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Published in: Spiritual
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  • 1. The Miracle of Mind
  • 2. Everyone thinks of changing the world,
    but no one thinks of changing himself.
    Leo Tolstoy
  • 3. Breath In….
    Breath Out…..
    See…your mind
    See…Is it so tired???
  • 4. Our mind is always busy all the time!
    When it is tired, it runs to do, listen, think more and more. It solves the problem at the wrong place and walk to the wrong way. Today…tomorrow….day-by-day… night-by- night ….all our life….our mind is always up and down sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes happy, sometimes sad….no end.
    Without the right direction!
  • 5. The old woman stayed with her grandsons. One day they went shopping , saw the movie, drank at pub and let their grandmother at the house lonely. When they came back, they talked to their grandmother,
    “We are so tired, so we go outside to find the happiness.”
  • 6. One night they came back and saw
    their grandmother finding the pin outside the house and they asked,
    “Where did you lose your pin?”
    She replied, “At my bed!”
    The boy laughed at her and said,
    “Why do you find the pin here?”
    She replied,
    “because it has the light here!”
    The boy said, “Are you joking?
    How can you find the pin here?”
    She replied, “ Why not?
    When you lose happiness in your mind, you go to find
    the happiness outside!”
  • 7. Nowadays there are many good books teach us how to
    be proactive, be in the present, have positive thinking, etc.
    The sad thing is that the good books never help changing
    our life. The good lessons are knowledge that ends at the
    brain, but can’t change our behavior, because it never enter
    through our heart, until we stop and start understanding it!
  • 8. We need to review our life…
    What do we do for our life????
    • Add figure in the bank account crazily and have stress?
    • 9. Fight with others for going to be No.1 and the success is too far away?
    • 10. Work day and night for lovely family, but never see them?
    • 11. Add many things into our life, but feel bored and are depressed?
  • Human learn everything from the diseases to stars, but one thing
    that he has never seen and known is “mind”. We don’t know its process…Why do we have trouble? How can we avoid the trouble without having unhappiness?
    If we don’t sleep, we have to run,
    to do, to think , to eat, to talk, and to listen! with the hope that it will escape from the stress! Even we do anything, the true happiness of life never be with us!
  • 12. “The trouble with using experience as a teacher is that
    the final exam often comes first and the lesson second.”
  • 13. Words and actions that we didn’t like may end for a long period,
    But we take them into our brain again and again!!! It looks like
    someone stabs us only one time, but we bring the knife and stab
    into our heart without ending. We don’t lay down the knife and
    we will know every time we do it!
  • 14. “Nothing in life is to be feared: it is only to be understood.”
    Marie Curie
  • 15. Everything is happened, disappeared, and changeable all the time.
    The nature will be rotated like this, so we can’t control it to be the
    form that we like most. We get trouble whenever we think that it is ours, our children must do what we want them to do!
  • 16. “ There is nothing permanent except change.”
  • 17. When people smeared the shrimp paste at the monkey’s hand, it didn’t like the smell and tried to rub its hand at the wall, until its hand was injured.
    The question is
    “What causes injury to monkey’ s hand? ”
    “Shrimp paste or the hatred of shrimp
    pate in the monkey’s mind.
    Are you having the same
    situation like this monkey now???
  • 18. Everyday we always notice our feeling, work of mind, our changing thoughts
    see the change…see the uncertainty, see the immaterial of thoughts, which
    looks like fog. If we don’t help it, we will see that the true fickle person is here!
  • 19. We can’t choose to have only what we want in life,
    but we can choose to be aware of our mind that is
    grapping the thorn and manage the problem without suffering!
  • 20. Know before act! Question it!
    See your mind craving,
    See the cause of suffering,
    Cease the suffering,
    Eliminate at the beginning,
    Have full of awareness!
    Be your own mind!
  • 21. Someone fears of poverty, failure, change, uncertainty, or
    even future, but if we notice those fears by calming the mind,
    they will be disappeared! If we follow the work of our minds
    as quick as we can, we will be able to stay with suffering things
    without suffering mind!
  • 22. The cars must have the brakes,
    The houses must have the fences,
    Why don’t we install a brake or a fence
    in our minds???
    Seeing your mind closely
    is a good brake!
  • 23. Downsizing your water glass to the limit that you can drink,
    Be happy to the present, no need to wait for the future.
    Now you can be happy for what you get and have!
  • 24. “ The best things in life are free, but it costs a lot of time
    and money before you find this out. ”
  • 25. Don’t get addict to luxurious things, because our life doesn’t need to rely on it.
    Quit your wants and stay strictly to your needs.
    If you need it, please go and buy it.
    If you want it, tell yourself that
    you have already had one!
  • 26. One day the rat bit the monk’s yellow rob.
    The monk decided to feed the cat for chasing the rat.
    He decided to feed the cow for providing milk to the cat.
    He decided to hire the woman to feed the cow, and finally
    he decided to get married with her for her better living???
    Do you think he solved the problem correctly?
  • 27. To lay down the suffering
    at the place where it occurs!
    Solve the problem at the right place!
  • 28. The monkey gripped the peanut in his hand and he dipped his hand
    into the coconut for taking a piece of coconut to eat, but he couldn’t
    pull his hand out and wait for the gardener to help him!!!
    If he laid down the peanut in his hand,
    he could solve the problem easily.
    “Are you holding the peanut
    in your thought???”
  • 29. “ There are 2 gods in your body, which are god of wisdom and god of wealth.
    If you take good care of god of wisdom, god of wealth will be jealous
    and pay the most attention to you and go with you everywhere!”
  • 30. “The best things in life are free. It’s the worst things that are so expensive.”
  • 31. “A person’s life consists not of what he has but of what he is.”
  • 32. “ Money is a good servant, but a bad master! ”
  • 33. “Live simply, so that others may simply live.”
  • 34. “ We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. ”
    Winston Churchill
    Build a secure family, a secure society, and a secure world!
  • 35. “ Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both,
    and you won’t have to hunt for happiness.”
    William E. Gladsone
  • 36. The man was crying “ Oh my sport Benz!!!”
    The old man beside the road said to him,
    “ Hey, your arm is laid down at that side!!!”
    Suddenly he saw his lost arm on the road,
    he shouted, “ Oh my lovely Rolex!!!”
    “ Are you paying more attention
    to the things out of your life?”
  • 37. “The last thing you do the best is what you have the most joy doing.”
    Malcolm Forbes
    Enjoy your work!
  • 38. Find out what you can do best!
    “ Do not let what you can’t do
    Interfere with what you can do”
    John Wooden
  • 39. Make the most valuable thing in your life!
    “ Whatever you give your attention to is the thing that governs your life.”
  • 40. Build good relationship with your family and friends!
    “People are lonely because they build
    walls instead of bridges.”
    Joseph F. Newton
  • 41. Say only good and useful words!
    “ Words cut more than swords.”
    Thirteenth-century proverb
  • 42. Get your anger under control!
    “My son, you see the wall…it’s not the same as the past.
    Please remember that when you do anything with anger,
    It will become the lesion on their hearts. Even you ask them
    for an excuse, but they will not forget what you do forever!
  • 43. No pride and prejudice in our life!
    “ It is never too late to give up your prejudices.”
    Henry David Thoureau
  • 44. Solve the problem with your wisdom, not emotion!
    Focus on the solution,
    problem is smaller,
    the outcome is come out!
    Problem is so big, when you concentrate on it
    The greatest adventures are experienced in the soul…
    not across oceans or desserts.
    Dagobert D. Runes
  • 45. No time to be depressed!
    “ I have simply tried to do what seemed best each day, as each day came.”
    Abraham Lincoln
  • 46. Breath In….
    Breath Out…..
    See…your mind
    Now You Know!!!
  • 47. You will stand strong, and still!
    Thank You Very Much
    Sompong Yusoontorn