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  • Rise in live streaming
  • The current live encoding looks something like this. An encoder takes in a raw feed at the venue or broadcast center and encodes streams in multiple formats and bitrates. The streams are then sent over a broadband connection to a CDN for delivery.
  • There are big challenges associated with this way of doing things.  Encoding is a CPU bound process.  This means that as you add more bitrates and streams, you will run out of capacity, and you will have to add more encoders.  This requires great upfront capex, and operational expertise, both of which make it difficult to scale, as indicated in the diagram.
  • Moreover, delivering multiple formats in multiple renditions requires a lot of bandwidth.  This can be expensive, and can limit the venues from which live events are broadcast.  It’s also essential to keep in mind that the encoder scalability and bandwidth problems are exacerbated by having multiple simultaneous events, or multiple camera angles from a single event, or both!
  • Users connect to the Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding service with an application via the API.  You also need a lightweight encoder on site that can output an RTMP feed.  This could be as simple as the free Flash Media Live Encoder, or something with a little more heft, like WireCast. The application makes a call to the Zencoder service and the Zencoder service returns a URL, to which an RTMP feed will be published, along with a stream name.The URL and Stream Name are plugged into the encoder, and the RTMP feed is published to the Zencoder service. The Zencoder service then does the heavy lifting, transcoding a single RTMP feed into HLS and RTMP output formats, and in as many bitrates as desired.
  • Compared to the old way of doing things, with this architecture it’s cheap and easy to scale your on-site encoder.
  • And because you only need to publish one RTMP stream to the cloud there are no bandwidth bottlenecks at the point of origin.  Together this means less capex, and more flexibility with your live events.
  • The service scales up and down seamlessly, so you never hit capacity or pay for idle processing power.
  • A centralized facility with established encoding infrastructure can realize bandwidth savings by encoding in the cloud, and quickly iterate applications and adapt to new formats and devices. Examples include a broadcast head end, a data center, a newsroom, etc.
  • A highly decentralized architecture is very challenging and expensive without cloud transcoding. Not only does it benefit from a significantly lighter technology stack, but also enables totally new set of live streaming use cases. New content services can aggregate live streams from disparate sources for playback within an application. Examples include live user generated content, services that aggregate sports programming from highschools and colleges, multi-stage concerts, and field reporters for news organizations.
  • At the heart of the new Live products that we are launching, is this mission – 1) enable our customers to stream more live events by minimizing the cost and the operational complexity, and 2) enable our customers to reach a broader audience.On the next 2 slides, we have a diagram that should look very familiar to everyone …
  • NBC / Universal Sports Access to dozens of sporting events, both live and on demand: cycling, swimming, soccer, rugby, Olympic trials, etc. Some content available for free Some content requires TVE authentication via Adobe pass Some requires users to sign-in and pay
  • Hugo Boss Beijing Fashion Show with live and on-demand content available on their website, on Facebook and YouTube. All video content was available in 3D (with 2D option) It was a PR hit, generated active participation among fans and fashionistas. Limited edition glasses were made available in store locations around the world with a time stap for local access to live streams.
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    • 1. Brightcove Live SolutionsChris Little & John Riske
    • 2. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.2013: THE YEAR OF LIVE VIDEO2 | Confidential
    • 3. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.Why?Innovations in cloud software enable video publishersof all types and sizes to stream live events more efficientlyand at a fraction of the cost than in previous years.Record-sized online audiences have tuned in for liveevents like the Olympics, Oscars, and the Superbowl –publishers are finding new content generationopportunities with live video.According to comScore online video viewers showincreased engagement and longer viewing times whilewatching live video versus on-demand video.3 | Confidential
    • 4. LIVE VIDEO IS BECOMING MAINSTREAMLive content watched via Internet(i.e. sports, news, TV programs)Source — Accenture Video Solutions Survey 2013
    • 5. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.BENEFITS OF STREAMING LIVE VIDEOAvoid stale content - Keep it fresh: A healthy mix oflive and on-demand content is a great way to keep yourvisitors engaged and coming back for more.Opens up new monetization opportunities:Embracing live video can enable new ways to providecontextual merchandising, sponsorships, and othercreative monetization strategies.Increased social activity: When live events are sharedthey naturally compel viewers to “act now to watch live!”- and it’s a lot less likely that they will postpone the call-to-action and forget to come back later.More time on site: Presents an opportunity to cross-promote other content to new and returning visitors.5 | Confidential
    • 6. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.6 | ConfidentialSCALING LIVE STREAMING OPERATIONS
    • 7. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.THE OLD WAY7 | Confidential
    • 8. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.THE OLD WAY8 | Confidential
    • 9. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.THE OLD WAY9 | Confidential
    • 10. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.THE NEW WAY10 | Confidential
    • 11. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.THE NEW WAY11 | Confidential
    • 12. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.THE NEW WAY12 | Confidential
    • 13. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.THE NEW WAY13 | Confidential
    • 14. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.14 | ConfidentialPLANNING YOUR NEXT LIVE EVENT? YOU HAVE OPTIONS…The Hardware Approach:
    • 15. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.15 | ConfidentialPLANNING YOUR NEXT LIVE EVENT? YOU HAVE OPTIONS…Live Cloud Transcoding:
    • 16. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.BRIGHTCOVE LIVE SOLUTIONS16 | ConfidentialZencoder Live CloudTranscoding APIVideo Cloud Live ModuleLive Events SupportExtensibility for custom livestreaming workflows.Start streaming immediately.No development required.Resolve issues quicklyduring live events.Support - Outstanding team of experts- Thousands of hours experience- Have confidence that your event will be successful
    • 17. Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding API17 | Confidential
    • 18. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.ZENCODER LIVE CLOUD TRANSCODING SERVICEIntegrate live video into any application viasimple APIStream video to multiple devices from a singleRTMP origin streamTranscode and package in the cloud for instantoperational scaleMinimize uplink bandwidth requirements from sourceTranscode to adaptive bitrate RTMP and HLS outputs
    • 19. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.USE CASES: CENTRALIZED19 | Confidential
    • 20. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.USE CASES: DECENTRALIZED20 | Confidential
    • 21. Video Cloud Live
    • 22. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.VIDEO CLOUD LIVEQuickly Launch and Manage Live EventsSimple, intuitive UI for non-technical users.Featuring a central dashboard to launch alive event in a few clicks or browse on-air,queued, or archived footage.Adaptive Multi-Bitrate StreamingChoose pre-defined SD & HD renditionsets or customize your own. Dynamicallyadapts to a user’s specific screen size andnetwork conditions.On-Demand PlaybackSeamlessly save each live event to theVideo Cloud Media Module for on-demandplayback.22 | Confidential
    • 23. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.VIDEO CLOUD LIVE23 | ConfidentialReach Audiences EverywhereDeliver RTMP and HLS simultaneously forplayback on the web and mobile devicesincluding iPad, iPhone, and Android.MonetizationUsing custom players created in the Video CloudPublishing module, monetize your content withpre-roll advertising and sponsorship bumpers orwatermarks.Real-Time Analytics & Quality MonitoringView active/total viewers and monitor any errorsin real-time directly fro the dashboard oralongside on-demand assets in the AnalyticsModule.
    • 24. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.WHAT ARE PUBLISHERS STREAMING LIVE?24 | ConfidentialConferencesFaith-based EventsAwards Ceremonies Product LaunchesCompany MeetingsInvestor RelationsBreaking NewsCompetitionsPress EventsTrainingMix of Media &Marketing Use Cases
    • 25. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.26 | Confidential
    • 26. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.27
    • 27. © 2013 Brightcove Inc.YOU’VE GOT THE LIGHTS AND CAMERA, IT’S TIME FOR ACTIONThe appetite for internal and external live video is exploding across a wide variety ofindustriesIt is opening up new monetization and audience engagement opportunitiesYou can reach your audience anywhere- on the Web, Connected TV, iPhone, iPadand other mobile devicesLeveraging the cloud makes it much more cost-effective and reliable than priorhardware-based methods28 | Confidential
    • 28. Questions?29 | ConfidentialVideo Cloud Live – Quick Start Guide: Live Cloud Transcoding API: