The Real Failure!!!


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The Real Failure!!!

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The Real Failure!!!

  1. 1. The Real Failure!!!
  2. 2. Do you dread failure? Does the thought of failing scare you? Do you worry that your family, your friends, your well-wishers willthink of less of you if you fail. The thought of failure keeps many of us from taking the steps to reach our goal.
  3. 3. Many of us are so paralyzed by the fear offailure that we don’t dare even to begin.The bottom-line is that failure scares us. We are all afraid of it.
  4. 4. I am sure you dream of success. We all do. But fear stops you from taking action. We fear failure and its consequences but rarely realize the consequences of not trying, the results of not even taking a shot.
  5. 5. When it comes to succeeding and reaching the top try is a very weak word.Either you fling yourself completely into the task or do not touch it, but at times giving a try is all that is necessary to get you onto the right track.
  6. 6. A try is all that is needed to push you on.Failure is not final, neither is it fatal. It’s only a temporary stop. You shouldn’t fear failure so much as lack of effort or a failure to try.
  7. 7. Every great success story is also the story of a great failure. Every success story is filled with failures.Successful men are those who refused to give in to failure. They tried, kept on trying. They pushed on until they moved beyond failure.
  8. 8. Failure is considered with thecondition or situation when youtried to do something and it didnot work out and you could not do it and that’s it!!!
  9. 9. You are fail. This is a whole wrongexplanation to the failure. Failure isnothing but a state from where you can turn back or move ahead.
  10. 10. Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure; It does mean you haven’t succeeded yet.
  11. 11. Failure doesn’t mean youdon’t have it; It does meanyou have to do something in a different way.
  12. 12. Failure doesn’t mean youare inferior; It does mean you are not perfect.
  13. 13. Failure doesn’t mean you’vewasted your life; It does meanyou’ve a reason to start afresh.
  14. 14. Failure doesn’t mean youshould give up; It does mean you should try harder.
  15. 15. Failure doesn’t mean you’llnever make it; It does mean it will take a little longer.
  16. 16. Failure doesn’t mean you have been a fool; It does mean you had a lot of faith.
  17. 17. Failure doesn’t mean youhave accomplished nothing; It does mean you have learned something.
  18. 18. Failure doesn’t mean you havebeen disgraced; It does mean you were willing to try.
  19. 19. The next time when you catchyourself saying “Oh! I just can’t do it” at least give it a try.
  20. 20. Perhaps it could work out or it might not. At least give it a shot before you decide that you cannot do it.
  21. 21. If you do not try chances are that in future youwill end up with regret that you could have beensuccessful if only you had taken that chance. It’s better to take a chance now than end up with regret later. So give it a try, won’t you?
  22. 22. The only real failure inlife is the failure to try Let’s try it once!!! Sompong Yusoontorn