Analysis of magazines


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An analysis or evaluation of music magazine within the similar genre.

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Analysis of magazines

  1. 1. COLOUR SCHEME: All the SKYLINE: The skylinecolours are bold and bright, heading, right at thethere aren’t many pastel top instantly catchescolours used. These bright the readers attention,colours have been used to the magazine uses thisattract the audiences attention, to their advantage byfor example the red masthead advertising a free mix,‘DJ’ contrasted with the black therefore making theoutline and the yellow text person feel morewithin the masthead makes the inclined to buy it.text stand out and grab thereaders eye. The overall look of the magazines front coverAlmost all of the font is in capitals, this adds is quite busy, there is ato the magazines overall look being bold lot going on, withand loud. The quirky font on ‘mid-summer colours, text andmischief’ adds a slight edge to the cover as picture. It is quite loudall of the other font is quite basic and and in your face, whichstraightforward. I think would catch my eye if I saw it on aMAIN IMAGE: The image shelf. This style alsothey have used is quite light reflects the genre ofhearted and comical, they music that it ishaven’t tried to make them representing.look really professional orphotographed them in astudio. The camera anglefrom below looking up at The picture more or lessthem, could suggest they takes up the whole cover,are above us, looking down the text is placed over theon us. They have photo, excluding thesucceeded, and are at the masthead, all of the picturestop, in comparison to us. and font have a mix of colour, again adding to the The language used in the writing is quite informal (e.g. loud effect., foreshadowing ‘get loaded’) and is only used in short and snappy the music. Thrust publishing Ltd. Is the company that publishes DJ MAG statements, there is no lengthy description, it is all brief. they don’t publish anything else, and there is very limited The language used isn’t that academically challenging information on the internet or on DJ MAG’s website. but some words used you would have to know about this type of music to understand, e.g. ‘hyperdub’
  2. 2. There is a mixture of photos between studio photos and casual non- The fonts they have used on the magazinestaged photos. I think this could represent that a large part of the music are standard fonts that you would see usedwithin this genre is created in the artists bedroom or home, unlike most on letters and word documents. They havepop artists who create it in studios. For example you can see the picture not tried to make the page glitzy and fancy,on the bottom right is an artist with his equipment, but not in a studio. it is purely dedicated to the music. The writing lets the audience know that this magazine isThe colour scheme is definitely notwhite, black, red and directed atblue, this scheme is children, you canshowed in the clothing tell this from theof the people and the use of language,colour of the font, for for exampleexample the red hat words likeand the blue jacket of ‘morphed’ andthe man in the top left, ‘influential’. So wethey keep it consistent can tell that thethroughout everything target audience ison the page. Even young adults.though you may expect They also use ato find a lot of bright casual languagecolours used for style, words likeelectronic dance music ‘lowdown’ makemagazine, I have this different fromactually found that how a newspaperblack and white are still would write,the most popular making it morecolours used. youthful.The overall look of the magazine is quite serious, the people in The text to picture ratio is about 50/50, I have foundthe picture all look like they are very dedicated to their work. the same text to picture ratio on all of the doubleThe text is also quite plain, showing this page is purely about page spreads I have analysed. I think this is the rightthe skill in the DJ’s and the content of the text. Suggesting this amount, so that the page contains all themagazine is for people who are serious about this sort of information you want it to, with out looking toomusic, not just a light read about music celebrities. boring and full of text, they have helped me to decide on how much text to pictures I should use.
  3. 3. The text on all of the headings in. There is a mixture between posed lower case, suggesting its informalitystudio photographs and more and emphasises that it is targeted atcasual non-staged photos. For youth age range. The font is alsoexample ‘033’ is taken from a live simple and easy to read, they have notevent, with no real focus tried to create anything fancy andperson, where as ‘077’ is very complicated, which could suggest theyintense, focusing on one person know who they are targeting andtaken professionally in a studio. what they like, nothing overly fancy,Photos such as ‘104’ tell me the audience is more interested in theimmediately that the magazine is content and music.targeting teenage people, that liketo go clubbing. I can also tell thatthe audience are most likely middleclass, with enough money to afford The over all look of this magazine isto go out a lot fun and colourful, for example the pink and blue highlights of theColour scheme is quite a big heading, illustrating its youthfulness.mixture of black, white, yellow, As well as being fun it also lookspink, blue, mustard and purple. ordered and organised, with theThe colour scheme is not carried photos all being in a column.on in the photos, like the othermagazines that make a link on thewhole page of a continuous colour The writing style keeps with thescheme. theme of the magazine and the targetThere is a good ratio between text audience, it is casual and youthful. Forand photos, on this page. As well example ‘tech’ is an abbreviation,as the images adding colour and which is a connotation of teenagers,making the page more interesting, this tells me that they are trying toit also adds information by attract a younger audience. I can tellshowing what page the image is from the content of the writing suchon. For example if you see the as ‘Ibiza special’ that the magazine ispicture of an artist you like then targeting younger audience but overyou can go to the page by looking 18’s. They would probably need to beat the number on the image. E.g. middle class with some money topage77. afford events such as Ibiza.
  4. 4. The colour scheme uses a lot of The masthead is all in lowercontrasting, with black, white and case, which is a differ frompink being the major colours. The the normal capital letter atcolours used are all bold, and they the start. This could alsodon’t use any pastel colours. There tell us that it is aimed at aare only two colours used for the younger generationfont, making it look organised and because they are breakingattractive to the audience. rules and using a young and individual font for theThe photography is very posed, the masthead. The fontphoto of ‘Justice’ give the changes from theimpression that they take masthead, to the textthemselves very seriously. All of explaining the article, theythe lighting is very dark and dull have used a squarer andwith a spotlight on the two people, easier to read font for thesuggesting they are the focus point other text.and all eyes are on them. Thelayout of the photo, the straightline of the headline beneath them The picture is used as theand the lights behind creates the background for the covereffect of them being on stage. and the text is placed in front (excluding theThe length of writing is very short masthead). For a frontand they have kept the content cover they have used thebrief, not giving away too much. right text to picture ratio,The language isn’t too as too much would lookacademically challenging, and they busy and not grab yourhave used abbreviations such as eye and just a picture‘xmas’ and ‘nye’, making it seem would give you nomore informal. This could tell us a information of what’slot about the target audience, as inside.slang has connotations ofteenagers. The overall look of this magazine is quite representative of a Development Hell Ltd. is the publisher for mixmag, it is also the club, being a dance magazine they have used the front publisher for a monthly magazine called ‘The Word’. This cover to tell the audience this without having to write it. doesn’t target the same audience as mixmag, it is aimed at the The use of dark background contrasting to the spotlights is older generation, showing they target a range of audiences. what we would associate with a stage of club.
  5. 5. The photography is very casual, they have a personal feel to them, as if they have been taken by friends on a night out. This gives a natural feel, the colours are also very bright which go with the colour scheme of the page. Alcohol seems to be a common theme in the photos, showing they are taken at a party or nightclub and making a link between this genre of music and parties and alcohol, backing up the connotation of dance music being parties or clubs. Overall look of this page is young and fun, it has a partyThe colour scheme of atmosphere. It isblack, pink and yellow nicely laid out withon a white background. the text broken up(also used in the into smaller sectionscontents page) gives the with an image to fiteffect of a party each section. Soatmosphere. This is even though there isbecause they are bright quite a lot of text itand vibrant, contrasted is broken down, as itagainst the black makes is targeting athem stand out even younger audiencemore. This colour they don’t want tooscheme tells the reader much bulky text.straight away that this isa dance magazine. The fonts are bold and simple, although they still have a slight The writing is split up into smaller articles, making it curve effect, which is continuing the style of the masthead easier on the eye. The writing language they have used font. They have steered away from using harsh square text, but is well thought out, using techniques such as rhyming have used it for the most important things, like at the very top and well known phrases for the headings, for example of the page ‘The Big 3’. This is a good idea if you want a piece ‘scouse house’. This could be so the reader remembers of text to stand out from the rest. the articles, techniques such as rhyming helps it sticks in their head.
  6. 6. They have kept a mixture of The colour scheme they have used iscasual photos, such as the one similar to the front cover, they oftenat the top right, but contrasted use a lot of black and white, then usethis with the photo used at the another bright and bold colour such asbottom middle, looking very bright pink or yellow to contrast it.posed and professional. I found This contrast is used to attract thethis is common throughout all of audiences attention, for example thethe magazines, to have a heading at the top left is black andmixture of styles of photo. This white with one bright colour, yellow.has given me the inspiration touse a mix of styles on mymagazine.The writing language is kept quite The over all look of this page is quiteinformal and casual, for example clear and easy to read, they have‘tunes’. I think this is good for the kept the writing in one column onaudience they are targeting, the left hand side and the photos onbeing young adults and the left. Keeping it simple and easyteenagers, they feel comfortable on the eye, for example all of thewith slang and abbreviations. font is the same colour, pink heading,(e.g. VIP) and black writing underneath.Also the length of writing isminimal, as the younger audienceprefer to see pictures rather than The font carries on the roundeda lot of writing. theme of the mast head and the double page spread, I like theThere is a lot of pictures on continuous theme. They have used athis contents page compared young and interesting font, that linksto the other ones I have to the swirls they have used for alotanalysed. Al though the of the text. For example the font onpictures on this give the image page numbers is veryinformation of the contents similar to the mast head, usingtoo. Compared to the ATM consistancy, maybe creating theirmagazine this page is more own a signature font.based on the look and imagesrather than the content.
  7. 7. The colour scheme is very contrasting The shortened version of of the cover as the dark/light blue is atmosphere, being ATM, current through the title, outfits e.g is an abbreviation for at artworks dark blue coat, and writing. the moment, which could This makes it easy on the eye and it suggest to the audience doesn’t look too busy. that they are up to date and current. Also the use of abbreviation tells us that it is targeted at a The stern expressions on the DJs face younger audience, as and the upward camera angle gives them they are well known for a serious aura. This may be to represent shortening words to ‘text they came to take dubstep to a higher talk’ widespread level, the cover from 2009 will have been just at the start, they look The overall look is quite dark and as if they mean business. serious, If I was to look at this on a shelf, I think it looks quite intimidating and not that The angles of the writing on the magazine are fun, the use of dark colours and all straight lines, parallel which fits with one of stern faces. the names of the acts featured However the writing on the CD contrasts at a different angle The whole page is taken which attracts attention. up by the image, although the text is placed over theAll of the font is in capitals and they have image, the majority of theused a bold and simple font type to attract cover is image. I think thatthe readers attention. The font is also kept they have chosen morethe same throughout the whole cover, they picture over text becausehave also continued the colour scheme the younger targetthrough the font as well. I think they have audience don’t want toused the same bold and simple font to keep read too much text as theyit simple, the younger audience are not too think it looks boring andconcerned with fancy fonts, they want it to that is who they arebe easily readable. Especially using a bold looking to attract.font in capitals for a cover page as this islikely to catch somebody’s attention whensitting on shelf, e.g. ‘MAGNETIC MAN’ ATM magazine is so small that there are no web pages saying who publishes it and it is not sold in manystands out. shops to find out the publisher, it is only available for buying online and at a couple of shops in the UK.
  8. 8. The colour schemeThe brick wall behind is quite plain, thehim suggests that he is majority just being‘underground’. There black and a big emphasis on Keeping it simplebeing an underground and having the mainartist in the world of focus on the contextdrum and bass. of the writing.His facial expressions The photo is takenare very serious, at angle that makessuggesting he takes his it look like he ismusic very seriously. looking and talkingAlso the clothing he is to you, making itwearing is all black, feel more personal,implying he is a shady or it is also taken withmysterious character. a plain brick wall background, making it not too glitzy in a studio, this suggests he is quite down to earth. The text to picture ratio is half and half,. Three columns written in sans serif, it looks Although this wouldn’t seem much if the very plain and formal. Suggests that the articles were small and broken up with target audience are all very passionate many small photos. The text length looks about this type of music, as this type of very long as it is all in one big chunk, this layout would not attract somebody who was tells us that he is important because he has looking for something new and exciting as it a whole double page spread to himself. doesn’t look very appealing to the eye, it is Therefore as an audience we are intrigued more informative. to find out who he is.
  9. 9. They have kept the contents All the photos are taken on realvery simple, with quite a lot of locations and not in the studio, theywriting. Although there is a are an unusual selection of photos,cont list of contents the detail s that don’t look like the averagevery minimal and all of the list photographs you would expect to findis just artists names, unlike in a magazine. I think it would lookother magazines that say what more professional if they had a rangeis featured in the article. I think of photos, some taken in the studio,this is interesting because it as you can tell it is a low budgetmakes me more intrigued to magazine through the use of photos.what the article is based on. The editor of the magazine has left hisThe overall look is quite myspace address at the bottom of thesimple, I would say the ratio of ‘editors note’. This gives it an addedwords to picture is not quite personal touch and makes aright and they should spread connection between the magazineout the writing to smaller and the audience. It also tells me thatsections but more often than the magazine is quite small scale,less sections but longer, this because he can give out details likewould make it easier on the this.eye, although people who buythis magazine are verypassionate about this musicand want as much information The font is very basic but easy to read, which I have found is what is best toas possible. The page is quite use on the contents page. The coloursimple, it also looks quite low scheme again of the font is justbudget, such as the simple, plain black. This gives me thepictures, they are all casual day impression that this magazine is moreto day photos, instead of focusing on the content of the writingstudio. than the appearance and bright colours.