The Moment Of Power!!!
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  • Dear Sompong,

    What a beautiful ppt. A very powerful motivator ! Best of all I love your last slide that consolidates the subject !!!

    Thanks for sharing it to the world !!

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  • Kimura
    Subject - Re: The Moment Of Power!!!

    Nice posting. Make me wonders.....about my life...

    Thank you Sompong....

    # Wish our brothers and sisters in Thailand overcome the mother nature gift flooding with strength and wisdom
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  • 1. The Moment Of Power!!!
  • 2. Your time is now. This is your moment of power .Begin now.Do not waste time by postponing things. Do not wander aimless.Whatever your dream or goal this is the best moment to start working on it.
  • 3. Let this moment mark the beginning of your journey to greatness and glory. There will never be a most perfect moment. Start now.
  • 4. Do not delay. Do not be indismay and do not brood overpast disappointments. Let thefailures of the past be buried. Begin anew.
  • 5. Make a fresh start. Fill this moment with vigor andenthusiasm and work like youwill never get another moment and this will be your last .
  • 6. Even the richest of men cannot buyback time lost time. All the money in the world cannot get you back the time you wasted away in senseless activities and mindless pursuits .
  • 7. You cannot change what happened in the past, perhaps you wasted months and years in meaningless activities. There is no way you are getting back all the time. So, stop thinking andregretting about it .Do notwaste the present moment thinking about the mistakes of the past.
  • 8. Look forward to the future. Do not letyour future be a mere extension of the past. Let it not end up with the samefailures and disappointments as in the past. Let it be filled with the light of success and marks of greatness.
  • 9. Let success be your guiding light in thefuture. Your glorious future awaits you, begin now this very moment!!!
  • 10. The major reason why you procrastinate is that you donot have any goal to reach to.
  • 11. You do not have any ambition. You are just looking forward to spending yourdays here by any means. Life for you has become a mere passing of days and years with nothing to look forward to and nothing to strive for.
  • 12. You have ended up in rut ofroutine doing the same things day after day every year. Youhave no hope, no courage left and are merely waiting for death to end it all.
  • 13. No matter what or how you have been in the past youhave the power to change it.
  • 14. This very moment make it your resolve that no matter what you will not go to your old habits and old ways of thinking. This very moment take a strongdecision that you will work to reach your goals and accomplish your dreams. This very moment become strong mentally, physically and emotionally.
  • 15. The present moment is your moment of power, decide that you will aim high and strive with an iron will to reach all your aims!!!
  • 16. Do not throw away these preciousmoments for they make up life. Youthrow away these golden nuggets of time only to realize that you have thrown away your life.
  • 17. Do not go to your grave in regretthat ‘if only I hadmade better use of my time’.
  • 18. Planning is important but acting on these plans is whatwill ultimately get you success.
  • 19. No matter what the conditions or circumstances,begin now. Do not be struck in the planning phase.
  • 20. It does not matter if the conditions are not perfect; it does not matter ifyou do not have all the resources. This is the moment of opportunity!!!
  • 21. Begin with whatever you have in hand.Begin now in earnest.
  • 22. Summary Of Thoughts What Are You Waiting For??? Sompong Yusoontorn