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BrightMove Deliver Recruiting Software for Staffing
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BrightMove Deliver Recruiting Software for Staffing


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Recruiting Software brochure for BrightMove's SaaS Deliver for Staffing and Agency Recruitment

Recruiting Software brochure for BrightMove's SaaS Deliver for Staffing and Agency Recruitment

Published in: Business

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  • 1. BRIGHTMOVE DELIVER A P P L I C A N T T R A C K I N G F O R S TA F F I N G A N D R E C R U I T M E N T F I R M S 320 High Tide Drive, Suite 101B 888.482.8840 T St. Augustine, FL 32080 866.895.6299 F
  • 2. D I S C O V E R T O P T A L E N T. D R I V E B U S I N E S S P R O D U C T I V I T Y. What Makes Us A COMMITMENT TO PROVIDING LEADING TOOLS F O R F I N D I N G A N D H I R I N G O N LY T H E B E S T BrightMove? TA L E N T. BrightMove Discover™ - Founded in 2003, BrightMove, Inc. is a privately For HR and Corporate Recruiting held organization based in St. Augustine, Florida. BrightMove is a leading provider of Software-as-a- BrightMove Deliver™ - Service (SaaS) applicant tracking and talent man- For Recruiting and Staffing Firms agement solutions for staffing, enterprise, mid- market and outsourcing areas of recruiting software. BrightMove Quantify™ - For Recruitment Outsourcing and HR Outsourcing BrightMove has quickly grown to become a system of choice for recruiters and companies looking to use advanced tools designed to find and manage only the best of talent. With more than BrightMove Jump™ - 60 customers globally including Subaru of America and Maidenform, Free Applicant Tracking for Startups BrightMove is one of the fastest-growing Talent Management and Applicant Tracking providers in the industry. David Webb - CEO Thank you for reviewing BrightMove. We are proud of the solutions we create and we grow our business based on the feed- back our customers and the industry give us. We look forward to your feedback. Our goal at BrightMove is to make you better at doing what you do best. BrightMove’s platform is designed to focus heavily on enabling you to search, find and hire highly skilled talent. You will notice a continual message throughout our collateral and communications around enabling you to source beyond just your internal database. We believe that the best talent is typically not always looking for their next role and our job is to enable you to find and attract that high caliber hire. Our sourcing platform will allow you to leverage the latest in social media as well as traditional search systems such as Monster and CareerBuilder. You will leverage the web like a pro in no time, all from one single interface. Thank You, David Webb - CEO BrightMove, Inc. 320 High Tide Drive, Suite 101B 888.482.8840 T St. Augustine, FL 32080 866.895.6299 F
  • 3. “ I f y o u a r e e x p e c t i n g TO P t a l e n t t o find you, you’re never going to find TOP talent.” What is BrightMove Deliver ? ™ WE IDENTIFY THE BEST TALENT TO FIT YOUR RECRUITING NEEDS. Using truly global world class sourcing and recruiting tools, BrightMove will enable your team in every aspect of top talent acquisition. We are all about ensur- ing that you find the better hire faster and more efficiently than your competition. Recruiting is about being competitive through an extremely strong network and set of tools that enable your team and we are here to help. WE ENSURE YOU STAY ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF RECRUITMENT FUNCTIONALITY. Your talent management platform should never wait for the industry to change and then adapt. At BrightMove we believe your Talent Management platform should lead the way. Our team is continually looking for new ways to better the way we help you find the skillsets you need. We engage the customer base frequently to better understand trends so that we can react in real time to your specific needs. D E L I V E R AT A G L A N C E Discover is designed to help recruit- ers better support there customers through highly effective talent sourc- ing and management tools: SOCIAL MEDIA SOURCING CLOUD BASED CONCEPT SEARCHING BrightMove knows where to find the Use configurable keyword concept top talent. Top passive candidates are clouds to quickly narrow your applicant found through strong networks and pool based on skill set importance and social media tools. concepts. ENGAGE TALENT CRM AND JOB MANAGEMENT Communicate with identified talent Provide customers and hiring managers quickly and easily through BrightMove’s easy tools for submitting, approving and communication tools. Search and tracking your efforts while allowing you engage candidates through resume to effective manage and support their boards, job boards and social sources every need. real time. Don’t wait for talent to come to you! 320 High Tide Drive, Suite 101B 888.482.8840 T St. Augustine, FL 32080 866.895.6299 F
  • 4. C O N N E C T I N G PA S S I V E TA L E N T T O Y O U R T E A M Optimize Your A SINGLE SOURCING ENGINE DESIGNED TO F I N D H I G H LY S K I L L E D H A R D T O F I N D TA L E N T. Hiring! CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE BrightMove’s world class support staff are here you help your teams find and hire more efficiently. Every member of BrightMove’s team has prior recruiting experience and is continually staying abreast of industry trends. We are never more than a phone call away to sup- port your needs. Top Talent Won’t Find You! Top passive candidates are not typically looking for their next role. They don’t have to. Recruiters must search for and attract highly skilled candidates for those tough to fill jobs . BrighMove Deliver is designed to allow recruiters the ability to search across all social and traditional internal searchable sources so that recruiters never miss that key hiring opportunity. Deliver allows you to quickly find, attract and hire the very best in passive talent. 320 High Tide Drive, Suite 101B 888.482.8840 T St. Augustine, FL 32080 866.895.6299 F