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The 26 Amazing Logo # 2

The 26 Amazing Logo # 2



The 26 Amazing Logo # 2

The 26 Amazing Logo # 2



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    The 26 Amazing Logo # 2 The 26 Amazing Logo # 2 Presentation Transcript

    • The Amazing Logo # 2
    • Yoga Australia - If you look closely, you can see that this woman is making a pose that forms the Australian continent.
    • WSU - In this logo, WSU‟s initials form a cougar‟s head.
    • Via Rail Canada The logo successfully incorporates train tracks in the middle.
    • Schizophrenic This logo shows the ambiguous emotions of a schizophrenic.
    • To Beat or Not to Beat? The To Beat of Not to Beat logo uses a belt to make the shape of a question mark, posing the question: To Beat of Not to Beat?
    • Piano Forest This logo has the elegant design of piano keys that look like trees to resemble a keyboard
    • Pakuy The Pakuy logo consists of a simple „P‟ made of an unfolded box, thus representing the work of the brand which is packaging.
    • Mosleep As the name suggests, Mosleep is an organization of doctors that deals with people having sleeping disorders. The logo, for this company is their initial „M‟ that was also designed to look like a bed.
    • Fuga This is a logo for an architectural organization. The logo looks more like a maze in alternative colors of peach and brown. But if looked at carefully, the white stripes in the middle that look like the paths of the maze are the lines that form the name “fuga”. The font styling and use of colors does the work for this logo, thus making it interesting to look at.
    • Missouri Western State University The Missouri Western State University‟s logo has an illustration of the school‟s mascot-a griffon in the shape of the state of Missouri.
    • Milwaukee Brewers The Milwaukee Brewers logo uses the team‟s initials (M and B) to form a catcher‟s glove holding a ball.
    • LG Many people believe that the Pac-Man symbol is hidden within the LG logo.
    • Hartford Whalers This cleverly designed logo incorporates the tail of a whale, and the Hartford Whalers initials „H‟ and „W‟.
    • Gotham Books This one is pretty self-explanatory. The illustrations of a book are stacked on top of each other to simulate a skyscraper – a trademark of Gotham City.
    • Goodwill Instead of using an uppercase „G‟, the logo designers cunningly used a lowercase „g‟ to not only represent the first letter of the company name, but to represent a smiley face as well, giving viewers an unconsciously positive perception of the company.
    • Fort Worth Zoo The red „fw‟ for Fort Worth also creates an elephant.
    • Fashion Center One extra hole was added to the button, to make an „F‟ for “Fashion Center”.
    • Families/Marriage In the Families logo, the „i‟, „l‟, and second „i‟ are all different sizes, representing the father as the long „l‟ and the mother as the longest „i‟ followed by the child. The upper case “R”s in the Marriage logo mirror each other with their ends sticking together, representing the bond of a relationship.
    • City Direct This one is really hard to see, but if you focus on the black part of the logo, the airplane is surrounded by the initials CD for City Direct.
    • Chick-Fil-A The Chick-Fil-A logo incorporates an illustration of a chicken with the „C‟ in „Chick-Fil-A‟ in a not so hidden way.
    • Zip This logo is very simple and clear in reference to the brand name. The drawing of a zip in place of an “i” shows very obvious display of the company‟s name. The designer Mark Erickson uses the zip in the “i” to connect Z and P. Raw use of black and white adds to the seriousness of the brand. The logo is very precise, simple and to the point.
    • Heartbeats This brand holds a very obvious but cute logo, made out of musical notes joined at their ends making them look like a heart and headphones at the same time. This creates a strong link of the logo with the music as well as represents the love of music lovers. Use of soft colours like pink and purple gives a feeling of happiness and joy on seeing this logo, just like the one you get on listening to good music. The logo designed is simple but very relevant to the brand.
    • Galeries Rafayette The very prominent cursive handwriting used to write “Lafayette” shows style and elegance in the brand. The two “t”s are tilted towards each other making a tower, which gives an indication of the origin of the brand. The “t”s represent the Eiffel tower, thus making Paris the home of the brand. Decent use of red and black leaves a stylish look with the logo, which goes hand in hand with the brand.
    • Atlanta Falcons This logo doubles as an actual Falcon, and an „F‟ for Falcons.
    • Big Ten Most of you must have heard about this academic union. This union, which was founded in the year 1896, has under it the top academic universities all over the world which share a common interest in research and development on the graduate and undergraduate level. From the year 1949 up till 1990, the big ten consisted of ten universities. On 4th of June 1990 it also included the Pennsylvania State University into the conference. The name of the union remained the same but if one is observant then the person could easily make out the number “11″ over the blue region next to G and T.
    • Northwest Airlines Well you must be wondering what is so special about this logo that has now been replaced with a newer one. This one is fairly easy to figure out. It is considered a piece of genius by many. The pink circle houses an N along with a W with a pointer (compass) pointing to the North West direction. Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn