What God Gives Us!!!
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What God Gives Us!!!



What God Gives Us!!!

What God Gives Us!!!



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What God Gives Us!!! What God Gives Us!!! Presentation Transcript

  • What God Gives Us
  • In every human’s life there comeups and downs. We do not remain in the same situation, mood orcondition. If there is happiness, itwill lead to sorrow. When there is sorrow, it will lead to happiness.
  • What to do or think when things arereally down? When things are down,you can slow down your fast life, turn to religion and towards God.
  • In today’s life it happens sometimes really. Sometimes weask from God. Do yousee how God gives you what you ask for.
  • You may not get the exact thing you ask. You must help yourselffirst. A wise man asked for some needs, God blessed him but in a different way.
  • I asked for Strength And God gave me difficulties to make me strong.
  • I asked for wisdom And God gave me problems to solve.
  • I asked for prosperityAnd God gave me a brain and brawn to work.
  • I asked for courage And God gave me obstacles to overcome.
  • I asked for loveAnd God gave metroubled people to help.
  • I asked for favorAnd God gave me opportunities.
  • I received nothing I wanted But I received everything I needed. Yes, I must help myself first!!!
  • When you are out of your mind, Just RememberConsciousness is The Kind.
  • When your life is in darkness And nothing is right Just Remember Through the darkness, Gratitude is The Light.
  • When nothing makes sense. And yourheading for demise. Just Remember itdoesn’t make sense, but your PositiveAttitude is The Wise.
  • When times are troubled And no one seems to careJust Remember, your Goodness won’t hurt you, it is The Fair.
  • When your heart is breakingAnd your pain makes you fall Just Remember, your Forgiveness sees it all.
  • When you are weak And the road seems longJust Remember, Seek strength from The Strong.
  • When life is a burdenAnd everything is unstable Just Remember, your Willpower is The Able.
  • When the way is cloudyAnd there is no one by your side Just Remember, your Vision is The Only Guide.
  • When no one wants to listenOr is willing to lend an earJust Remember, your Heart is always ready to hear.
  • When you are poor and penniless And you are stuck in a niche Just Remember, your Smile is The Rich.
  • When you are down in your misery And there is nowhere to run Just Remember, you can always run to your Calmness
  • When you are all alone And your pain has no end Just Remember, your Patienceis the only one you can depend.
  • And when your scars are hurting And your heart is in fear. Just Remember,your Brave will help you win the situation.God is really here. Always give you a chance to get up and stand on your own feet!!! Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn