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The Ramayana Story

The Ramayana Story



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    The Ramayana Story The Ramayana Story Presentation Transcript

    • The Ramakien
    • The RamakienThe Ramakian is the Thai version of the Indian Hindhu epicwrittten over 2,000 years ago, Ramayana . Many other aspectswere transposed into a Thai context, such as the clothes, weapons,topography, and elements of nature, which are described as beingThai in styleA painted representation of the Ramakien is displayed atBangkoks Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Hualumpong, and many of thestatues there depict characters from it
    • The hermit “Valmiki”, the epic poem, who wrote The Indian Hindhuepic “ Ramayana”
    • The Thai Ramakian version was written in the reign of KingRama 1 1782-1809) at which time the 178 large panels of muralsat the Emerald Buddha Temple were commenced.
    • The Emerald Buddha Temple, Bangkok, Thailand.
    • The Ramayana is a long and complex epic concerning thereincarnation on earth of the Hindu God Vishnu.
    • The hero of the epic, Phra Ram Rama , is the incarnation of the deity Phra Narai Vishnu , who was requested to take a human form by the almighty Phra Isuan Shiva in order to vanquish the evil power perpetrated by demons possessed of magical powers
    • Phra Ram’s lineage on earth is given as well as the founding of the magnificent state ofAyutthaya Ayodhya with King Tosarot Dasaratha , Phra Ram’s earthly father, as its ruler
    • Phra Isuan’s loyal gate keeper, Nontuk received magical powers from the deities and, notunlike many who received similar awards, abused it by ruthlessly slaying deities and humans
    • Nontuk’s gift from Phra Isuan was a jeweled finger that can point death to anyone hewishes to kill Realizing these evil doings, Phra Narai, at the request of Phra Isuan, tricksNontuk in pointing a finger at himself causing his own death Before dying, he pledgesvengeance on Phra Narai
    • Reborn on earth, Nontuk takes the form of the 10-faced and 20-armed Tosakanth Ravana ,the demon king of the Longka city state
    • Pali SukreepThe story then turns to the origin of the monkey race, ruled by the incarnateof deities like Pali, son of Phra Indra Indra , Sukreep, son of Phra Athit the sun god , ….
    • and Hanuman, son of Phra Pai the wind god , who later becomesPhra Ram’s chief soldier
    • Concerned about King Tosarot’s succession, the court hermit offers to perform a specialritual involving divine power for the begetting of sons Thus occur the royal births ofPhra Ram, Phra Prot Bharat Phra Lak Lakshman and Phra Satarud Shatrughan
    • In Longka, Tosakanth’s consort, Monto, gives birth to Sida Sita , the incarnateof Vishnu’s consort
    • Pipek, Tosakanth’s brother, who happens to be an astrologer, predicts thatSida will destroy the demon race.
    • Therefore, Tosakanth places Sida in a ceramic jar and sets it adriftalong a waterway Later the hermit Phra Chanok finds Sida.
    • The infant Sida is later found by King Chanok of the Mithila principality who was at a hermitage nearby.
    • At the palace in Mithila, Sida grows up to be a beautiful young princess.
    • King Chanok makes plans to find a man worthy of her hand He announces to city states andprincipalities far and wide that whosoever can lift the divine bow of Phra Isuan will marry hisdaughter
    • The Kings and Princes from many cities come to meet King Chanok atMithila City.
    • The hermit Visit and hermit Vissavamitr persuade his student, Phra Ramand Phra Lak to go to Mithila City as well.
    • Phra Ram leaves for Mithila with four princes He shows great prowess in lifting the bow tothe astonishment and delight of all and is thus awarded the hand of the most beautiful andsought-after princess
    • King Chanok sends an emissary to invite rulers and their consorts from farand wide to attend the royal wedding
    • During heading to Ayothya, Phra Ram and Sida meet with Ramasoon.
    • Ramasoon sees Sida, falls in love with her and would like her to be his wife.Phar Ram fights with Ramasoon and conquers Ramasoon.
    • Now in the city of Keetkin where the monkey king Pali rules, Pali fightswith buffalo, named “Torapi”, who killed his father, “Torapha”.
    • Before the flight, Pali requests his half brother, Sukreep to wait for himoutside the cave. If he notices the lighter blood, that means he dies, let themonkey close the cave.
    • Pali can kill Torapi and this makes the rain fall to celebrate Pali, but Sukreep thinks that thelighter liquid is Pali’s blood, so he and monkey cry out and are so sad of Pali’s death.
    • Sukreep orders the monkey to close the cave. Later Sukreep is suspected ofbeing treacherous and is banished by Pali. Consequently Sukreep joins PhraRam’s army.
    • In the meantime, at Ayothya, King Tosarot decides to hold a coronationceremony for Phra Ram, his eldest and favorite son.
    • Phra Ram’s stepmothers, Kaiyaket reminds King Tosarot to grant her one wish which hepledged to her many years ago. Her wish is that the King banish Phra Ram into the forestfor 14 years thus paving the way for Phra Prot, her own son, to be crowned instead
    • After an audience with the king, Phra Ram willingly leaves for the forest with Phra Lak andSida King Tosarot never recovers from parting with his beloved son and soon passes away
    • Saddened by the king’s death, Phra Prot, Phra Satarud, and the late king’sconsorts implore Phra Ram to return and rule Ayothya
    • But Phra Ram insists that he fulfill his father’s wish in stayingaway for 14 years
    • Pirap goes into his garden and finds Sida, falls in love with her, andfights with Phra Ram. Lastly, Phra Ram kills Pirap with the arrow.
    • In Longka, Tosakanth decides to go traveling with his queen, Monto, leaving the kingdomunder the care of Chiw-ha, his sister’s husband After a week’s vigil, Chiw-ha decides tosleep, but he takes preventive measures by transforming into a huge demon and using histongue to shield Longka
    • When Tosakanth returns, he cannot find his city and thinks that it has been destroyed bythe enemy In despair, he throws his discus onto the site where Longka once stood Thediscus accidentally cuts Chiw-ha’s tongue, immediately killing him
    • Samanakha, Tosakanth’s sister enters the forest to calm herself Catching sight of Phra Rambathing in a pool, she falls in love with him Samanakha tries to harm Sida but fortunately PhraLak comes in time and slices off the mouth, ear, nose and feet of the demoness
    • The wounded Samanakha journeys to request three of her brothers to take reveneon Phra Ram To her dismay, she finds that the three have already been killed incombat by Phra Ram
    • Samanakha describes the exquisite beauty of Sida to Tosakanth, persuading him to abductthe fair maiden and make her his consort in Longka
    • The demon king, unaware that Sida is his own daughter, requests the hermit Mareet totransform himself into a golden deer in order to lure Phra Ram and Phra Lak away andclear the way for Sida’s abduction
    • Tosakanth transforms himself into a hermit and comes close to Sida.He comments to her that she should be Tosakanth’s wife, but she denies.
    • Tosakanth feels angry and transforms himself back to the normal. Then hecarries Sida away.
    • Tosakanth carries Sida off into the sky towards Longka Spotting them in the air, the kindbird Sdayu unsuccessfully tries to rescue her from the demon
    • The injured bird Sdayu gives Sida’s ring, that Tosakanth threw to him, toPhra Ram, before he died.
    • Phra Ram cremates to the dead bird Sdayu, by his burning arrow.
    • The demon Kumpol advises Phra Ram to meet Pali and he asksPhra Ram to help him to release from the curse.
    • During his elder brother, Phra Ram, is sleeping, Phra Lak sees themonkey and it robs his bow away.
    • Hanuman transforms back to normal, and gave the bow to PhraRam with highly respect.
    • Phra Ram is offered help by Hanuman, the white monkey who cannot diebecause the wind god will always revive him
    • Hanuman persuades his uncle, Sukreep to meet with Phra Ram and PhraLak He tells them about the story of Pali.
    • Pali is killed by Phra Ram, because he was cursed by Phra Isuan, that if hetakes away Dara, Sukreep’s wife, to be his consort, he will be killed byVishnu or Phra Ram in the future.
    • Hanuman has persuaded Sukreep, and Chompuwarat to help Phra Ram too.
    • Phra Ram has formed his monkey army. Nilaphat is the general.
    • The demon finds the monkey and would like to eat all of them. Theyfight each other.
    • After the demon knows that those monkeys are Phra Ram’s army, heasks Ongkot to release his curse and he goes away.
    • Hanuman falls in love with Bussamalee. Hanuman helps to releaseher from the curse.
    • She thanks Hanuman for releasing her from the curse. Later she fliesinto the heaven. Hanuman misses his first wife.
    • Hanuman transforms his body to be bigger and let his monkeys goacross his tail. They are going to see the hermit “Chadil”.
    • The hermit “Chadil” tells them that they must cross the ocean at theMount Hemtiwan, so they travel further.
    • At the Mount Hemtiwan, Hanuman asks bird Sampathee, the elderbrother of bird Sdayu to pick up them to Longka.
    • Hanuman faces with the ocean demon, who is the guard at the entranceof Longka City.
    • Finally Hanuman killed her with his weapon.
    • Hanuman faces with the sky demoness, “Arkart-talai, who isthe guard in the Longka City.
    • They were fighting with each other for a long time and Hanuman wins.
    • Hanuman surveys the first palace. He sees Pipek sleeping with his wife.
    • In the second palace, Hanuman sees Kumpakan sleeping with his girl.
    • In the third palace, Hanuman sees Indrachit sleeping with his girl.
    • In the fourth palace, Hanuman sees Tosakanth sleeping with his girl. Hanumanthinks that she might be Sida, so he wants to cut her head. When he sees herclosely, he knows that she is Monto.
    • Meanwhile, in Longka, Tosakanth takes Sida to his garden to wooher but she tries to kill herself
    • Hanuman arrives in time to help her by presenting to Sida her ringand sabai or decorative cloth In fact, Hanuman can help her, but hecan’t touch her body, because she is his boss’s wife.
    • Indrachit, Tosakanth’s son, forms his army to fight with Hanuman.
    • Indrachit, Tosakanth’s son, catches Hanuman and punishes him cruelly Indrachit has thepower to transform into the god Indra, a skill which he learned from the hermit Kobut
    • Hanuman is caught by Indrachit later. Tosakanth orders to kill Hanuman, buthe is not dead and kills those demons.
    • Hanuman breaks the neck of Tosakanth’s elephant.
    • Hanuman pretends to be caught again. Tosakanth orders to burn Hanuman.
    • Hanuman asks Tosakanth to set him on fire and then runs into every building untilthe whole city is aflame
    • Hanuman cunningly devises a means to burn Longka and escapeEven he is burnt, the wind revives Hanuman back to life again
    • Tosakanth escaped from Longka City, and asks his soldiers to rebuildLongka City again after Hanuman has gone away.
    • The new Longka City is constructed to be beautiful as usual.
    • Phra Ram and Phra Lak are taking bath together at the river.
    • Phra Ram feels angry with Hanuman, when he knows that Hanumanburns Longka City. Hanuman accepts his fault.
    • Chompuwarat suggests Phra Ram to send his army to the mount Kanthakarn near to Longka City. Phra Ram agrees with him.
    • Phra Ram’s army have arrvied the mount Kanthakarn near to LongkaCity and are ready to fight in the battle.
    • One night King Tosakanth dreamt of demon fighting each other andthe black one is defeated. He then asks Pipek to tell him.
    • Tosakanth banishes his brother, the demon Pipek, who prophesied thatTosakanth will eventually be killed by Phra Ram
    • After Tosakanth listens to Pipek, he feels angry with demon Pipek,and chases him away from Longka.
    • After Tosakanth chases Pipek, he goes back to his palace and tellsthe story to his wives. They all cry out sadly.
    • After going to the east, Pipek predicts that he will find someone hehas to work with. That’s Phra Ram.
    • Pipek consequently joins Phra Ram’s army
    • After joining, Phra Ram assigns Pipek to investigate his army, andgives suggestions to Hanuman.
    • The monkey army show their power to Pipek and Hanuman boss.
    • Sukarasarn, who is the spy from Longka, is caught by Phra Ram’sarmy, but he is finally released.
    • Tosakanth transforms himself to be the hermit, and firstly talks withPhra Ram. He informs Phra Ram about the power of Tosakanth.
    • Tosakanth asks Benyakai to transform herself to be Sida. He wouldlike to deceive Phra Ram that Sida is dead.
    • When Phra Ram and Phra Lak sees Sida’s body, they are so sad.
    • Hanuman suggests to burn Sida’s body in order to know if she diesor not, but Benyakai escapes away to save her life.
    • Benyakai accepts her fault and she points that she whould like to see her father, Pipek. Pipek asks Phra Ram to kill her daughter.
    • Finally Phra Ram give Pipek the credit by releasing her to be free.Hanuman falls in love with her and Benyakai is Hanuman’s 2nd wife.
    • Phra Ram assigns Hanuman and Nilapat to pave the way to Longka bylaying down the rocks in the ocean.
    • Tosakanth orders Suphanmatcha, his daughter, to carry the rocks away.
    • Suphanmatcha and her subordinates help together to bring the rocks outof the ocean.
    • Hanuman tries to find out who orders the fishs to take away his rocks.and he finally knows that Suphanmacha is the dictator.
    • Hanuman meets Suphanmatcha and falls in love with her. Finally shebecomes Hanuman’s third wife.
    • Suphanmatcha gets pregnant with Hanuman, so she finds the place tohide herself, because she is afraid that Tosakanth will know about this.
    • Machanu, the son of Hanuman and Suphanmacha, is left on the seashoreand found by the demon Maiyarap. He treats Machanu like his son.
    • After Hanuman constructs the road to Longka successfully. Phra Ramand his army heads to Longka City immediately.
    • Phra Ram sends Ongkot to negotiate with Tosakanth and ask him to return Sida to Phra Ram, but Tosakanth rejects his request.
    • Tosakanth orders his soldiers to use big umbrella to shield the sun, andthis makes Longka City in the dark. Phra Ram asks Pipek this problem.
    • Pipek tells Phra Ram that it is the umbrella of Tosakanth, so he ordersSukreep, the red monkey, to destroy it.
    • Hanuman enlarges himself to put Ramas pavilion in his mouth to protectthem from Totsakans relative, Maiyarap
    • Maiyarap takes the sleeping Phra Ram away from Hanuman’s army
    • Hanuman fights with Maiyarap, kills him, and takes Phra Ram backto the camp.
    • Sukreep fights with Kumpakan, but is decieved by Kumpakan toremove the tree from Udorn continent in order to reduce his power.
    • Phra Lak fights with Kumpakan, but he is pierced by Mokasak spear.
    • Kumpakan formalizes to make monkey army be lack of water todrink, but Hanuman can destroy it successfully.
    • Kumpakan is finally killed by Phra Ram’s arrow. Before he dies, heasks Phra Ram for an excuse, after knowing that he is Vishnu.
    • Phra Lak fights with Indrachit, and is banded by the Naga, which isIndrachit’s transformed arrow.
    • Hanuman fights with Indrachit, who transformed himself to PhraIndra, and Hanuman compels the head of Erawan Elephant.
    • Indrachit is finally shot and killed by Phra Ram’s arrow on the sky.
    • Now the battle has started, Tosakanth leads thedemon army to fight with Phra Ram, who leads themonkey army.
    • Finally, Mareewarat Bhrom decides to be the judge of both parties.
    • He decides that Tosakanth must return Sida to Phra Ram,but Tosakanth denies. Maleewarat curses Tosakanth thathe must be dead by Phra Ram’s arrow.
    • Phra Ram engages in a single combat with Tosakanth At long lasthe succeeds in killing the demon of demons
    • To prove that Sida did not betray Phra Ram, Sida decides to walks on fire As she step ontothe burning flames, a lotus rises to hold and protect her Assured that Sida never betrayedhim, Phra Ram thinks of a way to lure her back to Ayutthaya
    • Phra Ram then commissions the founding of Lopburi city andmakes Hanuman its ruler
    • Thank You Very Much.Sompong Yusoontorn