. Over the recent years I have My background has involved me in both • Digitaltaken to developing my skills client side and Agency environments, • Socialand further enhancing my which have given me great experience • Brand/Creativemarketing expertise, from all and tested my abilities profoundly. Be • Marketing Mix that working across large-scalerounder to a more specialist implementation projects & events with The For more example or a chat please get infocus. touch. I hope that you like what you see Chartered Institute of Marketing, Social Media launch, creative management & and hope to hear from you soon.As a true digital advocate, I am always development for Blue Sky Performancelooking for new technology and ways Improvement. Bespoke branding Benof working, integrating the new with the campaigns and client management for “Do you ever wonderold, particularly the use of social media clients such as Barclays, British Gas, wha your doing withthroughout the work that I do. I’m a big Formica and Homeserve. your life? then just likefan of brand exposure and consistency that all of a sudden, itin both the digital and non-digital space. hits you...” The following portfolio contains aI believe that it is important to maximise selection of examples of work that I haveimpact in all areas of a customers created from across my areas ofexperience. expertise. These are grouped into for major areas:
  2. 2. MarketingDigital Social Brand
  3. 3. Blue Sky VoiceThe Digital arena is my ‘breadand butter’ as it were. Havingcome fom full mix the majorityof my current work is focusedon digital channels.My competancies are in the following areas: The Blue Sky Voice is a quarterly • Website design & development email campaign that enables the • Customer jouney mapping communication of industry news, • Sitemapping social media updates, campaign • SEO & PPC advertising and proposition/product • eMarketing design and development updates. The enitre template was • Digital advertising • Digital branding overhauled to improve engagement. • Social media marketing Targeting a database of 20,000The following is a selection of samples of contacts, this communication wasdigital achievements: taken from 6-7% open rate to regular 14-18% open rate.
  4. 4. CIM Recruitment Ca mpaign Le arning Zone The New CIM The CIM Recruitment recruitment The CIM Learning Zone was a an After modelling a good looking site campaign required the development old, clunky, overloaded student structure, we wireframed and began of multiple digital collateral, with resource portal. Tasked with the developing the site infrastructure. tiered emails designed and built for challenge of bring it back to life, my multiple industry approaches. Digital work was definitely cut out for me. The website launched within 3 months advertising banners were used for and received over 30000 visitors a promotions across media sites. I achieved this by going back to month after launch. basics and doing a customer journey This was all used in conjunction with and sitemap of the current site, and www.cimlearningzone.co.uk offline collateral including, print, remodelling new ideas for much more events, PR and social media. functional, efficient and easy to use site.
  5. 5. LinkedIn is a very power business tool that provides large quantities of Blue Sky Twitter visitors through to the Blue Sky web- site. All LinkedIn channels are inte- grated as best as possible. Channels on LinkedIn which we currently using include: • Corporate profile • Company page • Groups (Internal & External) • Staff profiles • AdvertisingThe ‘Social Explosion’ has www.linkedin.com/company/truely taken off with an blue-sky-performance-improvementincreasing peak that shows nosign off ending. Investment is In the past Blue Sky used contentimportant for future companies agencies for news feeds directly ontoas more & more customers our website, now we integrate our Blue Sky LinkedIninvest more time in this twitter feed and source relevantchannel. proposition based articles to gather our own followers and integrateIm a social media advocate and see the with Blue Sky news and contentbenefits of a full integrated platform that development. We have a singleoffers free traffic and an unlimited corporate account with is contributedresource of information at your fingertips. to by a team of social champions. Our accounts auto-feeds from ourI have recently developed and manage an blog and other relevant Blue Skyintegrated social media platform for Blue content sources.Sky Performance Improvement. Here are www.twitter.com/blueskyengagea few of the main channels utilised:
  6. 6. We have our recognisable Youtube Blue Sky Blog e Sky Facebo ok channel and are constantly Blu developing new content for across all of our propositions. We have a dedicated AV professional who works closely with me on developing content for this channel. This is an up and coming area that we are looking to develop, making professional engaging content. www.youtube.com/user/bluesky- performimpOur Facebook page is designed Blue Sky Youtube Our blog is at the heart of ourto be a window to who Blue Sky is social media, with content being con-and what it is all about. As we are a tibuted from across all areas of thepeople business, this channel enables business. Everyone is encouraged tous to share our culture through events get involved. Our blog content feedsthat take place, personal content into all of our other social mediaengagement and lower level business channels and is very regularlycontent engagement (in compari- updated with new content. Our blogson to LinkedIn & Blog). The page is is integrated with our website,designed to be fun and share the Blue LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.Sky culture. www.blueskypeople.wordpress.www.facebook.com/blueskypeople com/
  7. 7. eCentric Marketing Fusion FXBranding is an essential toolfor any business. when usedeffectively across all channelsthe results can be impressive.It’s not called Brand Power fornothing. My baby. Having branded myself eCentric Marketing is a brand I wasYou only need to look at the likes of previously I felt that this simply wasn’t asked to help work on developing theApple, Coca Cola and Innocent to see enough when working at a senior brand from scratch. The company wasbrands that are truly successfull and are level. I have developed my brand registered and relevant digital spaceknown in most across the demographic using influences thoughout all aspects purchased. The rest was a canvas.map. of my life including modern art, film, I worked with the brand owners in maps and music. You may be able bringing their ideas and my passionI have worked in both agencies and to guess a few! Digital channels are to life. Creating an focal icon andclient side and have experience in in development but are likely to be surrounding corporate brand but withmanaging and working with brands as focused in the form of a blog, thought young exciting promotional supportwell as creating a few of my own. Here this was pertinent with me being a collateral. This brand is currentlyare a few samples I’d like to share: social advocate. developing digital channels before lanuching. Watch this space...
  8. 8. ndedBluesky Bra Bluesky Branded is a service that I setup to service the needs of Bluesky’s clients. Offering account managed bespoke branding projects to support the implementation and sustainability of large business transformation programmes some of which have been rolled out globally requiring multi-lingual translations. As well as supporting clients, this service also required servicing the design and brand requirements of Bluesky creating digital, social, and print collateral. Here are a few samples: