Extend your CMS Investment to Video Content


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  • SP2010 = http://brightcove.vmldev.com/BrightcoveVideoCloudIntegration/Demo/Default.aspx (VMLSP2010T01\\bvcwrite1 | Password123!) Ektron = http://ekovision.ektdemo.com/brightcove.aspx (Shiri | Shiri) Drupal = http://solutions.brightcove.com/drupal/ (admin | bcdrup4l) CQ5 = http://cq.demo.coresecure.com:4504/libs/cq/core/content/login.html?resource=/cf#/content/geometrixx/en/products/triangle.html (admin | publicdemo2011) Wordpress = http://solutions.brightcove.com/wordpress/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http://solutions.brightcove.com/wordpress/wp-admin/&reauth=1 (admin | bcw0rdpr3zz!) Sitecore = ?
  • Extend your CMS Investment to Video Content

    1. 1. Extend your CMS Investment to Video ContentJosef Nguyen, North America Solutions Engineer
    2. 2. AgendaChallengesBenefitsExamplesAPIsDemosQ&A2 | Confidential © 2013 Brightcove Inc.
    3. 3. By integrating video into CMS, organizations candraw on their full range of content creation,management, and optimization tools tomake video a seamless and highly effective part ofthe online experiences they deliver resulting in asolution that delivers powerful value - from moreefficient and accurate workflows to greater insightand control over the customer experience - helpingincrease business value and ROI.
    4. 4. Challenges
    5. 5. Challenges In Managing Video Alongside other Content TypesDefault video player Lack of customization/styling No high quality ingestion and transcoding Embedding of YouTube videos not an adequate professional solutionLimited capabilities Social sharing Mobile optimization Embedding and support for JS object code5 | Confidential © 2013 Brightcove Inc.
    6. 6. Benefits
    7. 7. BENEFITS OF A CMS-OVP INTEGRATIONImproved workflow No toggling between separate systems Leverage full functionality of CMS for video assetsUnified analytics Insight of video strategy in terms of video duration, location, content, etc. Insight into the role and effectiveness of video within the site as a whole7 | Confidential © 2013 Brightcove Inc.
    8. 8. BENEFITS OF A CMS-OVP INTEGRATIONCross-content search Include video content with all other content typesGranular permissions Apply same rules for accessing, editing, and publishing for each user type8 | Confidential © 2013 Brightcove Inc.
    9. 9. Examples
    10. 10. Drupal A leading open source CMS based on PHP, Drupal is used to publish more than 2% of all websites around the world. Working with leading Drupal developer Acquia, Brightcove has provided an integration for Drupal that allows users to: Browse videos from Video Cloud directly in Drupal and search them by name or tags Upload videos from a Drupal site to a Video Cloud account Bring Video Cloud player metadata into the Drupal Views module, including play counts, creation dates, and keywords, to generate comprehensive, customized reports and summaries10 | Confidential © 2013 Brightcove Inc.
    11. 11. Microsoft sharepoint 2010 Brightcove worked with VML, one of the world’s leading digital marketing agencies, to build an integration for the SharePoint .Net platform that is now available on an open source basis. • Upload videos • Browse for Video Cloud media and playlists • Search for Video Cloud media • Preview and play videos within SharePoint • Create, view, edit, publish, and play Video Cloud playlists • View and edit metadata information for videos11 | Confidential © 2013 Brightcove Inc.
    12. 12. SITECORE Sitecore, a .NET developer, worked with Agency Oasis to build a Brightcove integration for its CMS product, making it easy for users to upload video to Video Cloud and publish assets to their websites. • Sync Video Cloud videos, playlists, and keyword tags into Sitecore • Embed videos as modal video content or sub-layouts • Upload new videos via custom interface in the Sitecore content tree • Search video titles and metadata via custom Sitecore search interface • Preview Video Cloud video content in Sitecore before publishing12 | Confidential © 2013 Brightcove Inc.
    13. 13. Ektron Ektron built a Brightcove Video Cloud widget that leverages their WYSIWYG page builder functionality for easy publishing of compelling video content. • Upload videos • Browse for Video Cloud media and playlists • Search for Video Cloud media • Preview and play videos within Ektron • View and edit metadata information for videos • Easily drop videos onto the page, via WYSIWYG editor13 | Confidential © 2013 Brightcove Inc.
    14. 14. Wordpress Wordpress, one of the most widely used CMS in the world, has a Video Cloud plugin. The opensource code provides a turn-key way to drop video into a WordPress powered site, or organizations can customize the code according to their workflow needs. • Leverage the WordPress plugin model for ease of installation and use • Search video titles and metadata in WP UI • Embed videos easily and quickly • Preview Video Cloud video content in WordPress before publishing14 | Confidential © 2013 Brightcove Inc.
    15. 15. APIs
    16. 16. Brightcove Write Media API• Utilize the write APIs to upload and update content using REST based APIs – create_video (playlist) – update_video (playlist) – delete_video (playlist) – share_video – add_image http://docs.brightcove.com/en/media/reference.html 16 | Confidential © 2013 Brightcove Inc.
    17. 17. Brightcove Read Media API• Read APIs for accessing the content and metadata in your Brightcove account – JSON response – find_video(s)_by_id(s) – search_videos • display_name • reference_ids • Search_text • tag • custom_fields http://docs.brightcove.com/en/media/reference.html 17 | Confidential © 2013 Brightcove Inc.
    18. 18. Brightcove Media API Wrappers• Media API Wrappers (MAPI) available on OpenSource for: – PHP – .NET – JAVA – Ruby – ColdFusion 18 | Confidential © 2013 Brightcove Inc.
    19. 19. Brightcove Media API Integration example• Sample API Call – http://api.brightcove.com/services/library? command=search_videos&video_fields=id,name,shortDescription,tags&page_number=0&get_item_count=tru e&token=ZY4Ls9Hq6LCBgleGDTaFRDLWWBC8uoXQun0xEEXtlDUHBDPZBCOzbw..• Excerpt of API Integration with Ektron 19 | Confidential © 2013 Brightcove Inc.
    20. 20. Demo
    21. 21. CMS Demo• Sharepoint 2010• Ektron• Drupal• CQ5• Wordpress• Sitecore 21 | Confidential © 2013 Brightcove Inc.
    22. 22. Q&A
    23. 23. Next Steps: Whitepapers and Follow-Up Docs
    24. 24. Thank you