Success 3

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Success 3

Success 3

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  • 1. Success III
  • 2. "To be Successful and the best in your
    field, all you need to do is to beat your
    yesterday's achievements today. There
    is no better competition."
  • 3. "The road to success is not crowded because while most are looking for ways to take, the truly successful people are finding ways to give. With a giving attitude, every situation is an opportunity for success."
  • 4. "Success is waiting for those
    who are ready to persist and
    face the obstacles in the path
    with positive attitude."
  • 5. "If you're truly determined to succeed you will! Those that NEVER give up transform dreams into realities!"
  • 6. "Failure is nothing but tasting a fruit while climbing the tree of success."
  • 7. "Never worry about the delay in
    success because construction of
    WONDERS takes more time than
    ordinary building."
  • 8. "Success in life is not earned by just
    wishing and believing. It only comes
    into reality when you know what to
    do to earn it and go after it."
  • 9. "Experience on paper matters, but not always. It is you who
    has to decide where and what you want to be in life. When we
    are running for success, dreams, we don't need to worry about
    materialistic things. These things join hands with you,
    automatically, when you are successful."
  • 10. "Win or lose, pass or fail; in most
    cases, it's a matter of choice. We
    decide first in our minds and then
    implement it through our actions."
  • 11. "Positive thinking is nothing unless you take
    a positive action. An action is nothing unless
    you face challenges and rejections. Think
    positively, plan creatively and act differently
    is the way of success."
  • 12. " The speed with which you move may depend on your fate or
    talent. But the distance you cover is decided entirely by YOU
    and your PERSEVERANCE!"
  • 13. " By winning, you achieve something. By losing, you are motivated to work hard. By quitting, you shatter your dreams. By giving yourself a chance to try again or hold on, some way, some how, you will end up getting there. All blessings are always one second late, but they're always at the right time."
  • 14. "I have not failed. It's just that
    the distance between me and
    my destiny has increased and I
    have gained some experience."
  • 15. "If you feel that the world has turned against
    you, don't worry. Rise with your head up and
    say, 'It may not be now but I believe I will
    conquer the world.'"
  • 16. " We run from failure... we run from success... but what really matters is not what we're running from, but where we are running to!"
  • 17. "The road to one's destiny is a terrain that's hilly with lots of
    obstacles. Don't quit on what you believe is your destiny. If
    you can dream it and believe it, you can achieve it."
  • 18. "Success is hidden under a rock
    of hard work. Keep digging with
    patience; it's up to you, only."
  • 19. "Wherever your imagination goes, your manifestation flows."
  • 20. "To begin where you are is often an
    overlooked step in the process. Begin
    where you are and reach for the stars.
    Visualize your process, practice in
    your mind, then take action and
    manifest your best life now!"
  • 21. "One good thing about today is that you get to finish what you started yesterday and you get to plant the seed to tomorrow's fruits. You don't finish or start anything on your bed. So get out of bed and go do something because the world waits for you. Are you gonna let us down?"
  • 22. " I do believe that when we face challenges
    in life that are far beyond our own power, it's
    an opportunity to build on our faith, inner
    strength, and courage. I've learned that how
    we face challenges plays a big role in the
    outcome of them."
  • 23. "I want to remind you to enjoy each step of life... be grateful. Remember each step and every movement is what makes this great dance of life. The song playing is the purpose inside of you... Let that melody take you and inspire you with each and every step."
  • 24. " Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift
    from your creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to
    finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and
    positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen
    again. Don't waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail. "
    – OgMandino
  • 25. "When you know your own value, you are unstoppable! When you realize who you are and realize your own self worth, everything in life will come to you! Live to your fullest potential, never let anyone bring you down, and fight hard to get everything you want!"
    Thank You Very Much
    Sompong Yusoontorn