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Insidelocal - Advanced Onsite Local SEO Techniques - July 31st 2013
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Insidelocal - Advanced Onsite Local SEO Techniques - July 31st 2013






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  • A lot of people want to use the home page but I don’ t think its good practice once someon clicks through – they have to keep searching the site for the location.

Insidelocal - Advanced Onsite Local SEO Techniques - July 31st 2013 Insidelocal - Advanced Onsite Local SEO Techniques - July 31st 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • July 31st 2013 ‘Advanced Onsite Local SEO Techniques’
  • ‘Advanced Onsite Local SEO Techniques’ Agenda: •Single location businesses •Multi-location businesses
  • Areas covered: •Meta content, tags, images • Essential landing page elements • Critical local search signals • Correct mark-up • Content & ‘Panda’ • Google Authorship ‘Advanced Onsite Local SEO Techniques’
  • Presentations & Q&A 1. Presentations – 50 mins 2. Q&A – 40 mins – Post questions in Qu module – Please keep them ‘on topic’ – Linda will answer some by text – We’ll try to answer as many as we can – Un-answered questions posted to LSF
  • House keeping… • Webinar is being recorded • Recording available in 2-3 days • No webcam view (boo…) • Slidedeck uploaded to slideshare.net • Follow up email with all details
  • Polls running… • We are running 4 Polls during the webinar • We want to know what’s happening in your search lives • Display on your screen at various times • Fingers on buzzers…60 seconds to answer • Results posted at the end
  • About ‘InsideLocal’ • BrightLocal & Local Search Forum • Bi-weekly webinar series • Hot issues, trends & opportunities • Great content, excellent speakers • Advanced, Informative & actionable • More webinars & dates at the end
  • Speakers Matthew Hunt smallbusinessonlinecoach.com Mike Ramsey Niftymarketing.com
  • Presenters Myles Anderson BrightLocal.com Linda Buquet Localsearchforum.com
  • Single Location Optimization Matthew Hunt smallbusinessonlinecoach.com matthew@smallbusinessonlinecoach.com ‘Advanced Onsite Local SEO Techniques’
  • www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com
  • Onpage SEO isn’t calculus! www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com
  • How can a single location business rank better in Google? www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com
  • What are the ‘Basics’ for Local? •Keyword Research •Title Tag •Meta Description •Headline (H1 & H2) •Permalink (slug) •Body/Content Optimization (local mentions, NAP listed on page) •Local Markup (schema) •Review Markup •Author/Publisher Markup www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com
  • Keyword Research You gotta know what keywords to show up for, so do some research! www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com
  • Keyword Research Tools Keyword Planner From Google www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com
  • www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com Google Trends
  • Google Suggest & Google Related Terms www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com Tools to do this super fast: http://keywordresearcher.org/ http://ubersuggest.org/
  • www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com Kick-ass Free Tool: http://www.5minutesite.com/local_keywords.php - Helps make a tone of local keyword variations, perfect for Adwords campaigns, but is good for keyword research too!
  • www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com Hi Five! Now that you know what keywords you want to rank for!
  • Title Tags •Write for humans •Make it contain Keyword Target •69 characters (measured in pixels not length) •Use | or – to separate •Don’t keyword stuff www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com
  • Meta Descriptions •Has no real ranking power (except CTRs) •Write for humans, this is your chance to sell the click! •Make it contain Keyword b/c of bolding SERPs •155 characters •Don’t keyword stuff •Don’t forget about Facebook & Google+ www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com Pro Tip – Add phone number in meta and title tags b/c it makes the phone # clickable in mobile SERPs!
  • www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.co m Headlines (H1 and H2 Tags) • Write for humans, • Make it attention grabbing • Make it contain keyword you are targeting • Make it make sense to your Title Tag (good for users & Adword’s QS) • H1’s can replace the Title Tag and can be used as sitelinks in Google
  • www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.co m Headlines can create sitelink SERP title
  • Permalink Structure Ugly permalink http://bobsplumbing.com/?p=123 Pretty permalink http://bobsplumbing.com/licensed-plumber-in-toronto Note – If you change your permalinks be sure to 301 the old pages to the new structure so you don’t lose any link juice www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com
  • The Body aka – Content •Don’t keyword stuff! •Write for humans! •Use local “hooks” (i.e. local landmarks) •Use Google related terms for ideas • Try to have keyword in 1st sentence •Try to have keyword in last sentence •Have local modifiers in content •Use related terms in content www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com
  • www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com Don’t do this! Put more effort silly.
  • How to Make Location Page’s Content Unique •Keep sales message above fold •Case studies •Driving directions •Local landmarks & local businesses •Local sales rep’s bio or employee •Unique testimonial(s) •Unique photos, videos, etc •Local laws or regulations www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com
  • Local Markup – With Pin Point Accuracy! Tell Google and ALL search engines exactly where you are with schema markup: <div itemscope itemtype=”http://schema.org/Plumber”> <span itemprop=”name”>Bob’s Plumbing</span> <div itemprop=”address” itemscope itemtype=”http://schema.org/PostalAddress”> <span itemprop=”streetAddress”>123 Main Street</span> <span itemprop=”addressLocality”>Toronto</span>, <span itemprop=”addressRegion”>ONTARIO</span> <span itemprop=”postalCode”>M4J1N2</span> </div> Phone: <span itemprop=”telephone”>416-777-4545</span> <a href=”http://googlemapsurl.com” itemprop=”maps”>URL of Map</a> </div> www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com
  • Schema Review Markup Tell Google about your reviews: <div itemprop=”review” itemscope itemtype=”http://schema.org/Review”> <span itemprop=”name”>Value purchase</span> - by <span itemprop=”author”>Lucas</span>, <meta itemprop=”datePublished” content=”2011-03-25″>March 25, 2011 <div itemprop=”reviewRating” itemscope itemtype=”http://schema.org/Rating”> <meta itemprop=”worstRating” content = “1″/> <span itemprop=”ratingValue”>4</span>/ <span itemprop=”bestRating”>5</span>stars </div> Get bad boys like this: www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com Pro Tip: Run reviews to rotate on page refreshes to increase chances of review markup to show up!
  • www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.co m Where does you eye go? Author markup rocks! Do It! https://plus.google.com/authorship
  • www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com Test your mark-up with the google rich snippet testing tool. http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets
  • www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.co m Let’s Review: Contributes to rankings: •Title Tag •Meta Description •Headline (H1 & H2) •Permalink (slug) •Body/Content Optimization (have keywords in content, local mentions, etc) •Local Markup (schema or at least have NAP on the page) Contributes to higher CTRs: •Review Markup •Author/Publisher Markup
  • www.SmallBusinessOnlineCoach.com That’s all she wrote! Connect with me: https://twitter.com/smbusinesscoach http://www.smallbusinessonlinecoach.com Now you can rock it with local SEO!
  • Multi-Location Optimization Mike Ramsey Niftymarketing.com mike@niftymarketing.com ‘Advanced Onsite Local SEO Techniques’
  • @MikeRamsey
  • Onsite For @MikeRamsey
  • Microsite.com? Megasite.com? @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • Keyword Research @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • Lots of Interest @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • http://www.seerinteractive.com/blog/screaming-frog-guide @MikeRamsey
  • URL Structure www.yourbrand.com/ www.yourbrand.com/locations www.yourbrand.com/locations/state Hat Tip: Mary Bowling @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • For a Multi Location Company…. Use a Local Landing Page on your Google Places Listing Use a Local Landing Page on your Google Places Listing @MikeRamsey
  • Then Use your Home Pages OR service pages to rank organically A in MapsA in Maps Organic homepage Organic homepage @MikeRamsey
  • Title Tags + Meta Description @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • Title Tags + Meta Description SMART @MikeRamsey
  • Local @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • YES!!! @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • Website Markup @MikeRamsey
  • Test a LocationPage Test a LocationPage @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • Review @MikeRamsey
  • Review @MikeRamsey
  • It works !?!?!?!?! @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • bit.ly/localgrader @MikeRamsey
  • @MikeRamsey
  • Mike Ramsey Follow Me on Twitter @MikeRamsey @MikeRamsey
  • Questions?
  • Unanswered questions… • Post these on Local Search Forum • Speakers & Presenters will try to answer as many as possible www.localsearchforum.com/showthread.php?t=9353
  • InsideLocal: upcoming webinars • August 14th – Great sales strategies for local agencies – Laura Betterley & David Sprague • September 11th – Enhanced citation optimization – David Moceri, Myles Anderson + 1 more (tbc) • September 25th – Local Reputation Management – Don Campbell, Phil Rozek, Myles Anderson • October 9th – Google+ Local Advanced Troubleshooting – Linda Buquet + 2 more (tbc)
  • Register here… www.brightlocal.com/insidelocal www.localsearchforum.com/insideloc al-webinars
  • That’s all folks!