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  • 1. Take Action Now!
  • 2. The word action is perhaps one of themost powerful words in the English language.
  • 3. If you read the biographies of greatmen one thing is common among all ofthem; the ability to persist, the abilityto act and move on with their work inthe face of difficulties and challenges.
  • 4. Most of us read lots of books have loads of ideas but rarely take anyaction on the information. There is a famous saying ‘Knowledge is Power’ but only applied knowledge is real power’.
  • 5. Many of us do not take anyaction at all!!!
  • 6. We procrastinate; we talk ourselves out of taking anyaction on a new idea. We find a hundred different ways as to why a new idea will notwork. We keep waiting for the perfect moment to start a new business or get going with the new idea.
  • 7. We wait till all the things fall in place and the conditionsare perfect. All these lead toinactivity, indecision and anindefinite delay in pursuing our dreams and ideas.
  • 8. The giants of the human racehave been men of action. The ability to persist until a taskis done is what distinguishesthem from ordinary mortals.
  • 9. A man who acts consistently is sure to succeed.Whether to start a business, to reach to the topof your organization, to invent something or to learn a new skill start taking action today.
  • 10. A step taken in the right directiontowards your goal no matter how small is never in vain.
  • 11. A man of action might fail, butif you keep acting consistently sooner or later you will reachyour goal though checkered byfailures and disappointments.
  • 12. If you do not want to fail then do nottake any action. If you are content beingwhere you are then there is no need for any action, but the greatest failure in life is to have not failed at all.
  • 13. Consistency is crucial for success.
  • 14. Many of us are good ataccomplishing short termgoals. Many of us are goodat winning the short races. We set a goal, work on it for a few days and then forget all about it.
  • 15. But life is not a 100 meter dash, it’s a marathon which requires consistentaction to achieve success and mastery in the chosen field. This is where Action’s brother persistence comes into play.
  • 16. You should have your vision,goals, dreams continuously infront of your eyes and persist for days or months or even years till you reach them.
  • 17. Stay hungry for success; lookout for any small opportunity that might help you succeed.Never give up, an attitude thatis an absolute for success, theroad to success is paved with failure, no wonder that so many fail and few succeed.
  • 18. You will also fail, Failure is inevitable, but every time youfail, blaming and cursing will not help. Separate the emotions andtake a look at the failure, analyze the reason for the failure and learn from it and move on.
  • 19. Do you spend hours practicing yourskills and polishing them or do youjust sit and dream your time away.
  • 20. It is said the journey of a thousandmiles must begin with a single step. Take the first step; the first stepsare generally the hardest. Take the plunge, take the baby steps, move forward if only a few inches.
  • 21. Taking action consistently is hard, but once you make it a habit and start taking action everyday, you are sure to achieve your dreams and goals!!!
  • 22. Summary Of ThoughtsWhat are you waiting for my friends??? Sompong Yusoontorn