Digital Storytelling Feb 2010
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Digital Storytelling Feb 2010



Directions for using power point and imovie 09 for digital story telling in the elementary grades.

Directions for using power point and imovie 09 for digital story telling in the elementary grades.



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Digital Storytelling Feb 2010 Digital Storytelling Feb 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • Digital Story Telling
    March 2010
    Brigid McNamee
  • Table of Contents
    Using Power Point Slides 3-7
    Using iMovie to put
    Sound and format your Power PointSlides 8-16
    Using the iSight camera Slide 17-22
  • Select Slide Layout
    Click on the slide layout tab and select the layout for your slides.
  • Lesson 1: Using Power Point
    Import your pictures from the desktop and add your text.
  • Select Slide Theme
    Click on the Slide Themes Tab and choose the style you want. You can change it at any time.
  • Tip for Class Projects
    If each student in your class is creating a slide. Have them pass in the slide as a power point slide and create a new slide show with everyone’s slide.
    Convert them as pictures all at once.
    Be careful when instructing your class to save that there is a way to differentiate among the slides: ie: apples ryan
  • Save As Pictures
    When you have completed all of your slides you can save the entire work as pictures.
    This will create a folder on your desktop with each slide saved as an individual JPEG.
  • Adding Your Pictures to iMovie
    When you saved as
    pictures it creates a
    folder with all the
    pictures in it.
    Drag the folder into
    Open imovie.
    Create a new project.
    Find the camera icon.
  • Drag the photos into the movie project
  • You can make adjustments
    You can change the duration to make the picture show longer or shorter.
    You can change the effect…very cool choices!
  • The Ken Burns Effect
    The Ken Burn Effect zooms in
    on pictures. Select Fit if you
    do not want the pictures to
  • Record Voice Over
    Click on the microphone icon. Then click on a clip to start recording.
    It will beep 3, 2, 1. When you are finished recording, click on the clip to stop.
  • You can move and edit the audio
    You can drag the audio to
    where you want it to be in your
    If you need to adjust volume
    click on the gear and choose
    audio. You can manually
    adjust the volume.
  • Adding Music
    Click on the music note icon. Click on the iLife Sound Effects folder. Select the
    Sound/music you want and drag it to your movie.
  • Choose a Theme
    Click file, project properties. That will
    open the theme selection option. Select your
    theme and click okay. You can always change it
  • Sharing your movie
    You have lots
    Of choices of how
    To share your
    Movie. If you are
    Going to burn a
    DVD send it to
    If you are going
    To post it on a blog
    Chose export Movie
    Because you can make
    A smaller file size which
    Allows the video to load
    Easier on the internet.
  • Using the iSight Camera
    Click on the camera icon on the left. This will open a new screen. Click
    the capture button to record. Click done when you are finished.
  • Think in layers when building your project.
    Know how long your clip is.
    Know what background you want behind the clip.
    Create a background (with transitions if you want) that equals the length of your video clip.
    Drag the green screen video on top of your background.
    Click green screen.
  • Backgrounds
    You can use images from your iphoto
    You can use video clips
    You can use plain backdrops.
  • Getting the images for your backdrop
    To import a movie clip
    Select file, import, movies.
    You can have a movie already
    saved on your desktop.
    Pictures you get from your iphoto.
    Backgrounds are selected when you
    choose text. (See next slide.)
  • Adding Text and Background
    Select the T and drag a
    Text style to your movie
    Project. If you don’t to
    Have text you can delete
    The text and have a plain
    The window to select back-
    Grounds will open and you
    Can change it.
  • If you don’t have green screen as an option….
    Click on iMovie and select preferences.
    Make sure show advanced tools is checked.