New Revised GRE Test Format


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A bief presentation on the test structure and format of the new revised GRE(ETS).

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  • Great post very informative for students who are preparing for GRE. check this New pattern of GRE also ite will be helpful for preparing GRE.
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New Revised GRE Test Format

  1. 1. GRE (ETS)Presented by: Talha OmerHead of Instructor Training@ BrightLink Prep www.
  2. 2. Topics We’ll Cover Today• Importance of GRE• Test Pattern & Structure• Some Preparation Tips & Strategies• Books & Websites to Refer• Getting Registered
  3. 3. Importance Of GREA means of comparing applicantsfrom diverse backgrounds
  4. 4. Importance Of GREThere are no minimum GRE score requirementsto apply to U.S. Universities , however……… MIT Stanford Caltech Cornell UIUC
  5. 5. What Does The GRE Test? The GRE not only tests the application of what you already know but also how you think, under stressful and timed test conditions.
  6. 6. What Does The GRE Test?Example:How many quadrilaterals can be found from joining the vertices of a heptagon? Canyou please provide me with a formula that will work for all polygons?A) 72B) 36C) 25D) 35E) 120 Basic Concept Tested??? Combinations & Permutations
  7. 7. GRE Test Format Total Time: 3 Hrs 40 Min
  8. 8. GRE Test Features An on-screen calculator for the Quantitative Reasoning section The ability to change/edit answers within a section Preview and review capabilities within a section
  9. 9. Analytical Writing “Issue Essay” “Argument Essay” What is An opinion on an issue of A poorly reasoned, unconvincing argument given? general interest. relies on questionable assumptions and logic. • Evaluate the issue and • Analyze the evidence, and criticize the What either agree or disagree. reasoning used. to do? • Support your views with • State its flaws & describe each of its major reasons and examples. problems. These 2 tasks compliment one another.
  10. 10. Analytical WritingEvaluation Criteria • A clear point of view. • Structuring i.e. paragraphs, introduction, conclusion. • Support for the given point of view. • Spelling, grammar.*
  11. 11. Verbal Reasoning “Sentence “Text Completion” “Reading Comprehension” Equivalence” • Passage composed • A single sentence • A short passage (1-4What is of 1 to 5 sentences with 1 blank paragraphs long).given? • 1 to 3 blanks • 6 answer choices • 1-6 questions per passage. Fill each blank from 3 Requires you to Locate answers to theWhat answer choices per select 2 of the questions from the shortto do? blank (5 if single answer choices. passage. blank). • Vocabulary • Vocabulary Vocabulary, SummarizingSkills • Ability to read • Ability to complete Drawing conclusions &Tested context clues in the a sentence based on inferences, Identifying sentence partial information. assumptions, findings & facts
  12. 12. Quantitative Reasoning “Problem “Data Analysis” “Quant Comparison” Solving”Areas/Skills Basic Intermediate level: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry & Data Manipulation.Tested? • A graph or chart. A math • 5-choice MCQ’s • A problem with 2 statements,What is problem and • Calculate a numerical in 2 columns A and Bgiven? five potential answer • 4 choices: A > B, A < B, A = B, answers. • Select all correct answers Cannot be determined from a list of up to 7 choices.
  13. 13. Scoring - Overview Computer Adaptive Testing (Section Adaptive) Sample Score Card GENERAL TEST Verbal Quantitative Analytical Writing SCORE % BELOW SCORE % BELOW SCORE % BELOW 153 63 167 95 4.5 72 Valid for 5 Years
  14. 14. Scoring - How is the test scored?Verbal & Quantitative Analytical Writing SectionSections1) Raw Score (0-40) 1) Two Trained Readers assign (0-6)2) Scaled Score (130-170) 2) If variation > 1 then decided by 3rd reader3) Percentiles (1% - 99%) 3) Otherwise scores are averaged No Negative Grading
  15. 15. Some Preparation Tips & Strategies
  16. 16. How to Register?Fee: $ 190 Freq: 10-12 times/month 1 Bank Draft “United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan” 2 Credit card for online, phone, mail or fax. 3 Valid Passport to register. NIC NOT accepted
  17. 17. Important Links & BooksTo Register: Test: practice%20general%20test.pdfMore details on Pattern etc:Vocabulary Cracking the Gre, 2012 (Princeton Review) Barrons New GRE with CD-ROM, 19th Edition (Barrons Gre)
  18. 18.