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Plone A Content Management System Chitra Mohla
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Plone A Content Management System Chitra Mohla


Plone A Content Management System Chitra Mohla

Plone A Content Management System Chitra Mohla

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Plone A Content Management System
  • 2. Agenda
    • The issue
    • What is Plone?
    • Why Plone?
    • What can Plone do?
    • NCI-DCEG Experience
    • What is the cost?
    • Who is using Plone?
    • Books
  • 3. The Issue
    • Large studies that involve multiple disciplines, centers and investigators
    • Goal: to communicate more rapidly with more people
    • Solution: Collaboration Portals using Plone
  • 4. What is Plone?
    • Open source content management system (CMS)
    • Freely downloadable software under a general public license (GPL) - No license fee required - Download from http://plone.org
    • Plone is standard - follows standards for usability and accessibility; compliant with WAI-AAA & US Section 508
    • Widely tested in browsers on multiple platforms
  • 5. Why Plone?
    • Content Management features:
    • Access via standard Web browsers
    • WYSIWYG editing interface
    • Tools to create/control basic HTML features, including tables, font, form elements, image insertion
    • Support for multilingual content
    • Integration of content or documents produced through other Web authoring applications (e.g., Dreamweaver)
  • 6. Why Plone? (2)
    • Workflow tool - allows for editorial approval before publication
    • Searching - fast, full-text searching
    • Comes with Dublin core metadata standards
    • 100+ add-on products - most are open source
  • 7. NCI-DCEG Experience
    • Collaboration portal features:
    • - group distribution lists
    • - message board - calendar with the capacity to embed meeting agendas and minutes
    • - serves as a repository for many essential documents, such as protocols and published papers - allows roles to be assigned to users
    • example: manager, reviewer or member
  • 8. NCI-DCEG Experience
    • Intranet using Plone
    • Pros: - Site administrators add content - Easy to keep content updated - Encourages content production - Leads to more people using the intranet actively - Strong focus on end-user usability - Most users need minimal training
    • Cons: - Customer support is weaker than for commercial products - Security is complex - Content publishing is harder without knowledge of HTML
  • 9. What was the cost?
    • Require a server – Unix, Windows or Solaris
    • Two weeks of programmer time that included: - requirements analysis - set up of the server - set up of a template portal site - training of users
    • The approximate cost was $10,000 (excluding the cost of the server)
  • 10. Who Uses Plone?
    • Oxfam America - http://www.oxfamamerica.org/
    • United Nations http://www.undp.org/
    • NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/
    • NASA’s Mars Rover Website http://mars.telascience.org/home
  • 11. Try Plone
    • A Plone demonstration site is available at:
    • http://demo.plone.org
  • 12. Books
    • Definitive Guide to Plone Andy McKay, APress
    • Building Websites with Plone Cameron Cooper, Packt Publishing
    • Plone Live Michel Pelletier, Munwar Shariff, Sourcebeat
    • Plone Content Management Essentials Julie C. Meloni, SAMS