The Secret Of Life!!!
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The Secret Of Life!!!



The Secret Of Life!!!

The Secret Of Life!!!



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The Secret Of Life!!! The Secret Of Life!!! Presentation Transcript

  • The Secret Of Life!!!
  • The key to being happy is to respect your desire to make your life better by your ownchoices-even if and, especially when others ridicule them.
  • Do not let the ignorance or the short-sightedness of others redirect your lifes goal.
  • Everyone has their own path to follow-theirown map for the future. The key is to understand everyone is different and to respect their goals as well as your own.
  • Do not accept behavior that goes againstyour beliefs or wishes, and do not acceptbehavior from friends, family, or a spousethat you wouldnt accept from a stranger.
  • Be true to yourself.Stand firm. And, donot postpone your dreams or wishesto please someoneelses idea of what it should be...
  • Every day goes by like the last. It seems that time flies toofast. I close my eyes and ask itto stop. I look at the clock and another minute has passed. I think to myself…
  • What would I do if I werent consumed. Consumed bythe world and all that it is the obligations attached to being successful and popular. What would I do?
  • Embrace those that I love…Care for those that I dont…
  • Learn how to love those I hate…. Enjoy everymoment I get…
  • Forget about what means nothing …Remember all that means everything…
  • Make a joke when I shouldnt…Laugh even though its not funny…
  • Cry when Im happy…Never fear, it only wastes time…
  • Show the devil when hes met hismatch… Cast out my demons forever…
  • Travel the world and see…Stand on the highest mountain…
  • Be the heart ofa dead country... Make my own music…
  • Even though it doesntrhyme, make my own poem, sing my own songs!!!
  • Make new friends…Accept different cultures…Eat weird food…Hug, kiss, and never let go…
  • All the things that I used to think were so important. I now realize mean nothing. All I want to do is help those who cant help themselves.
  • All the money in the world cant buy my happiness. Allthe joys of doing what I love. All means nothing in the face of God if all I have is nothing for him.
  • In a matter of 60 seconds, Ivefigured out the secret of life, but now Im falling asleep. Will I remember when I wake up? Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn