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Erp Peoplesoft Functionality Of Crm Software

Erp Peoplesoft Functionality Of Crm Software



Erp Peoplesoft Functionality Of Crm Software

Erp Peoplesoft Functionality Of Crm Software



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    Erp Peoplesoft Functionality Of Crm Software Erp Peoplesoft Functionality Of Crm Software Presentation Transcript

    • Functionality of CRM Software Definition of CRM Objectives of CRM Functionality of CRM Software - Overview Functionality of CRM Software - Examples
    • Definition of CRM Customer Relationship Management (CRM) • is a customer-focused business strategy • aims at maximizing profit by increasing customer retention and value • by viewing selling not as a one-time transaction, but as a long-term, relationship-driven, cross-functional task targeted and individual communication with the customer customer-centric business processes supported by CRM Software (for company-wide integration of customer data) 2
    • Definition of CRM Operational versus Analytical CRM Operational CRM Analytical CRM • Software Support for business processes • Analysis of customer-related data that include customer contact (gathered by Operational CRM) • Workflow Management • Segmentation of Customers • provides employees with the • targeted Communication with customers, customer-related data he needs identifying: • integrates with MS Office, E-Mail-Client, Legacy System, Document Management • Cross- and Up-Selling Potential • documents activities with customers • Customers likely to quit 3
    • Objectives of CRM Engage Transact Fulfil Service increase margin by comparing current customers with major objective market potential, strategical selection of customers of CRM reduce customer churn rate by identification of minor objective customers which are likely to quit of CRM Analytical CRM increase sales per customer by cross- and up-selling higher customer satisfaction by Relationship Management targeted to customer groups or on a one to one basis higher customer satisfaction by improved quality of contacts (process reliability, availability of information on customer) Operational cost savings by cross-functional integration of processes and process support CRM Source: cost savings by deeper integration of communication Nienhaus, J., Steinmann, S., Ben-Artzy, A., with customers with company-internal processes „Die richtige CRM Software finden“, new management, Nr. 04/2002, S. 64-69 4
    • Functionality of CRM Software - Overview Task Document is documented in has to fulfil WWW, Visit, Call Product Activity Sales Opportunity, Letter, E-Mail, Support Enquiry takes part in Fax takes part in has contains Employee is responsible for Customer or Team organizes receives takes part in Mailing contains Brochure, Event Gift, Publication organizes 5
    • Functionality of CRM Software - Overview covered by … % for details of CRM Systems see page(s) Employee Teams 80% Responsibility for Customer’s Company 60% Responsibility for Customer’s Employee (Combined Contact) 20% 10 Responsibility for Activities (Tasks and To-dos) 100% 24 Customer Contacts 100% 11, 18 Contact History 20% Notes on Contacts 100% Relationship Contacts <-> Internal Units 20% Group Structure Chart (by geography, by legal structure) 20% 9 6
    • Functionality of CRM Software - Overview CRM Functionality covered by CMS covered by … % for details of CRM Systems see page(s) Product List of Products owned by Customer 60% Configuration of Product 20% Sales Opportunities 80% 16, 19 Sales Pipeline 40% Sales Forecasting 80% 22 Activity History of Activities per Contact 60% Notes on Activities 80% Events 100% Marketing Campaigns 60% Mailings (Distribution of Gifts, Publications, et cetera) 100% 14 7
    • Functionality of CRM Software - Overview CRM Functionality covered by CMS covered by … % for details of CRM Systems see page(s) Documents Templates for Correspondence (Email, Letter, Fax) 60% 17, 27 History of Documents sent to a Customer (Email, Letter, Fax) 40% 17 Automated Fulfillment of Literature Requests per Fax and Email 60% 28 Attachments to Contacts 80% Attachments to Activities 60% Attachments to Sales Opportunities 40% 15 Other Integration with Telephone (CTI, Call Center) 20% Integration with Fax 60% Integration with E-Mail-Client 80% 26 Integration with Employee Portal 40% 11, 29 Integration with Customer Portal 40% 12 8
    • Functionality of CMS Partner Overview: Group Relationships Group relationship chart See further subsidiaries of the company See further groups the company belongs to Group Company 9
    • Functionality of CMS Partner Overview: Combined Contacts Type of relationship • reserved: contact at client Contact person at Contact person and is exclusively served by client division responsible one contact at Swiss Re for client at Swiss Re • coordination needed contact at client is served by multiple employees • inform/feedback: contact at Swiss Re is informed before and given feedback after activity with client 10
    • Functionality of Onyx 2000 Employee portal: View on a Customer Contacts • external (Customers) • internal (Colleagues) Searching • Companies • Contacts Navigation Customer’s Company • Primary Contact (see right) Detailed Customer Information (1:n) • Main Address • Sales Opportunities • Support activities • Tasks • Web Site’s URL • Service • other Touches 11
    • Functionality of Onyx 2000 Integration of Customer Portal, Example 1: Customer RFP Customer states interest in product Customer manager edits Request is routed to a Customer sales opportunity created manager, e-mail is placed in his inbox automatically from web form 12
    • Functionality of Onyx 2000 Integration of Customer Portal, Example 2: Web Self Help Customer initiates support request Support technician answers request Support request is routed to a support and leaves a note for his colleagues: technician, e-mail is placed in his inbox Fifth call with this error 13
    • Functionality of Onyx 2000 Distribution Management, Example: e-Mail-Marketing Criteria available Query for query, e.g.: • AND-relation • Country Code among lines • Sales Region • OR-relation • Market Share among blocks • ... Resulting List, manually editable 14
    • Functionality of Siebel Sales Document Management: Attachments, View and Tab Bar concept View bar Tab bar Files can be attached to • Opportunities • Accounts • Contacts • Activities 15
    • Functionality of Siebel Sales Sales Opportunities, Combination of Form and List View Detailed form view on one Opportunity: • Name • Description • Sales Stage • Account (Group) • Revenue • Close Date • Probability Revenue and Probability can be used for sales forecasting Attachments to the No interface to Opportunity (Notes product data and Documents) 16
    • Functionality of Siebel Sales Correspondence: Integration with MS Word List of recent Correspondence Templates are created in MS Word, dragged from Explorer and dropped into Siebel Sales Correspondence is created by picking a tem- plate and editing it with MS Word Recipients • Single (Contact/Create Correspondence) • Multiple (List based on a query) 17
    • Functionality of Sales.Oracle.com List of Contacts Filter list of con- tacts by a query based on • Company he works for • Department he Quick search for belongs to • Opportunities • Location of the • Customers site he works at (Company) • Responsibility • Contacts • Decision Maker (Person) or not • Calendar • etc. entries Filters can be • Information on saved for later use Clicking a hyperlink leads to Companies detailed information about: (Hoover’s) • Contact • Customer • Site the Contact is working at (route planner & road map is planned) 18
    • Functionality of Sales.Oracle.com List of Sales Opportunities Description of Opportunity and its stage in Sales Process, data necessary for forecasting (win probability, close date, possible revenue) Data needing to be updated frequently can be changed in list as well as in form view (this is list view, for form view see next page) 19
    • Functionality of Sales.Oracle.com Details of Sales Opportunities (Screen 1 of 2) Opportunities based on Products instead of Product Categories only are planned Links to Attachments and ToDos associated to the Opportunity 20
    • Functionality of Sales.Oracle.com Details of Sales Opportunities (Screen 2 of 2) Indicator for progress in the Sales Process (10 means “won”) Members of the Sales Team working on the opportunity can leave notes for Contact(s) at Client each other who are involved in the opportunity can be chosen from global Contact database or are entered manually Sales Team res- ponsible for the opportunity 21
    • Functionality of Sales.Oracle.com Sales Forecast Sales Group Manager’s Worst-, Expected and Best-Case Forecast based on weighted and total opportunities Sum of possible revenue from opportunities and weighted sum (revenue multiplied by probability) 22
    • Functionality of Goldmine 5.5 User Interface: Customizable Toolbar Sets Basic Standard Advanced 23
    • Functionality of Goldmine 5.5 Work basket: Classification of Tasks Display subsets of Activities • tasks to do • tasks completed • e-Mails • phone calls All tasks (“Open • events Activities”): • e-Mails to write • phone calls to Right-Click-Menu: make Choose Date Range of Activities • sales to forecast shown (e.g.: all, today, this week, • … next seven days) Files can be at- tached to activities depending on their type (e.g. e-Mails, literature requests) 24
    • Functionality of Goldmine 5.5 List Management: Integration with Contact Management Contact Context: Multiple Contacts can be selected by holding CTRL down. Selection can be added to a list (“group” in terms of Goldmine) by Group Building Wizard (Wizard similar to CMS) 25
    • Functionality of Goldmine 5.5 e-Mail Communication: Integration with e-Mail-Clients Option : Reading e-Mails on Server by IMAP-Protocol: e-Mails are left on Server for use in further applications (Lotus Notes, MS Outlook) Option : Contacts, e-Mails, tasks, calendar and folder structure is synchronized with MS Outlook: Everything available there is also available in Goldmine and vice versa 26
    • Functionality of Goldmine 5.5 e-Mail Communication: e-Mail Templates Current Contact e-Mail template is Contact (and created Contact Manager) information is merged with e-Mail template 27
    • Functionality of Goldmine 5.5 Literature Fulfillment: Automation of Literature Shipping Current Contact Literature Sending literature to a Fulfillment Center: contact or a group of • list of available contacts by mail or by literature fax is scheduled • history of literature that has been sent 28
    • Functionality of Peoplesoft 8 CRM Employee Portal (Screen 1 of 3): High Density of Information Current Contact Employees can customize content and layout Individual WorkList Search for clients (Todos created by employee) and Outbound Todos (part of workflow) Information on employee’s compensation (payroll, health care, expenses) 29
    • Functionality of Peoplesoft 8 CRM Employee Portal (Screen 2 of 3): Recent Customer Activities General activities, information on • contact at client involved • date of activity • its type (phone call, mail, e- mail, web form) • subject Products sold to Client Support Cases, current status of case (new, open, completed) Request for Manufacturing Authorization (RMA) - Managing Product returns 30
    • Functionality of Peoplesoft 8 CRM Employee Portal (Screen 3 of 3): Opportunity Pipeline and Lead Overview Three “hottest” leads assigned to employee Possible revenue from Sales Opportunities in Pipeline, classified by Sales Stage 31
    • Questions? • Visit our Website: http://www.lim.ethz.ch/crm • Contact us: Jörg Nienhaus, Joerg.Nienhaus@ethz.ch, +41-1-6320523 Dr. Adrian Specker, Adrian.Specker@ethz.ch, +41-1-6320529 32