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  1. 1. Shatteredby: Paul Langan
  2. 2. Characters and Descriptions:(main character)Darcy Wills- A 19 year old Junior at Bluford HighSchool that is having problems in the family,trust and friendship areaBrisana Meeks- An ex-best friend of Darcy that is trying to get Darcyto open her eyes about her former boyfriend Hakeem(main character)Tara Carson- Trying not to be in the middle of her twofriends relationship and secrets but eventually get dragged inbecause of the secrets(main character)Cooper- Friend of Tara,Darcy and Hakeem that alsoknows Hakeems secret but not Darcys(main character)Hakeem- Darcys ex-boyfriend that is also keeping asecret from DarcyMattie Wills- Pregnant and struggling to have money for the family tolive off ofJohn Wills- Left his family for 5 years and now he has came back sofar it has been a year,he started back drinking and is also strugglingto provide for his family with the baby on the wayJamee Wills- The only one Darcy can come talk to and the only onewho knows how Darcy feels about the family issues(main character)Brian- Came close to rapping Darcy at the beginningof the summer
  3. 3. Why did Paul Langan name the title of this book Shattered?● Paul Langan named the title of this book Shattered because everyones life and world is practically destroyed and messed up because of all the problems that goes on through out the whole book.
  4. 4. Summary of the book: Shattered is about a high school junior named Darcy Wills. Darcy is experiencing somemajor drama in her life like her grandmother died, her mom is pregnant,her dad came back intoher and her families life after 5 years leaving her mother struggling to pay bills and keep food onthe table for her and her sister Jamee, Hakeem coming back and secrets being kept and untoldto protect peoples feelings and opinions. At home, her mother and father are fighting over not being able to pay the bills and concernover a new baby on the way, and Darcy suspects her father has started drinking again. On top othat, Darcys former boyfriend, Hakeem, who had moved to Detroit at the start of the summer,has returned to live with his best friend Coop but is apparently hiding something from Darcy. Atthe same time, Darcy is haunted by the fact she was nearly raped and hasnt told anyone aboutit. But that was before her dad walked in just in time before Brian tried anything on his couch.Hakeem is nervous on how Darcy will take his secret of kissing another girl while he was away inDetroit. On the first day of Hakeems arrival Tara,Cooper and Darcy went to Nikos to have pizzawith Hakeem. Darcy noticed almost everything new and old about him like the fact when he isnerves he doesnt look you in the eyes and he stutters. So automatically Darcy knew somethingwas wrong with Hakeem and she was gonna find out. When Hakeem and Coop went to get theorder of pizza Darcy asked Tara what was up with Hakeem and Tara simply said “ Ask himcause I dont want to be in the middle of you two arguments so leave me out of it” and Darcy jusbrushed it off until next time.
  5. 5. At home nothing was different other than the fact that Darcy is finding more and more beerbottles from her dad. The next morning was the day that Darcy was going to confront Hakeemabout himself. During lunch time Darcy was thinking of a way to approach Hakeem beforeBrisana Darcys old best bud came and told her what she saw. Brisana asked Darcy did sheknow Hakeem was back and she had seen him in the mall with another girl. But Darcy only toldher “Why would I believe you cause you always spreading rumors bout somebody that ain’ttrue like the one about Tara”. Brisana just said “Okay I see how it is but when you find out thetruth dont come looking for me for that shoulder to cry on cause I warned you and you being tostubborn to listen”.Darcy said to her “Oh I wont so dont look forward to it” and walked out thecafeteria. After school Darcy stood at the bottom of the school stairs waiting for Hakeem. Whenshe look up she seen a girl walking up hugging on Hakeem and after that she walked over toTara and Coop to see why this girl was hugging on Hakeem. Tara and Coop said ask him butshe didnt she went crazy and thought Hakeem was cheating and Tara was hiding a hugesecret from her but Tara only said “It wasnt my place to tell and he not the only one who has asecret”. So after that Darcy walked away and didnt talk to her ex-friends for 1 week. Until Taragave a note to Darcy that she got from Hakeem that said “Darcy meet me after school at thepark to talk Ill explain everything,I promise, me and that girl had nothing going on”. Darcy readthe message over and over again to decide but eventually it was the end of the day andHakeem was waiting for her answer, so she just went to the park to let him explain and shareher own secret.
  6. 6. When at the park Hakeem explained everything and Darcy finally felt bad. Now it was herturn,she told Hakeem and he went nuts!.He left with a “I have to go home Ill catch you laterDarcy”.Darcy knew it was a bad idea but she had to tell him one day and that one day wastoday. She told herself that day before leaving the park she will apologize to Tara and Coop butnot now she had to get home. When she got home her mom was on her way to work and shesaid to Jamee and her “Your dad will be home in a little,they have left over in the fridge: withthat she left. 15 minutes later she got a phone call and it was Tara explaining to Darcy thatCoop and Hakeem are going after Brian. After that phone call Darcy ran out the house all theway to Brians house. By the time she got there they where fighting and she had to break it upbecause it was starting to look and get bad. She separated Hakeem from Brian while Coopwatched their backs calmed Hakeem down and left. When she got back home dad still haventmade it home yet and Jamee got a call from their moms job that she hurt her back. Whengetting ready to leave their dad pulled up and Jamee was furious so as Darcy. They asked theirdad where have he been cause their mom needed to get home because of a back injury but hejust said “I’ll tell you as a family”and that he did. When they got back home he told them the badnews and the good news. The bad news was he started drinking again and the good news washe was going to therapy for it. Later on that night while Darcy was in her room she heard somenoise outside and looked down to see who it was. It was her dad emptying beer bottles from hiscooler. And Darcy thanked her Grandma all the way from heaven with a saying “Some timesthe worst things are blessings in disguise”.After that she went to a slumber sleep.
  7. 7. Shattered video link:watch-v=l0v2dqzGWkE&feature=player_detailpage -生 活的 Family + love + friendship= A life 人生 ● worth living 价值 By:Kaliesha Porter ●09/09/12 (5 hour) book th report
  8. 8. The End