What kind of magazine institution might distribute your


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What kind of magazine institution might distribute your

  1. 1. What kind of magazine institution might distribute your product & why? By Brigit Gunton
  2. 2. What is an institution?• An media institution is an (often profit based) establishment that is in charge of distributing, marketing and producing different media products.• For example Development Hell. Distributes Mixmag and Bauer distributes Kerrang and mojo.
  3. 3. Examples of Media Institutions...Microsoft[production, marketing, distribution and (self) regulator]BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation[production, marketing, distribution and (self) regulator]British Sky Broadcasting (BSB)[production, marketing, distribution and (self) regulator]ITV[production, marketing, distribution and (self) regulator]British Board of Film Classification (BBFC)[regulator]HMV[distribution]
  4. 4. Who distributes the existing product you researched?• The magazine’s editor is called Nick Decosemo and it is published by Development Hell Ltd.• Development Hell Ltd. also distributes another music magazine called ‘The Word’ which is aimed at an older audience.• Mixmag is an British magazine, dedicated to dance and clubbing music, they are released monthly.• The first issue of mixmag was released by Development Hell Ltd. On the 1 of February 1983.• They sell approximately 21,250 in a year, (January the 1 – Dec 31st , figures from 2010)
  5. 5. Who distributes the existing product you researched?DJ Mag is a English magazine, producing one copy a month and is dedicated toelectronic dance music.The first issue was in 1991, and since June 2010 it has started to be translated to otherlanguages, such as Italian and Portuguese.The magazine is edited by Ben Murphy and has recently started to be distributed byThrust Publishing. Before that it distributed itself under ‘DJ mag publishing’, whilethings were still small and low scale.
  6. 6. Other big magazinedistributing institutes… • IPC Media • IPC Media is a consumer magazine and a digital publisher founded in 1958 in the United Kingdom, it has a large portfolio and sells over 350 million copies each year. It supplies magazines and newspapers such as NME, Look, TV Times, Pick Me Up and Marie Claire. • www.ipcmedia.com • Bauer Media • “Bauer Media is a division of the Bauer Media Group, Europe’s largest privately owned publishing Group. The Group is a worldwide media empire offering over 300 magazines in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio stations.” It distributes magazines such as Kerrang! Q Closer, Grazia and Heat. • www.bauermedia.co.uk
  7. 7. What company would I like to distribute my magazine and why?• I would like Bauer to distribute my magazine because they currently don’t distribute any electronic dance music magazines, only rock and pop.• Also I think they would have better distribution to reach my media product to a mass market rather than small scale audiences like the existing electronic dance music magazines do (e.g. DJ mag and ATM). I believe there is a gap in the magazine industry for a popular dance magazine as at the moment most popular music magazines are rock or pop.• They would also have a bigger budget to play with and therefore be able to attract more people with add-ons such as good competitions, giveaways and big artists.• Also most of Bauer’s magazines (such as Q) are not only magazines they also have their own website, radio and television channel. Which would be a great advantage for my magazine, as it would mean I would be able to address more possible consumers. (such as people who would not originally buy the magazine but happened to listen to the radio station and enjoy it, then buy the magazine.)
  8. 8. Extending my media product into different areas...• I think as a dance music magazine, I would like my magazine and logo to extend, first of all to a slot on radio 1 on a Friday night. Then once I have my product established create a ‘WIRED fm’.• I would also infiltrate my product to festivals, have a WIRED stage at Cream Fields and Global Gathering, also sponsor dance music festivals such as Tomorrow Land.• By doing this I would enable my product to catch the attention of more possible consumers. For example with 200,000 people attending Tomorrow Land they would see that it was sponsored by ‘WIRED’ and be inclined to buy it afterwards. Therefore bringing my product to more and more people, gaining more revenue and extending the content.