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Success 8

Success 8

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  • 1. Success 8
  • 2. "All successful people are dreamers;
    but not all dreamers are successful."
  • 3. "In order to make your dream a reality you must first WAKE UP."
  • 4. "Be open to your dreams,
    people. Embrace that distant
    shore because our mortal
    journey is over all too soon."
  • 5. "You will accomplish your dreams if your heart and your soul are at the right place. Only then you will feel powerful enough to take the journey and only then you will reach the dream without losing yourself."
  • 6. "Commitment is the first step in making your dreams a reality."
  • 7. "Life may not always be as good as it should be, but it's never as bad as it could be!"
  • 8. "Life gives answers in three ways; it says yes and gives whatever you want, it says no and gives you something better or
    it says wait and gives you the best."
  • 9. "Life is filled with challenges and
    learning lessons... it all depends on
    how we handle them that makes our
    lives enriched or disempowered.
  • 10. "Conquer yourself, understand your
    emotions, build your character and
    you will be on the road to excellence."
  • 11. "A winner is someone who is able to hold
    firm onto the principle of life, even when
    the darkest moment strikes."
  • 12. "Step up the Stairs or Stare at the Steps."
  • 13. "Success is not a game!
    It is cultivated but can't
    be harvested."
  • 14. "We can overcome anything in life as long as
    we stop looking back and look forward to all
    the new beginnings that are heading our way."
  • 15. "Great achievements are the results of great expectations. You will see it happen only when you believe it will happen."
  • 16. "If you lose an opportunity, don't close your
    eyes with tears. Keep your vision clear, so
    that you don't miss the second chance."
  • 17. "Take a bowl, put all your mistakes in it, mix them well. This collection of mistakes is ... EXPERIENCE."
  • 18. "The fear of failure is only a fear of failing; have faith,
    trust and believe in your abilities to succeed in all
    that you do. Ride the waves of overcoming inabilities
    by making them abilities of joyous successes!"
  • 19. "Until you decide that NOTHING will stop
    you from success, EVERYTHING will."
  • 20. "Every successful man in this world
    has failed as many times as you have,
    so you are not far from victory."
  • 21. "Many people fail in life, not for lack of ability or
    brains or even courage but simply because they
    have never organized their energies around a goal."
  • 22. "Don't think that you are alone. There
    are two shadows who are following
    you: FAILURE and SUCCESS. Now it's
    up to you to decide which one is going
    to be your friend!"
  • 23. "Every morning when we wake up, we are given a choice of keeping wanting to fight on to achieve one's goals, dream, or simply just live everyday like routine. Everyday is a new beginning, cherish it and you will find a whole new meaning in life not just a meaningless routine everyday."
  • 24. "In order to achieve our big goals in
    the future, we must first achieve our
    small daily goals. So why worry about
    tomorrow when there is work to be
    done today?"
  • 25. "Some people say success is out of their reach; more than likely that could be
    because they are not working for it. Once you give up, it is easy to go downhill
    and constantly experience negative thoughts. Stay hopeful, work hard,
    take advantage of your resources, and success will come.”
    Thank You Very Much
    Sompong Yusoontorn