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Success 7 Success 7 Presentation Transcript

  • Success 7
  • "Champions are not supernatural. They just fight again and again when everyone else quits. Their constant efforts and hard work gives them victory."
  • "Success is finding your passion
    and living it daily."
  • "Every time we fall down and we get up, we are one step closer to success.
    Even failures make us move forward so don't be afraid of failures."
  • "A bold step further is a challenging step to the top."
  • "You don't have to choose what you
    want to be great at... You can be
    great at everything you choose!"
  • "When you stop making excuses, destiny
    embraces you with conquest because a weak
    man with a strong will can never lose to time."
  • "Never worry about the delay of your success compared to
    others because construction of a pyramid takes more time
    than an ordinary building!"
  • "A problem is just the distance between Expectation and Reality. Either
    expect less and accept the reality or expect a lot and turn it into reality."
  • "GET UP! Please get up and don't give up!
    Know that challenges are part of any life
    that will achieve something great.
  • "Life is not a relay race; we don't have the same starting point
    nor do we finish at the same time. Just because someone else
    got there before you doesn't mean you are late."
  • "Effort only releases its reward when you refuse to quit."
  • "Believe in the greatness that
    lies within you to release it."
  • "TODAY IS THE DAY... Make your time useful and
    excel in something you have dreamed for."
  • "With a little more hard work, you
    creativity takes you to great heights."
  • "Always hope for the best, which
    would become the bridge between
    what you are and what you aim to
    become. It may not happen soon but
    you will be surprised how it can
    change the course of universe."
  • "The only way to truly move
    forward is to never look back."
  • "You're not pushing hard
    enough, if everything in your
    world is not pushing back."
  • "Fight until you bleed; bleed
    until you accomplish."
  • "If you have to climb on high hill then waiting
    will not make it small. Just go ahead."
  • "Life is always moving. Stand up and
    rise above the rest with passion in
    your arms and fire in your heart.
    Dare to dream, dream high, dream
    ahead...It is the game of winning!"
  • "Do that extra bit, run that extra mile
    because there's always someone better
    than you out there so you better burn
    the fire inside!"
  • "Do your best in whatever you do because at
    the end of the day, those very extra miles we
    fought for are going to make the difference
    between a person who succeeds or fails."
  • "Whenever you fail, don't ever think that you failed because you are not worthy. If you
    have come this far, then there must be something in you that brought you this far; a fire that pushed you on, so put some more gas on the fire and push on. Get up, dust yourself off and come right back, not only with a vengeance but also with a plan to win."
  • "Keep moving forward, keep the momentum going, and know
    that soon you, too, will be looking back only to see how far you
    have come and how much you have changed."
    Thank You Very Much